10+ Benefits Of Bouncing On Exercise Ball

Are you searching for the benefits of bouncing on an exercise ball? Bouncing is always a fun activity, and a ball is a source of enjoyment. When they both combine, it becomes an exciting way to lose weight, burn calories, increases stability, and much more.

 A ball is always a piece of attraction at every age. But when we talk about exercise with the help of a ball, then it sounds super exciting. Doing exercise by using an exercise ball or physioball adds challenges and fun to your workout with the ball on a yoga mat.

Names of an Exercise Ball

An exercise ball has lots of names like,

  • Stability ball
  • Physioball
  • Fit ball
  • Swiss ball 
Benefits Of Bouncing On An Exercise Ball
Benefits Of Bouncing On An Exercise Ball

What are the Benefits Of bouncing on an Exercise Ball in Points?

A stability ball is a cheap source of exercise with tremendous health benefits. We will discuss some significant benefits of bouncing on an exercise ball. This include,

  1. Easy to Learn
  2. Burn calories
  3. Increases Your Balance
  4. Great for the Joints
  5. Tone Core Muscles
  6. Breathe Better
  7. Induce the Inspiration to Stretch
  8. Improve Posture
  9. Relieve Back Pain
  10. In pregnancy
  11. Focus In school

Best Exercise Ball for Bouncing

Trideer Exercise Ball

When we are talking about the benefits of bouncing on an exercise ball, we forgot to recommend the best ball for your exercise. Trideer Exercise Ball also known as yoga chair ball with the supports of 2200 lbs with a quick pump to fill it rapidly. The best thing about this birthing ball is that we can use it anywhere at home, office, or in the gym. Some key features of this product are listed below.

Best Bouncing Exercise Ball
Trideer Best Bouncing Exercise Ball

Key Points:

  • Size: Small to Extra Large
  • Color: Available in Seven Colors
  • Brand: Trideer
  • 2000 mm Thickness
  • BPA-Free Design
  • Anti-Slip Surface
  • Wide Array of Colors
  • 1 Year Warranty

Benefits Of Bouncing On An Exercise Ball

Easy to Learn

Bouncing is the easiest thing to learn for even a child. Due to the busy schedule, people do not have time to learn exercises and practice them. But every person wants to discover unique, beneficial, and easy to learn exercises

In that way, the swiss ball is the best option. Because it is easy to learn and a game-changer, you can use it anywhere, even in your office, for sitting purposes. Surely you will see a drastic change in your body shape. And you will become perfect with the practice of bouncing and teaching others how to use this exercise ball. That is why it works amazingly in your fitness journey. 

Help in Burning Calories

Yes, this is a fact that bouncing on a stability ball burns your belly fat, thigh, or leg fat. It burns 50 calories per hour. Now you are thinking how? You probably spend 5-6 hours sitting on a chair. But When you sit on an exercise ball, your core muscles engage more, and with the involvement of these tiny core muscles, your calories are burned. More movement means more fitness.

So, from now, stop sitting on a chair and start bouncing and get a slim body. The more you move, the more you burn calories.

Here are some points on how to sit on an exercise ball properly.

  • Your knees and hip should be apart.
  •  Your feet touch the ground completely.
  • Make a posture in which your spine should be straight and your shoulder roll back. It prevents your neck from bending.
  • Keep moving your buttocks in circular and side-to-side movement.

Increase Your Balance

If you have a balance issue, then this tool will be your teacher. Workout with an exercise ball teaches you how to balance with the help of your core muscles. It will generate, or you can say, activate your muscles and brain cell to keep your body balance.

When you are underneath minimum stability, then your body and brain work effectively to maintain body balance, and in that way, you seek the help of those muscles you never used. And when they become active, you increase the balance ratio and burn calories.

Research also made and found a significant increase in the activation of the rectus abdominus muscles with the bouncing exercise on a swiss ball.

Great for the Joints

Exercise is challenging with joint pain. They could relieve joint pain with the help of exercise, but the question is what kind of exercise. Sorry, but you can not go to the gym and pressure your joints if you have this common issue. It will hurt more joints.

Then what to do? People with joint pain must go for light exercises, and in this case, a physioball is the prettiest option. And people love this physioball because it helps in relieving their joint pain with no hardship. An exercise ball helps them to come back in shape in a soft and bouncing manner.

Tuning your core muscles

How to tune your core muscles with the help of an exercise ball? You can do it easily by sitting on a stability ball as compared to the static chair Because a ball challenges your stability and activates your core muscles to balance. Research published in 2015 also showed that rotation of your pelvic by ball exercise activates your core muscles.

