Best Backyard Trampoline for Small Yard in 2021

Do you have a small backyard and want to buy the best trampoline that can fit in your small yard, then you are dwelling on the right article. I have out listed the five best backyard trampoline for small yard.  

These backyard trampolines can be placed in small yards easily. In most cases, Middle-class families have always faced the issue with small backyards, because their yards have always been small and too small for trampolines.  Scientifically, it’s been calculated that what we call a small yard is averagely equal to ¼ (quarter) of an acre. Although, it can be possible that your yard is smaller than the average value, but cannot be bigger. 

Here’s what you’ll find in this article, the following 5 small yard trampolines pros and cons, why only these?, Unique features different from others? And their safety precautions for kids?.

Here is the Quick Answer for Best Trampolines for Small Yard in 2021:

  1. Skywalker Trampolines 9×15 Trampoline
  2. Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline
  3. Zupapa 15 14 12 10 FT Trampoline for Kids
  4. Lovely Snail Min Trampoline Best for Yard
  5. The skywalker 8×14 Rectangle
  7. Exacme 15 Foot Outdoor Round Trampoline for Small Yards
Best Backyard Trampoline for Small Yard
Best Backyard Trampoline for Small Yard

Best Backyard Trampoline for Small Yard 

There are different brands and types of trampolins. Out of them, some occupy a big yard (area), while some of them occupy a much smaller area in your yard. Again, there are several Smaller backyards trampolines, but few of them are best, capable of providing every feature that a person needs. 

Following are the five best kids trampoline for small yard.

1. Skywalker Trampolines 9×15 Trampoline 


This Trampoline is rectangular in shape, will provide the highest bounce than the other typical Trampolines. The size of these Trampolines is 9×15ft, enough for a small backyard. Rectangular shape permits a larger area inside the Trampoline. To let away small accidents skywalker trampolines offers galvanized steel frame and flexible material that provide resistance towards the harsh environment and outdoor activities for years, and one of the Safest trampolines for toddlers. 

The enclosure of the steel frame interlocks the frame of the skywalker trampoline by using T sockets at every frame joint, preventing the body from twisting and bending.  

Now the space between the enclosure of the steel frame and mat must fill up so that there will be no accidents. Skywalker Trampolines material is the most durable and everlasting With UV resisting materials, only some Trampolines offer such material. 

 The Skywalker Trampolines 9×15 Rectangle Trampoline with walls is the perfect path to make lasting family memories. 

Here the advantages of buying this Trampoline, that no other Trampoline can offer: 


The walls system expresses upright paddled poles resulting in stability of the Trampoline, and the weird net has a clip wall system for additional safety. 


The patented no-gap walls eliminate dangerous accidents, that can result in cut wounds on your feet. The gap lies between the jumping mat and the wall net. Such design prevents the child from open and pinch points 


Skywalker small yard trampoline 9×15 can suffer any drastic weather changes and can supply higher perfect jumping for a long time, thanks to its galvanized steel frame (weather and rust-resistant). All types of skywalker have this type of pros, reinforced T sockets at each point of wall joint, increasing further stability. 


This Trampoline unique shape offers the highest bounce than other Trampoline shapes, their spring system works on their own, resulting in a much higher bounce.  

Such rectangular shape also offers wide surface area for jumping than any other shapes like circular (round) and triangular. 

This type of skywalker is ideal for your small backyard if you are an aspiring gymnast and athlete. 


Customers that have bought skywalker trampoline always have positive reviews about the bounce.  


  • Offers less weight about 250lbs or 113 kg.  
  • For a single jumper, the weight is very good, but if you have a huge family, then it’s not preferable. 
  • Warranty 
  • 1-year warranty on other equipment and 3 years warranty on the frame. if you are bringing this in your small backyard, in such case the warranty is limited and less. 

2. Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline 

Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline
Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

Galactic Xtreme Is one of the best brands in the trampoline world, they are famous among gymnast and athletes, because of their robust features, design, and outstanding warranty for the price, along with great weight limit.  

Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline is one of them, that is the most ideal backyard trampoline for small yards

Out of all, this single type of trampoline comes in 5 different sizes: 8 x 14, 10 x 17, 10 x 20, 10 x 23 and 14 x 16. That means you just have to select the size that can fit in your backyard. Isn’t it wonderful and ideal. 

Here are the pros about the backyard galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

  • Weight Limitations 

This galactic Xtreme trampoline, offers great amount of weight limit abiut 550 lbs than other Trampolines like skywalker trampolines that offers half of this weight limit about 250lbs. 

Such highest weight limit makes these Trampolines one in the industry.  

