12 Best Charcoal Grills Under $500 – Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

Suppose you’re looking for a charcoal BBQ grill. You’re in luck but don’t have that much money to spend. Because we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best charcoal grills under 500. We’ve chosen these 12 grills based on their performance, quality, and price. Hopefully, this list will help you find the Grill you’ll be cooking on for years to come.

Suppose you’re looking for the best charcoal grill under $500. Then you are in the right place. A charcoal grill is a very efficient and cost-friendly way to grill your meat, vegetables and other food that you love. This is the top 12 list of the best charcoal grills under 500.

Charcoal VS Gas

As the foodie culture in cities is growing. So the number of people who wish to enter this business is increasing. The success of some has managed to pull people into this trade. If you’re considering it. Then here’s why you should consider charcoal over gas grilling.

The most considerable trouble with propane tanks is that they might leak, which is the kind of thing you don’t want to happen. There’s a lot of setup and cleaning to get the charcoal grill ready to use, too. For someone prone to worrying, having a bag of charcoal might be a good comfort zone sort of situation. You can keep it in the garage and not worry about it if it’s stored properly and doesn’t leak.

It is natural to assume that pricing would favour the charcoal grill, which, after all, has always been the cheaper sibling. Perhaps I explained that the charcoal grill is not necessarily more straightforward than a propane-powered one. There are some trade-offs with either one. But you need to decide. If there’s a compromise between cost, convenience and complexity that you can handle as far as your Grill is concerned.

On the other hand, gas doesn’t impart flavour to your food. Even though briquettes produce some amount of smoke during their process, it is not as effective as lump charcoal and hardwood. Both in terms of taste and temperature control.

As a relative newcomer to the grilling world, you’ll be grateful for the fact that you can efficiently work with charcoal because it’s been a reliable part of grilled food for centuries and is something your beginner skills will serve you well when it comes to making meals over gas or wood. click here to know how to use charcoal grill.

Best Charcoal Grills Under $500

1. Weber 15301001 Weber Performer Charcoal Grill

I love this Grill. I can’t say enough good things about it. I’ve had it for several months now, and it’s worked great. It’s easy to set up and use. I love the fact that. I can adjust the temperature without having to lift the lid and mess up the charcoal. The built-in thermometer is very helpful too. I’ve used it in the rain, and it doesn’t leak. I’ve never had a charcoal grill that worked. As well as this one.

Came with a lot of features. I wasn’t expecting, very happy to have this in my backyard. I can get everything I need for a full-scale cookout. This Grill is perfect for any backyard BBQ. It has all the tools you need to prepare a full meal for an army. It’s a bit heavy and bulky, but it’s easy to assemble and clean. The Weber WeberPerformer Charcoal Grill is great for anyone. Who wants a giant grill and needs a lot of space for their food.

I bought this grill for my husband for our anniversary. He loves it. It’s great for barbecuing and grilling. The built-in thermometer helps you keep an eye on the temperature, and it’s just easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable charcoal grill.

This Grill is the best charcoal grill I have ever used. It is so easy to use, low cost, and the food comes out tasting delicious. I am a Weber Performer charcoal grill fan for life.

Perfectly grill your meals every day with the powerful performance of Weber’s Performer series gas grills. Prep food on the built-in worktable. Hang accessories from the tool hooks and clean up with ease after taking every last bite of your grilled meal. You can even take the convenient table off. So you have more space for the charcoal in which to light up the coals for a flavorful smokey touch on your favourite foods.

2. Cuisinart CCG-216 Portable Charcoal Grill

The Cuisinart CCG-216 Portable Charcoal Grill is an excellent grill for travelling and camping. I like to take it to the beach, tailgating, the park, and road trips. The Grill is easy to set up, use and clean. The lid locks in place, and the ash catcher keeps the charcoal from dropping down on the ground. It’s easy to transport, and the storage bag is included. I love that I can use it right on the beach. The Grill is compact. So it doesn’t take up much room.

I bought this grill as a gift for my father. Since he wanted a small charcoal grill to smoke meats and vegetables on, he loves the fact that he can use the dual vent system to control the temperature of the Grill. He loves the fact that he can use it as a smoker. The Cuisinart CCG-216 Portable Charcoal Grill also has a side table that folds out from the unit, and it has a cover that protects it from the elements. When it is not being used, I love this Grill so much that I bought another one.

