BCAN 38″ Foldable Mini Trampoline Review

BCAN 38″ folding mini trampoline is foldable, noiseless, mini cardio workout equipment. Characterized as, extended 360° safety pad, stable, closed steel spring, waterproof, and easy to fold. Moreover, a mini trampoline carries weight up to 300lbs only, if your weight is more than this, then there is a chance that your Rebounder would break into two.

Aside from BCAN 38″ Trampoline mini foldable, there is another trampoline model. But this rebounder is unique in design, capabilities, and shape from others.


Mini Trampoline for kids
BCAN 38 Foldable rebounder under 100 Dollars

If you are interested to buy your kids some fun equipment, try the trampoline BCAN  38″ mini trampoline, which can provide health with fun. Yes! Really This jumping item does provide health benefits to your kid or to you. Science says that jumping on the rebounder for 10 minutes is equal to 30 minutes running, 20 minutes swimming. This gadget may help you lose weight, belly fat and increases stamina.

Although, this equipment can carry no more than 300lbs weight. But, that’s enough to carry a load of up to 3 kids or 1 adult. For example, if your weight is more than 140lbs then don’t think you are highly eligible to jump on a mini BCAN 38” Trampoline.

Though You wouldn’t believe me, I would rather tell you my honest review and let you decide to believe or not. 

I bought this BCAN 38” Foldable mini trampoline online for just fun, from Amazon. Amazon provided this amazing equipment to me at a very reasonable price. If you want to buy scroll down to the link to buy.

Now, after I bought the BCAN 38” rebounder, I got a sealed box smaller than the size I saw on Amazon, I thought that they have brought the wrong delivery to me. So to clear my doubts, I opened the packing quickly and founded that the trampoline was shrunk Smaller around 1/4th of its original volume occupancy. Isn’t it amazing!?.

This folded trampoline was easy to carry, I loved knowing that, I don’t have to fix a specific place for this, because now I can carry this anywhere.

After unfolding the BCAN 38” I found out that there isn’t only one feature, BCAN 38” rebounder has got several wonderful other features. 

BCAN 38 Inches Rebounder Features

Now, without wasting more time let’s discuss the features in detail.

1. Extended 360° Pad

the mini BCAN 38” is extended all over the mat to cover all the gaps between the steel frame and mat grip. So that this would not cut or churn your toe while jumping.

There is a high number of incidents reported among the child playing with different types of rebounders. The reason was mostly dues to the gap between the mat grip and steel frame, to reduce such incidents BCAN 38” trampoline provides a type of design that defends such incidents to happen.  

The reason for covering the gaps between the mat grip and steel frame is only for users’ own good so that it would not harm them, whenever their toes came in contact with the side springs. No doubt safety must come first.

BCAN 38” mini-trampoline Unique design and safety parameters make it different from other trampolines. 

2. Closed Steel Spring

Steel springs are the parts of the BCAN. Its function is to hook the mat to the steel frame. These parts are harmful sites for the jumper if they are not closed or covered. 

This gap must be covered, compared to other trampolines BCAN selects a commercial steel spring to hook the steel spring to the mat and use a close design to cover the spring.

3. Anti-slid and Waterproof:

This fitness item is covered by anti slid rubber material, the steel tube not only makes the trampoline safe but also makes the jumping quiet. The mat of BCAN 38 inches rebounder consists of a waterproof PP material, that resists water and manages the stability of the mat, as a result, the mat composition never disturbs.

4. Indoor Equipment

This feature of BCAN inspires me to do Exercise. As it is always been a problem for adults to do fitness workouts within such a small period of time. 

To solve the issue, the BCAN trampoline is always taken as a cardio workout gadget with high efficiency and fun.

As, 10 minutes of bounce working out equals 1-hour jogging, 20-minute swimming.

5. Foldable

The windiest and wonderful feature, that alone is enough to convince you to buy this product. 

Many people have problems with trampolins that are unable to fold. But, the BCAN trampoline is foldable up to 1/4th of its original volume occupancy. 

Such number shows, that this equipment is highly foldable and can be placed anywhere you like, even in cabinet, storerooms and etc.

6. Noiseless

The last trampoline I bought before BCAN mini rebounder was way too noisy. It wasn’t me that was disturbed by the sounds, even my neighbors started banging my door to stop these terrible sounds so that they can rest too. But,

BCAN Rebounder is noiseless, very comfortable thanks to anti slid. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to Close BCAN Trampoline Step by Step Guide?

BCAN 38” foldable mini trampoline is easy to carry and to set. You can set up and close the trampoline in just 10-13 minutes Maximum. Its small shape and volume sum up to avoid unnecessary problems.

Follow the following steps to fold the BCAN trampoline easily in a short period of time:

  1. Unaware of the cover on the spring that prevents harmful incidents and keeps the user safe from the stretchable springs. 
  2. After that, unhook the spring from the mat and steel frame. Doing this will separate the trampoline into three parts: mat, springs, and the steel frame. 
  3. Keep the springs aside in a box or let them remain with the mat. 
  4. Then, fold the mat with or without the springs depends on your preference.
  5. Fold the steel frame into 1/4th of its total size. After folding all the three parts keep them together in one place.
  6.  Your trampoline is closed now, you can put it in your cabinet drawer or any other place you like.

2. Are mini trampolines safe for adults?

Yes!. Mini trampolines are 100% safe and organic for adults. This is the fantastic property of mini-trampolines that is heartily praised.

This question is asked because the trampoline is very small in size. From fat, it seems like only a baby with 20-50 pounds can jump on it.

 Although, it’s not correct, because BCAN 38” foldable mini trampoline is a very elastic material that provides safety the first priority and can carry almost 150 pounds weight of adults. 

Mini trampolines are highly recommended to adults who have gained a lot of weight, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorder. Because 10 minutes of bounces on the trampoline is equal to half of the cardio workout.

Adults can buy this rebounder from Amazon at a very low price and can keep doing effective cardio Workouts in order to get in shape and healthy.

3. Can I lose weight jumping on a Rebounders?

Yes, indirectly, you can lose weight by jumping on the rebounder. Because Trampoline is a piece of equipment to do cardio workouts, so directly it’s cardio Workouts that help you lose weight, not a mini-trampoline. 

Although, jumping on the trampoline, does play an important part in maintaining our lymphatic system balance and coordination of our body.

4. Should you wear shoes on a Mini Rebounder?

Absolutely, you can wear shoes on the mini trampoline if your ankle or your feet hurts when you jump. Because when you jump up, your body moves opposite to g, feels like weightlessness, but when you return back to the ground your feet will feel a double force, which ultimately increases the pressure on your ankle and barefoot. Resulting in huge pain in the ankles and feet.

But, if your feet and ankles are strong and can bear all the force, then wearing a show is your choice. Because it’s not mandatory to wear shoes while jumping in anyway. 

Or, if you think that wearing a shoe can have an effect on the mat, then know that wearing a shoe doesn’t affect the trampoline in any way.

5. Does a mini trampoline cause sagging skin?

No, mini-trampoline never causes anything. In spite, jumping on a trampoline strengthens the muscles of the feet, which ultimately increases muscle growth and development.

 As a result, the skin of the feet starts to tighten up, cutting out all the wrinkles and sagging skin from the feet. 

That means, trampoline never causes sagging skin, instead does helps to recover from sagging skin.


That was an honest review of your searched query if you want to know more about this fitness product, simply can visit the link and read the customer’s reviews. If you already have this item please don’t forget to share your experience in the below comment box. Maybe your suggestion help, other peoples, to buy this item or any other option you suggest is most welcome. Keep Smile and Stay Happy and Fit with the fitness products.

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