  • Safety Specifications 

Each Trampolines offers safety Specifications first, for small backyards trampolines this galactic Xtreme comes with a stay in wall net, which is formed of tough, polyester material. Like all other Trampolines the Trampoline interconnects to the Trampoline frame. 

  • Different small sizes 

This galactic Xtreme trampoline comes in different sizes that can fit in your small yard, leaving a lot of space for other backyard activities. 

The different sizes are 8 x 14, 10 x 17, 10 x 20, 10 x 23 and 14 x 16. Find the best that can fit in your backyard easily. 


  • Durability 

This Trampoline as compared to other backyard trampolines offers less durability, because the Trampoline is mainly concerned for the needs of gymnasts and athletes’ aspirins. 

We care about you, that’s why we don’t want you to lose All your money, although if you are an athlete and have a small backyard, then don’t think much, just invest and have fun. 

3. Zupapa 15 14 12 10 FT Trampoline for Small Yard

Zupapa 15 14 12 10 FT Trampoline for Kids
Zupapa 15 14 12 10 FT Trampoline for Kids

Zupapa is one of the best backyard trampoline brand specially for toddlers, this zupapa 15 14 12 10 FT Trampoline is an outdoor well built, easy to assemble, safety Specific trampoline with many spring counts.

If you are looking for a safe, easy to assemble and disassemble, well-built, and designed trampoline, Zupapa trampoline is best for your kids. Along with such features, you will also be rewarded with a great piece of types of equipment, toolkit, and plus good weight limit.

Here are some pros related to the zupapa 15 14 12 10 FT Trampoline,

  • Weight limit

The weight limit of zupapa trampoline is 375 lbs, enough for 3 to 4 kids to jump simultaneously and For also to take part in it. As averagely person weights 136.7 lbs(pounds).

  • Different size

This Trampoline offers different number of sizes 15, 14, 12, and 10 Ft. Isn’t it great, that means you can select the size which can fit in your backyard easily, without any obstacle. As, the sizes it includes are smallest that can fit in small yards.

In my opinion 12 ft trampoline can do great work if you have small backyard. Definitely, you have to select one out of them.

  • Safety Specifications

This Trampoline like other Trampolines provides each and every safety measures. Their,

– steel frame is made heavy,

– Enclosure between steel frame and trampoline frame.

– Gaps are filled by pads.

– along with longer net poles,

– made thick about 5mm galvanized with 42mm diameter.

– Whereas, UV protection material is used polypropylene Mat.

– Certified by TUC for safety

– Hard steel joints

– In 15 ft model 108 galvanized springs are offered

– Heavy Gauge 7” Springs in all the models

  • Ladder and extras

Thia trampoline alongwith its frame offers ladder and tools too. The ladder is also galvanized haevy duty steel 42mm in diameter and 5mm in thickness.

Here are the cons related to the zupapa 15 14 12 10ft backyard trampoline.

  • Warranty

Warranty of this backyard trampoline as compared to other’s is way less. The whole Trampoline frame and other Safety equipments comes with warranty of 6 months.

That means after 6 months, you have to sort out every problem with your backyard trampoline by yourself.

  • Safety net

A lot of customers have reported zipping problem in net. First of all, there are a lot of zips, secondly out of every single zip there is always one that stucks causing awkward troubles.

4. Lovely Snail Min Trampoline Best for Yard

Lovely Snail 5FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net
Lovely Snail 5FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

If you are looking for product that keep in your outdoor garden for your kids only then the lovely snail mini tramp is one of the best option to keep in your yard. Not to heavy, not so tall only the 5 foot height and best for children. It also have Safety Enclosure Net along with mini basket ball hoop and ball to play and have ultimate fun. It is best for 3 to 12 years of kids. To get better idea about this jumping product you can read the customer’s review all around the world, best to keep in school yard, parks and picnic spots.

5. The Skywalker 8×14 Rectangle Trampoline for Backyards 

skywalker trampoline for small yard
skywalker trampoline for small yard

The skywalker 8’×14’ is the best trampoline for kids and for the smaller yard in your backyard. Such Trampolines are the best backyard trampoline for toddlers. The actual jump space provided by this Trampoline is measured 6’ ×12’, which is enough to play your tricks and tips. 

No doubt skywalker trampoline is one of the Safest trampolines for toddlers in small yards. 

  • Durability: 

 Skywalker 8’ × 14’ is small but overall durable and praised by the customers. Thanks to its design and material skywalker is able to withstand regular damage and drastic weather changes. 

  • Size:  

8’ ×14’, such size is small yard size, that can be put in backyard of your house without any problem.  The size of this Trampoline makes more sense than buying this skywalker trampoline. 