Suppose you’re looking for a portable charcoal grill at an affordable price. This Cuisinart Charcoal Grill is just what you need. It has a large cooking surface, and it’s relatively easy to clean. The Grill has a nice black finish that is attractive, and it feels sturdy when you lift it. I would recommend this Grill to anyone. Who is looking for a portable charcoal grill for tailgating and camping?

The Cuisinart 16 inch portable charcoal grill is just what you need to make your next cookout the best one ever. With features and benefits, this compact, folding size Cuisinart 16-inch portable charcoal grill includes locking latches, four legs for added stability, dual vents with air inlet and air outlet vents,, and a removable ash catcher that’s perfect for open-air cooking.

Protect your home from falling cinders while you enjoy grilled fare without the extra clean-up of ashes. The Cuisinart 16 inch portable charcoal grill stores easily inside buildings or vehicles after use. So you can take it anywhere. Such as tailgating events to get your favourite sports team ready for a big game.

3. CUSIMAX Charcoal Grill Portable

This portable grill is the perfect addition to your car with its handle on both sides. Its small and lightweight design allows it to easily fit in the back of most cars. Keep it with you wherever you go because everyone loves barbecues, picnics, or family BBQs.

It’s also a great idea for camping or trips to the beach. All of your friends will be jealous that they didn’t think of this first. The CUSIMAX Portable Charcoal Grill is the perfect gift for a special someone who likes good food without paying a fortune for it.

The CUSIMAX smoker grill has a cooling rack that can fit up to 18 inches in diameter and a warming rack that can fit up to 15 inches and is safe for temperatures up to 500 degrees. The spacious cooking area can grill or smoke and easily enjoy double flavour delicious food.

For even heat distribution. The enamel-coated Grill ensures that all food items cooking on them are adequately cooked by using even heat creation. Whether cooking pork chops or steaks, meals will cook up naturally to their full potential. Enjoy delicious flavour and juiciness without worrying about making your food taste like it has been burned. Furthermore, adjustable vents allow you to regulate how much heat is put out and increase efficiency when it comes down to saving your charcoal.

The lid and the bowl of the portable charcoal grills are made of enamel and can withstand a high temperature of 800℃ (1472℉), resulting in no warping or cracking. Food-grade enamel also makes it more durable and resistant to heat and wear. As well as dulling down over time/ Properly cooked barbecue food is pleasing to taste – burgers, ribs, vegetables, fruits, etc.

4. CUSIMAX BBQ Charcoal Grill 

Suppose you’re looking for a new grill to enjoy your grilling seasons. Look no further than the cute and fruity Charcoal Grill that sports a lovely apple shape, with its 2 in 1 smoker capabilities and its excellent heat-regulating design. This apple-shaped BBQ grill will add up to your recipe book with perfect roasts, juicy steaks and delicious kebabs.

Charcoal grills feature charcoal cooking and air vents. As well as a built-in lid thermometer for easy temperature control, bringing a better cooking taste to your favourite meals. Besides, this BBQ grill is made of high-quality materials treated with high-temperature resistance and features rust prevention to extend its service life.

Some consider using the Grill a chore but with this Grill. You won’t have that problem with the hook right on it, and you can hang the lid before accessing all the goods inside. You won’t have to deal with collapsed packaging or lugging extra supplies like a spatula or tongs around.

Constructed of quality, heavy-duty materials, this outdoor Grill provides ample space for up to 2-3 burgers at once. This is just the right size for a family of 3-4 people or a small group of friends. Makes an ideal kettle portable grill for picnics, tailgates, camping trips, and grilling in any space with your loved ones or colleagues.

5. BEAU JARDIN Portable Charcoal Grill

A portable, 18 “x24” charcoal-grilled perfect for outdoor camping and parties. Since it doesn’t require a large, flat area to operate, it has durable handles and wheels that allow you to transport the Grill easily. At the same time, grilling food outdoors and around a campfire. A solid steel cooking grate supports the fine mesh dome lid, keeping flies and other bugs out of the food, which is great for those outdoor cookouts.

A rust-resistant adjustable aluminium air vent damper allows for heat control without the hassle of lifting the lid. Two handles on the cooking grate make it easy to lift to add or adjust charcoal. Our heavy-duty, durable plated steel charcoal grate design wears well. Withstands the heat of any charcoal fire for direct or indirect grilling with this charcoal grate. The round porcelain-enamelled coating bowl and lid retain heat well for even grilling.

