Best 4mm vs 6mm Yoga Mat (Massive Review)

Today we are going to do a comparison between the 4mm vs 6mm Yoga Mat. If you are in Searching for the right thickness of the yoga mat? not to worry, in this read, you will get to know all about the thickness of the yoga mat.

Well, choosing the right thickness means a yoga mat that provides you with the best support, cushioning your joints, protecting your body during yoga practice, and, most importantly, saving for the environment. 

The choice of a yoga mat also depends upon the kinds of exercise or practice you did. Yoga mat comes in different size lengths, different thicknesses, and materials. Before choosing the best product you should consider some necessary points.

4mm vs 6mm Yoga Mat
4mm vs 6mm Yoga Mat

Both 4mm and 6mm Yoga Mats are good, but they depend on the yogi’s needs and issues related to practice. Some major factors I am discussing are to give you an idea to choose the correct thickness mat for yourself.

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Best 4mm Yoga Mat

Gaiam Classic 4mm

The uses of 4mm (that is the almost less than a half inches) are very less in number. Therefore finding the four-millimeter mat little difficult. But we have still some good quality options in the shape of the Gaiam Yoga Mat. That comes in a proper 4mm size, almost all the colors are printed very well and eye-catching and the material is nonslip. I recommend this product for the best floor workouts. The total area of Gaiam is touching to 6 feet long and 2 feet wide, which is suitable for all ages of men and women. The price is affordable, we have 7000+ reviews about this product and the total weight of this mat is around 1kg.

Advantages of 4mm Yoga Mat

If you are young and have no joint pain, then 4mm is the ideal one for you as it provides

  • Support during long pose practice
  • Secure grip on the floor.
  • Best for travel.

Disadvantages of 4mm Yoga Mat

  • 4mm mat may feel hard to the joint while practicing a posture that puts pressure on your joints

Best 6mm Yoga Mat

Gaiam Premium 6mm Yoga Mat

If you have joint pain, then 6mm is the best option for you because it is the standard size thickness recommended by the experts. Well, Gaiam is the best company that provides all kinds of yoga equipment’s especially mats. And this premium product is awesome in quality because they provide these 6mm mats in more than 30 colors. You can do unlimited ultimate workouts and exercise on it without any hesitation. its surface is extra thick that allowing you to work out nonslip on the floor and enjoy the yoga pilates. This is the best ever for the professional yogi to do exercise on it.

Advantages Of 6mm Yoga Mat

  • Cushioning to your joints
  • Better for maintaining pressure during practice
  • And also best for the hard floor as it will not allow your joints to feel hard.

Disadvantages Of 6mm Yoga Mat

  • 6mm mat may feel slippery because of its soft nature, so balance while making any posture for long.

Where You Practice For Yoga? 

Do you practice on a carpet or floor? If you practice on the carpet, you do not need to buy a 6mm thickness mat because the carpet already provides cushioning to your joints, so 4mm is best for you.

What is the Best Thickness for a Beginner or Intermediate Yogi?

If you are not an advanced yogi, then you need a yoga mat that is not thick or thin. This means you need a moderate one that helps and support you during practicing and balancing your body. For that, 4mm is the perfect thickness as it provides grip and does not cause your hands or feet to sink while practicing.

How To Choose The Right Material?

Not only thickness but choosing the suitable material is also essential. The material of yoga mats is also responsible for comfort and support during practice. The material yoga mat is eco-friendly and made up of NATURAL rubber. So choose wisely. The suitable material yoga mat helps you stay in a pose for a long time and provides a better balance.

What Are The Best Thickness And Weight?

Thickness and weight both go together. A more thick mat has more weight. So if you are going to travel with your exercise mat, the thin mat will be easy to carry, like a 4mm mat.

6MM Yoga Mats And Thicker Be More Comfortable?

Considering the best thickness, like 6mm, will provide cushioning to your joints. If you have a joint issue and pain in common, go with a 6mm mat because it will help you practice the posses that pressure your knees and ankle joints. And provide extra protection to joints.

 Is 4mm Thickness The ideal mat choice?

A mat that comprises natural material is the best option. Because they are environmentally friendly and have the best thickness, Keep your body posture in control during practice. Natural rubber provides the best cushioning at 4mm and is dense. So always go for the raw material yoga mat, as they are also easy to carry because of their lightweight.


Both 4mm and 6mm are excellent choices. But it depends on the need of the yogi. A 4mm mat is best for a young and intermediate yogi. And the 6mm mat is the best option for the yogi who has pains in joints and can not practice on a hard surface.

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