  • Safety features: 

 Like other Skywalker trampolines, Safety Specifications are prior first, These one’s springs are found outside the perimeter of the Trampoline frame, making the Trampoline safe for kids, so kids get protection from pinching, and they’re unlikely to go plunging through. There is a dual zipper for easy entry and exit. 

  • Bounce quality 

Customers are generally satisfied with the bounce quality. Bounce is quiet and steadily smooth at first but might develop squeak after time. Your Trampoline should be in good care if you don’t want it to sound quirky. 

  • Price:  

The 8’x14′ model of skywalker trampoline usually ranges between $400 and $500 which falls under the range of many families, that cannot afford expensive backyard trampoline. Such price limit Brings justice to whole Trampoline if you are a kid. 

Believe me at such rate you cannot find much better Trampoline with great pros. 

Here are some cons related to the 8×14 Trampoline,  

  • Warranty 

Skywalker Trampoline model offers less warranty, 1-year limited warranty on equipment’s and parts, and 3-year limited warranty on frame. As compared to other backyard Trampoline that is the most upsetting disadvantage of buying this product. 

  • Weight limit: 

This Trampoline also offers a low weight limit, about 200lbs. Which makes it specific towards kids. With a small size and less weight-bearing frame, the skywalker 8×14 is Restricted to kids only. If you want the best Trampoline only for kids and have a small yard in the backyard, then don’t waste time, invest your money in this. 

  • No ladder and anchor kit 

Obviously, with such buying rate, You have to face this. Skywalker trampoline 8×14 can only provide you Trampoline, excluding all other extras, like ladder and anchor kit.  

You have to buy these tools by yourself if needed. 


BCAN 38” foldable mini trampoline is foldable, noiseless, mini cardio workout equipment. Characterized as, extended 360° safety pad, stable, closed steel spring, waterproof, and easy to fold. 

Bcan Trampoline is too small to be fit in your backyard, making it the most suitable backyard trampoline with small space. 

Moreover, mini-trampoline carry weight up to 300lbs only, if your weight is more than this, then there is a chance that your trampoline would break into two. 

Mini Trampoline for kids
BCAN 38 Foldable Mini Trampoline under 100 Dollars

Here are the pros related to BCAN 38 mini Trampoline, 

  • Safety Specifications 

The Steel spring of the BCAN 38” trampoline Hooks the mat to the steel frame. These parts are harmful sites for the jumper if these are not closed or covered.  

Also, The trampoline is covered by anti slid rubber material, the steel tube not only makes the trampoline safe but also makes the jumping quiet.  

  • Bounce quality 

Best bounce quality, quiet and smooth. 

  • Weight limit 

As compared to the size of the Trampoline, weight limit is really good. 

  • Foldable 

This is the unique feature of the bcan that is different from others. 

  • Price  

The price is very low lies in between 100-150$ 

Here are the cons of BCAN 38 mini Trampoline, 

  • No steel frame 

Safety measures are not satisfactory, due to absence of steel frame and small size. 

  • Limited to kids 

Due to small size and low weight limit, this Trampoline is limited towards kids only. 

7. Exacme 15 Foot Outdoor Round Trampoline 

Garden Trampoline
Exacme 15 foot garden tramp.

This Exacme 15 Foot Outdoor Rounds Trampoline is the best small backyards and one of the huge Trampoline brands. Most expensive backyard trampoline only affordable for rich families.  Exacme 15 Sport HD Round yard Trampoline size is 15×15, fit for a backyard trampoline. This Trampoline takes a lot of time to assemble also. 

The Main Features of Exacme Yard Trampoline

  • Size :15×15

This backyard Trampoline is bigger than other small Trampolines, but can be installed in your small yards, without causing any problem. 

  • Safety Specifications 

The wall net is tight keeping the jumper in the jumping area, preventing him to exceed the Trampoline limits. Like all other Trampolines, it binds the steel frame with the Trampoline frame to avoid any wounds due to the gaps between them. 

  • Assembly:  

The average assembly can take up to 2-4 hrs before you start jumping inside. 

After unboxing the package, you can expect to pour 2-3 hours of your time in assembling this backyard Acan Air 16 sport Hd. The installing guide doesn’t offers much guidance, many customers complain about that. However the parts are easily assembled ones they are known.  

  • Bounce quality:  

Customers are satisfy with the bounce of the Acons Air Trampoline. The jumps on this is quiet and steadily smooth telling you by experience. 

  • Weight limit:  

This best kids Trampoline has no weight limit for a single person, which means something about the durability, sturdiness, and material.   Exacme 15 garden Trampoline offers 800lbs/ 350 kg weight limit. 