The bottom of the charcoal BBQ grill has convenient hangers on either side to allow one-handed lifting of the lid and set it down without worrying about anything being damaged. Also, there’s an ash leak and catcher, and whichallows for easy clean up of ash. You can simply rotate the kicker plate to move the ashes down into the ash catcher for clean disposal. When finished, use your Charcoal BBQ grill.

This portable charcoal barbecue grill is easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions. The thick grilling bowl and lid with porcelain enamel coating provide precise heat retention for grilling tastier food. Just adjust the air vent damper to any grilling condition you’d like, and you will love the superior smoky flavour. As well as enjoy your fabulous meal of fillet mignon, burgers, steaks, chickens, chop, turkey, summer squash, onion, asparagus and shrimp.

6. Outsunny Mini Small Smoker Charcoal Grill

BBQ is an experience that you can thirst for. The smell of sizzling meat and vegetables over an open fire can be tempting, especially if you’ve been craving it. This Grill was created with a tabletop design in mind. So that you can conveniently develop barbecues with ease at home or out camping. It’s designed to fit four regular-sized burgers or eight hot dogs at a time. So feel free to invite your family and friends for the festivities. Just make sure everyone comes hungry.

The Premium Grill is constructed of steel, and a heavy-duty mesh that can withstand extreme temperatures. As a result, it will not easily rust or buckle under pressure. In addition, the mesh is incredibly durable, which means it won’t scratch easily either.

It features a side air vent that lets the hot air flow freely outwards. This allows juices inside meats and vegetables to cook more thoroughly while also allowing extra moisture to escape, making your delicious meals taste better.

This uniquely designed minimalist charcoal campfire grill is made entirely of steel and coated in a glossy black paint. The handle keeps hands firmly away from the heat while enabling you to move the Grill around quickly. Especially useful for transporting on those days. When you like to go camping.

I was looking for something that would allow me to smoke meat at home. This is perfect for that. It’s small and compact. But it still has ample space to smoke enough food for my family. It was easy to put together. The smoker doesn’t take up a lot of space. But it’s large enough to cook enough food for a large party. It’s not just for camping, and you can use it at home. I like that the handles stay cool to help prevent my hands from getting burnt. I also like that it has a lock to keep it in place while in transport.

7. Outsunny Portable Rotisserie Charcoal BBQ Grill

Your outdoor Grill’s rotisserie section can be turned manually. Grill chicken like a pro in your backyard, cooking meat evenly on all sides. Furthermore, you can rotate the Grill with a motor. But the engine is sold separately.

Our BBQ comes with 3 x large and 11 x small stainless steel skewers suitable for a variety of meats or vegetables, depending on your preference. We also include wooden handles. So you have an ideal tool for cooking just about anything. Such as chicken, lamb, goat, and pork. Even meat substitutes.

The four wheels on the leg of this electric patio grill allow you to move it around the backyard, patio, camping ground or tent swiftly. It also boasts a locking mechanism. So you can rest assured your Grill will not wobble around. When in use during those summer parties.

8. Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill Review

In addition to the charcoal grill’s built-in lid thermometer. It’s also outfitted with an electronic Touch-N-Go gas ignition system which makes lighting your charcoal easier. You can control the temperature of your Grill, without lifting the lid, by quickly adjusting the dampers. Closing the dampers completely will cut the oxygen flow to help extinguish coals. Not only that, but it has a built-in lid thermometer that displays the internal grill temperature. So you know when to adjust your fire and turn skewers of veggies or meat over.

The dampers on this fantastic outdoor barbecue are a real asset. Because they allow you to control how much oxygen reaches your fire, which creates more or less heat. Thus allowing you more flexibility in how you cook different meats (and vegetables) and preventing flare-ups from char cooks.

Hang grilling tools, like spatulas or tongs, from the hooks on your Grill’s workspace for easy access and organisation. Use the workspace table to mix ingredients or keep platters, seasonings and tools within arm’s reach.

The Weber barbecue was founded by one of our writers who enjoy cooking and, at the same time, wants to have enough time to enjoy his meal while not worrying too much about burning any of it. Since we opened our website. We’re bringing top-quality grills like this. So you won’t worry about spending a lot of money since every detail for each product page has been tested by us. We made sure that the product came with many qualities, making it worth the price you’re going to pay for it. 