But only sitting will not tune your abs. For that, you need to do exercise with a stability ball such as:

Crunches off the ball

Fold your hand behind your head. Lie on the ball with the lower back and move the upper body towards the thighs.

Bird dogs

Place your abdomen on the stability ball and both hands and feet on the floor. One by one, extend your opposite arm and leg. in a manner right leg with left arm.

Back extensions

Lie with the belly on the exercise ball. Stretch your legs behind. Put your hands by your ears. Lift your chest upward.

Breathe Better

A Better sitting posture helps in better breath. Not understand?  When you are in a lazy posture, your lungs breathe less air. A good posture and active state of body impact on 

Your breathing system.

So when you sit on a stability ball, it activates your body muscles to keep balance, and you breathe better and effectively.

Induce the Inspiration to Stretch

The stability ball used in place of your chair also alerts you to keep stretching to balance your posture. So in that way, you keep stretching to maintain balance while sitting.

It is the much-needed thing we forgot while sitting on the static chair.

Improve Posture

An ideal posture center your trunk over your spine. And it is possible when you remind yourself and sit actively. While sitting on a chair, it can not be possible for everyone to sit actively, but a stability ball or swiss ball keeps you active and helps in improving posture. 


Below are some tips to improve your posture:

  • Stretch your hamstring muscles during prolonged sitting or in the workplace. It results in a better spinal curve and pelvic posture.
  • walk between your work interval
  • Lie on a firm mattress and lower pillow.
  • Distribute your weight evenly on your feet during standing, distribute,
  • rotate your neck
  • stretch your thighs.

Relieve Back Pain

Exercise ball or physioball is the best exercise tool for people with back pain. Trainers that bring movement to the spine design many exercises which relieve back pain. Exercise on a swiss ball increases the blood flow and activates the water flow in and out of the disc.

You can find many swiss ball exercise videos on websites. The name of some exercises is below, which help in pelvic isolation. 

  • Plank with forearms on the ball
  • Rock back-and-forth
  • Ball squat
  • Shoulder curl and press
  • Rock side-to-side
  • Half ball crunch
  • Reverse crunch
  • Circle 

Benefits In Pregnancy

You can keep your body active and getting more benefits by doing gentle exercises on a yoga ball while pregnancy. An exercise ball is the best tool, but always choose the ball on which your feet touch the floor. It keeps you falling and maintains your balance. Don’t do exercise while lying on your back. Make smooth moves by sitting on an exercise ball. It activates your core muscles and also helps in delivery.

Here are some best exercises during pregnancy, but you should first visit your doctor before starting any exercise.

  • Figure-8
  • Ball Circles
  • Back and Upper Body Stretch
  • Wall Squat
  • Pelvic Floor Exercises

Focus In School

Most of the teacher complains that their student does not focus during class. You are thinking stability ball is a tool for exercise, but it is also used in school. When a child sits on a stability ball, it focuses more. How? Because a stability ball or exercise ball requires a little bit of attentive mind to keep balance. So, students who sit on an exercise ball than typical desks show an excellent ability to focus on their lesson.

It increases the productivity of students.

An exercise ball is the best option for hyperactive and attention-deficient children.

Increase the core strength of children.

It is frame by an anti-rolling stabilizer to avoid any accident.

How to choose the right exercise ball

To make your bouncing exercise effective, the right side of the exercise ball is essential. When you exercise on the right-size ball, you can see the result and do all activities smoothly. Whenever you go to buy a swiss ball or exercise ball, remember the following tips.

  • Make sure your feet will easily become flat when you sit on the exercise ball.
  • Your body should make a 90-degree angle while sitting on the ball without leaning forward and backward.

Balls sizes:

  • The ball comes in many sizes, ranging from 45 to 85 cm.
  • People with heights between 5’1″ and 5′ 8″ go for a 55-cm ball 
  • People with taller heights 5’9″ to 6’3″ will need 65 cm.
  • And who has a height less than 5’1″ will probably need a 45-cm ball.
  • People who have a height of over6’3″ will require an enormous size of the ball.

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The exercise ball or swiss ball, or stability ball, has lots of benefits in many aspects. This includes burning calories, better posture, warming core muscles, helps in pregnancy and delivery, increasing students’ focus, relieving back pain, and doing a workout with bouncing fun. We can never neglect this physioball importance. So it is better to spend on an exercise ball instead of on other stuff. But always choose the right size to get the desired result. Stay happy and enjoy the benefits of bouncing on an exercise ball.

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