With such a great weight limit, you can play with more than 2 family members in your backyard. 

  • Unique Rectangle shape with ladders 

This type of pros is unique and can only be found in Acon’s rectangular Trampoline, with ladder and spring puller toolbox. Many models don’t include these characters. 

  • Durability 

ACON Trampolines prides itself for providing the best material and strongest frame in the Trampoline world, with a 3.0 mm thick “commercial grade quality” steel frame galvanized inside and out. 

  • Warranty:  

Acon is generous in terms of warranty they provide warranty up to 10 years. A such number of warranty isn’t provided by any other brands, no doubt Acon ars the most expensive and big brands. 


  • Price:  

This Trampoline is best if you have money because usually, Exacme jumping product lies between $ 1620- $2000. There is no doubt  Exacme is one of the expensive brands than some other rectangular Trampolines on the line. 

Buying Guide For Small Yard Trampolines

Before You Buy, you must know some points that are necessary for a trampoline so that your money would not go to waste.  

To make sure of that, I am providing you the best backyard Trampoline buying guide, that’ll reduce all the questions in your mind. 

Before you buy yourself or your kid a trampoline, make sure you have enough space to bear a trampoline. 

Because, except the size of a trampoline, you need extra space of minimum 24 feets of overhead clearance. 

Horizontal clearance from 6 feet from objects (like, benches, fences and bushes). Whole area around the enclosure of Trampoline should be cleared, to avoid any type of injury risks. 

Before you buy, check the following features of the Trampoline that are necessary in every Trampoline 

  • Safety measures 
  • Size of Trampoline as campared to the area you have 
  • Weight limit (must be Greater than 200lbs) 
  • Durability 
  • Warranty (must be above 2-3 years for frame) 
  • Extras 
  • Gap between Trampoline frame and steel frame 
  • Toolkit 
  • Bounce quality must be sound free 
  • Foldable (for small backyards) not Mandatory 

Additional Considerations 

 When you are deciding to buy, yoy should know how much do you have, and how much size is your Trampoline. Because an extra space is also required on all four sides of your bouncer.  

20 Ft vertical clearance from ground to the surface of mat and minimum of 10 ft of horizonal clearance from all sides to keep the jumper free from any body harm. 

Trampolines can be harmful over 1 and ½ in height for children under 6 years of age 

The maximum user weight limit for an individual must be 331 pounds. Below this Trampoline is of no use for adults. 

Overloading the trampoline may cause damage to the structure. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the following questions frequently asked related to the best trampoline for small yard.

What is the best size trampoline to buy?

The larger the size of Trampoline the larger is space for more fun and tricks. You can perform backflips, front flips and other fun stuff.

Normally, for small backyards, 12ft Trampolines are best choice to buy, such size of backyard trampolines are offered by Zupapa, skywalker and bcan Trampolines, that are much specific for backyards or small yards places.

If,. You are a daredevil and your plan is to have fun with your bestie’s, then you must make your foot in 14ft in diameter Trampoline, although this size will never be able to make space in your backyard easily.

Are Square trampolines better than round?

Are square Trampolines better than round? Well there are two points in the square Trampolines that makes them better than round.

First, the round offers less rebound tenderness, whereas the square Trampolines have more rebound power. Thanks to the shape.

Secondly, square shaped Trampolines offers much greater area for jumping, while same size round Trampoline offers less area.

As result, it is concluded that shape of square Trampolines is better than round Trampoline keeping the size of backyard Trampolines constant.

What is the best brand of outdoor backyard trampolines?

Are you willing to buy best outdoor backyard trampoline for your kids, to help guide you what brand will suit you we are here.

There are the 5 best trampolines brand on the market for backyard.

Best Overall: Skywalker Trampolines 9×15 Trampoline

Best for Toddlers: The skywalker 8×14 Rectangle N-Learn Trampoline.

Best for Adults: Acon Air 16 Sport Trampoline.

Best for Exercise: Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

Best for small backyards: zupapa 15 14 12 10ft Trampoline.


Best backyard trampoline for the small yards is not easy to choose, in this article I have justified each and every best of 5 backyard Trampolines that can take place in small yards. 

If you have a small backyard and a low budget, Out of these Trampolines I would recommend you, The skywalker 8×14, BCAN 38° mini trampoline, and skywalker Trampolines 9×15 Trampoline.  

While the other remaining two trampolines around $1000 and are known to be the most expensive. 

If you want backyard trampoline for your kids with most safety Specifications the Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline, and ACON Air 16 Sport HD Rectangular Trampoline are the best opt. 

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