So if you want to see all details from other customers or consumers of this Grill that are just like you. What do they say about their experience? We added a few pictures just beneath so you can get an idea of how it looks when in use.

9. Royal Gourmet CD2030AN charcoal grill

The Grill has a big cooking area with plenty of space for several people to drive up in their cars. Enjoy some barbeque on the weekends. Today’s recipe includes 511 sq. in. porcelain-enamelled steel wire cooking grates and 253 sq. in. chrome-plated steel wire warming rack, which are sturdy enough to hold up during this vigorous meal preparation.

The charcoal door of the smoker is located on the first rack’s side. Allowing you to tend to the charcoal without ever having to open the top of the smoker and causing a drop in temperature. In terms of surface area. You can make all necessary adjustments to your fire with just a slide of a side damper. This is particularly convenient. When you want to regulate the temperature within precise degrees. A bonus comes from a built-in thermometer that gives accurate readings on dunes.

You’re invited to our royal grilling event. One of the best cooking stars in town. You’ll be treating all your friends to your patented technique and generous portions of barbecue of choice on our Royal Gourmet Deluxe 30-inch Charcoal Grill. With ample space in the spacious cooking are, and you’lll have plenty of room for a variety of dishes. Monitor temperature fluctuations via the lid thermometer while cooking and enjoy beautifully charred food courtesy of hot grill grates. Grilling accessories are conveniently organised on two side tables and a bottom shelf. At the same time, two built-in tool hooks provide plenty of easy access to utensils like tongs or even a spatula.

10. Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic Joe II Charcoal Grill

The Kamado Joe Classic II includes new technology, featuring a thick-walled, heat-resistant shell that locks in smoke and moisture at any temperature. Smoke at 225F with precise temperature control using our Kontrol Tower Top Vent, or ramp up the fire to 750F and sear with natural charcoal flavoured heat on the Divide & Conquer grill system. The Kamado Joe Classic II is compatible with a wide range of Kamado Joe accessories and grilling surfaces, providing you premium results for any type of grilling or smoking.

Grills or barbecues are valuable items that will provide the necessary service to one who frequently has occasions at their house where there are many guests. Grills help the host provide for all their guests without having to resort to frying up a lot of food, which can leave your party smelling like grease for days. One should always make sure they have an extra part or two with them to ensure that they won’t have to worry about fixing anything on their Grill should anything happen while cooking.

Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System transforms a common cooking utensil into an extraordinary tool. The revolutionary multi-level, half-moon design lets you cook different foods in different styles at different temperatures. All at the same time.

Only at the top vent. The air will be kept consistent in its precision without variation when the dome is open or closed. This will ensure a well-controlled flow of air throughout the heating chamber that can be used for smoking from 225F to searing at 750F.

The Air Lift hinge is an extraordinary feature patented and exclusive to Weber grills. It makes extending the lid effortlessly. You could almost say it’s like magic. We worked hard to come up with this idea. Because we were always thinking about how we could make grilling a more relaxing experience for people, this one’s for all the busy bees. It gets real satisfying when you can do things with just one finger.

11. VESSILS Kamado Charcoal BBQ Grill

Professional outdoor cookers know that the versatility of a grill is an important quality. When it comes to cooking food. Not only does this Grill do just about any type of cooking technique, and you can even bake with thi, and it’ss easy to maintain, too.

The ceramic-coated steel plate on this smoker distributes heat evenly to ensure no cold spots, which could potentially cause uneven cooking. If not taken care of. It’s the ideal size for anything you can cook up, like brisket or even ribs.

The ultimate portable Grill for tailgating. A picnic at the park or block parties can be used with ease by anyone, thanks to its dual-handle design and light. But durable weight. With a built-in thermometer in the lid. You’ll never have to guess if your coals are hot enough.

A HighQuality Smoker Grill that withstands temperatures of up to 750F. While remaining rain resistant. The top vent allows you to manage the airflow, and the spring-hinged dome lifts quickly with a finger.

The top grilling system for kabobs, burgers and much more. Not only for outdoor backyard use. But also portable and convenient to be used individually at home or in the office or to be taken along with you when travelling.

12. Giantex Charcoal Grill Hibachi

This portable charcoal grill is perfect for family meals or friends getting together in the park or backyard to enjoy your free time. The charcoal and extra time are all you need for excellent meals that will keep the most avid Indian style grilling enthusiasts coming back for more.

