AOTOB 5FT | 12FT | 15Ft Trampoline Reviews

Want to know all the trampoline model from AOTOB brand and their reviews then you are on the right way. Today we’ll test some best quality, best rated, and top pick of tramps from smaller to larger all the sizes, quality, material, pros and cons, and other features. While searching on the internet you will find Thunder and thousands of reviews about aotob trampolines but making the final decision is not an easy task. Without wasting your time below i have quick answer for your qurey where you can find all the models of aotob tramplines.

Aotob Trampoline Review

1. Aotob 55 inch Trampoline for Kids

Aotob Trampoline Review
Aotob 55 inch Trampoline for Kids

The first one that is also a 5ft tramp is approximately 55 to 60 inches. Aotob is famous for kids manufacturing products and now recently it comes to the trampoline industry. Well in reviews the first item is always for kids the 55 inches jumping items is best for children. It has a safety enclosure net along with zipping to easily go inside and outside. Best of 2 to 10 years of toddlers. Available in yellow and green color as you can see in the picture. The frame is made from stainless steel that works for a long time that is linked with 30 high-quality steel springs for better bouncing and jumping. The price is quite cheap as compared to other trampoline brands you can avail this kid aotob 55 inches just under $150. let’s see some pros and cons quickly;

2. Aotob 12FT Trampoline Review

aotob 12ft trampoline review
aotob 12ft Grey trampoline

As we all know that AOTOB is a new company as trampoline manufacturing and we have only three products regarding jumping tramps. And all the three items you can find under one roof by selecting the size of your required tramp. The second one is a 12ft round shape in charming grey color, I personally like this product as compared to the above and below item. Same like before it also has a safety Enclosure Net along with zipping and ladder to easily move in and move out.

What are the accessories that comes with this 12ft Trampoline?

  • JUMPING MAT and Anchor Kits
  • 8 LEG TUBE
  • 72 x SPRING

The first one was best for toddlers but this 12-foot grey is best for both families and kids. If you are looking for a heavy-duty trampoline for exercise, this is the worth choice for you. Best to keep outdoor in the backyard, let’s read some pros and cons before buying.

3. Aotob 15 FT Trampoline Review

aotob 15 ft trampoline
AOTOB 15 foot trampoline Pink and Grey

Well in the AOTOB Trampoline Review the last one is 15 FT in size having the combination of Pink and Grey Color that looks classic. It have the same features as we discussed above, the only difference of the two things. The one is size, this tramp is much more bigger and 15ft in size which is maximum size in all round trampolines. Hardly we can find the round trampolines more than 15ft. And the the second thing is color combination the down padded area of the item is pink that looks good. And else everything is same is the 12ft have, and the most important thing is Price you can avail this trampoline in $500 but the 12Ft is cheaper as compare to this item.

Both works same, if you have a large family and a lot of kids then you can buy this 15 feet, or having a normal family with 2 to 3 kids the 12ft is best. Some parents are not interested in backyard jumping activities then the first option is available only for toddlers.


As we all know that Aotob is new company in trampoline, I presented my honest review of all the three products. Well if the ratings and reviews show us the message that people are interested in the aotob products and likely buy. You must have to try and test atleast one of them and share your experience in the below comment section to improve our knowledge and make more better review.

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