As we know it, Charcoal is more commonly used in traditional methods of grilling. However, with this design. Thanks to a two-sided grilling net, the Grill can adjust its heat to suit two different cooking needs. Furthermore, the lower ventilation net will allow users to control their heat by leaving the side open or closed.

The grilling net measures 12.5″ x 8.5″ (~32cm x 21cm) and is wide enough for families or big groups to use. The spacious charcoal basket also accommodates vegetables, chicken drumsticks, beef steaks, kebabs, and anything else, and you might otherwise cook on the Grill with a skewer. What’s more, the basket has plenty of space for all of your charcoal so that you can have significant firepower.

After Buying Charcoal Grills Under $500

Suppose you are thinking about buying a charcoal grill primarily if you’ve never owned one before. It’s important to consider what you are hoping to use this for. Do you plan on using it primarily for hamburgers and hot dogs? Will it be primarily used for cooking up ribs or maybe a turkey?

Are you aiming to go the whole way and see how far you can take your grilling experience by smoking food such as salmon or pork, too and perhaps? Even get into barbecuing meat like brisket or beef? The important thing is getting all the facts before spending any money. Because, as with anything else in life – budgeting also plays a part. So make sure to find out how much space you have available where your new Grill will be put.

Types Of Charcoal Grill:

1. Barrel Grills

2. Ceramic Grills

3. Kettle Grills

1. Barrel Grills

A barrel grill is a good option. Suppose you want to be able to complete the cooking process all in one appliance. Barrel grills are often used for making long-lasting meals. Because the meat can cook on its juices and drippings without it being necessary for you to keep checking on it. Most have an additional warming rack where meals can stay warm and ready to eat until guests arrive at your party.

Since it’s bigger than a kettle grill, you can grill a more significant amount of food. But that doesn’t mean a kettle doesn’t make for an excellent start to this hobby. Because if it doesn’t work out, you can always go back to grilling.

Barbecue barrels are more significant pieces of equipment. However, you’re going to need a bigger space for it. Their capacity for food is worth the investment for many cooks. You can easily fit a large amount of food on all kinds of grilling surfaces, including our beloved ceramic Grill (which we will discuss next). Suppose you want to avoid constantly having to replenish. The rack and rotate your meat or vegetables with a ceramic grill that isn’t big enough for all your materials. This one is an excellent choice.

2. Ceramic Grills

Suppose you’re interested in charcoal grills. Then there’s a good chance your search will eventually lead you to ceramic models since they tend to be outliers when it comes to the prices of this kind of equipment, which means that they are not something most people would consider. When just starting. But one thing you’ll quickly learn is that the pricier price tag is worth it for its superior heat controls and versatility. Ceramic grills can reach temperatures from 200 F at the low end up to over 500 F. This adds a lot for barbecuing and smoking and allows you to cook pizza on your Grill.

Ceramic grills come in a variety of styles. From portable tabletop models to heavy smokers that cost well over $2000. These are all available from several different manufacturers. Generally fall into two general size categories: Small ones made for one or two people (about the size of an extra-large pizza) to large ones for parties or people. Who wants to grill large quantities of food. The latter option is also known as a “a beast” model. It’s much more like a smoker than a grill and weighs around 200 pounds.

3. Kettle Grills

Whether you are having an intimate cookout for a few close friends or an extravagant event for your family and friends, it’s always fun to spice up the menu from time to time by adding some variety. However, one of the most important things. When it comes to flavouring up, your food is the Grill that you use and find the right one for your needs.

One can determine the efficiency of different grills by looking at their heating patterns. You can examine the overall surface area. How well it insulates from things beyond its frame and, most importantly. Its effectiveness at evenly distributing heat. The benefit to many customers. Who is shopping for a grill wants something that puts out good quality food with as little effort as possible?

Basic models of pellet grills start around $100 and are affordable. They’re also quite versatile as they go from high-temperature grilling to low-temperature barbecuing and smoking, which is great for all of us who want to do everything in the meantime; however, if you’re like most people who just want a basic grill for grilling, the slightly pricier excellent charcoal or propane grills might not be necessary for you.


We hope you enjoyed our article on the 12 best charcoal grills under 500. Suppose you’re interested in purchasing a charcoal grill. Feel free to check out any of the options below. We know that the right Grill can be a great tool in your home. Enjoy the summer weather and use this list to find the charcoal grill that works best for you.

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