Top 10 Best Grill Cleaners Review of 2022

Let’s read out our best selection of the top grill cleaner option that will help you to clean all the kitchen appliances. Do you make a plan to have a barbeque night in the backyard with your people? Sounds like a great evening! Scrubbing the grimy, burnt-up sauces and grease afterward from the grill? Not so much. But it’s not something you would like to skip as not cleaning the inevitable mess from the grill can cause several problems for you afterward.

Backyard picnics will most likely result in your grill being packed with layers of greasy gunk, burnt-out barbeque sauce, and a lot of food residue which can ruin the taste of your food. If cooked on an unclean grill, and can also cause dangerous flare-ups as the residue burns off. Not only will this affect your food quality but it’s also harmful to the grill as it commonly results in rusting of your equipment, leading to a shorter life span for the grill itself. Ingesting said rust can also cause a change in your food essence and is generally not good for your health. So it’s better to invest in a grill cleaner for the sake of your family’s health, your grill’s longevity, and your ease; and you only want the best grill cleaners for that. 

Best Grill Cleaner
Best Grill Cleaners

Here is the Quick Answer for The Best Grill Cleaner in 2022:

  1. Best Overall: Easy-Off Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner 
  2. Best On Citrus Based: Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner
  3. Cheap Chef Wipe: Non-Stick Disposable Grill Wipes
  4. Best Heavy Duty Grill: Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish
  5. Professional Cleaning Spray: Break-Up Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner
  6. Best bbq Grill Cleaner Spray: Citrusafe Grill Cleaning Spray
  7. Best Degreaser Solution: Zep Heavy-Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner
  8. Carbona Grate Barbeque: 2-In 1 Oven Rack & Grill Cleaner
  9. Top CLR Heat Activated: CLR Clean & Ready Grill
  10. Best BBQ Brush & Scraper: GRILLART 3-In-1 Electric BBQ Grill Brush

Let us make it easier for you to decide on the best degreaser for the grill of your choice by going through the basics of what you need to consider! Before you buy the best option, must review the types of your grill.


There are two types of grill cleaners depending upon the area of expertise. The All-Purpose cleaner and the Focused cleaner. A grill cleaner has two specific areas of action. The food belly aka the cooking area of the grill supplemented by the grates, and the exterior surface of the grill. Some formulas work better to remove the sticky grease and gunks whereas some are all-rounders that work both on the exterior and the interior. But as with everything else, they have their pros and cons.


As the name indicates, an all-purpose grill cleaner can be used on the interior as well as the exterior of your grill.

Pros: Already spent from a day of activity and fun, you don’t want to make things more of a hassle for yourself. Managing two different types of grill cleaners when all you want to do is get done with the work – not overcomplicate it – something you would want to avoid. In this scenario, an all-purpose cleaner is your go-to solution. Quick, simple, and effective.

Cons: The degreasing formula of an all-purpose grill cleaner is not as strong, resulting in you not getting the desired results, especially if you plan on an in-depth clean. Though if you have a habit of cleaning your grill after every session in the backyard, the grease won’t be as thick, and an all-purpose cleaner will work just fine.


The focused cleaner’s main point of action is the food belly aka the cooking area of the grill, and the grates.

Pros: It has a powerful degreasing formula as compared to an all-rounder cleaner, and depending upon its form (liquid or foam), can clean every nook and cranny of your grill thoroughly. You won’t have to apply as much force behind your rubs either. 

Cons: The stronger the degreasing formula the harsher it is on the equipment. Hence, a milder formula needs to be used alongside it for the exterior. Using it once or twice on the surface won’t do any damage but it’s better to use it on the preferred area of its action. Also, some might have a strong chemical smell.

What Is The Best Grill Cleaner?

Depending upon what type of grill degreaser you will prefer, there are certain things that you need to be on the lookout for.  Here’s a list of things we thought you would like as keywords.

  • User Friendly: Grill cleaners spray are generally not complex to use, the directions being easy enough. Although there are certain types; some work as sprays whereas some are liquid water in which the equipment needs to be dipped overnight. You can choose whichever type seems more user-friendly to you.
  • Odor: Grill cleaners can sometimes have a strong odor. Depending upon what you prefer, you can find odorless grill cleaners as well as eco-friendly ones that have a mild fragrance. The citrus smell is common in grill cleaners with fragrance.
  • Safe for food: Grill cleaners use a certain amount of chemicals for degreasing properly. These are generally non-toxic and non-irritant, but for a safer approach, you might want to consider the ones we have recommended as they’ve been properly researched. Also, heat the grill after a thorough cleaning with a chemical product, it helps to burn off whatever residue is left behind and getting rid of the smell.
  • Add ons: Some cleaners of the grill come with a microfibre cloth to use. It saves you the hassle of determining what type of cloth works the best and you can easily discard it afterward.
  • Heat-activated: Most grill cleaners need to be heat activated for best results, but a few make this strategy their selling point by making the grill cleaner effective on both cold and hot surfaces. You can look out for such ones to avoid heating while cleaning.
  • Useable for different purposes: Grill degreaser can generally be used in ovens too, though some are specific for grills only. Make sure to check the description in case you want a multi-use one. Some can be used on stoves and stainless steel surfaces too.
  • Effective: How long does it take to work and how effective it is, is another question that bugs us. Quick, easy, and effective is what we’re looking for and what you can easily find in our list given below.
  • Size and price: This is the thing that we want to know the most while making our decision, ‘’How much, and How long will it last?’. Finding a decent sized bottle that is not heavy on your pocket can require a lot of time, but we’ve shortened it down for you. Browse our list to select the best choice!

P.s: In the case of a stone grill, use a neutral pH booster so that the stonework does not get corroded.

Best Grill Cleaners in 2022

1. Easy-Off Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner Spray

Easy-Off Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner, 24 oz Can

The Easy-off Professional Oven and Grill cleaner spray is best and will be your saving grace in case you’re pulling out a heavily greased and grime-baked grill in your backyard. This heavy-duty grill cleaner with a strong degreasing formula makes quick and efficient work of your grill, broiler, or oven (your choice), but beware, the quick work is because of its chemicals and you don’t want to use this product on your equipment without wearing a mask, gloves, and an arrangement of proper ventilation. Also, KEEP CHILDREN AND ANIMALS AWAY while using it. If you’re an adult who can follow proper instructions tho, this is highly recommended! 

2. Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner

The Goo Gone’s Grill and Grate cleaner is a biodegradable formula and is powered through citric acid, a well-known and tested filth cutter. Its non-toxic nature and quick work action made it a customer favorite! The nozzle of this grill cleaner spray makes it easier to apply and reach every crevice of your grill. It has a quick action time and is safe for use on cooking surfaces, not inducing flare-ups. All in all, this is a pretty good product to add to your stock.

3. Non-Stick Disposable Grill Wipes

The Grate Chef’s Non-Stick Disposable Grill Wipes are a customer favorite for cleaning and greasing the grill for the subsequent batch of food collectively. These absorbent and flame-retardant wipes come in a pack of 6 and are relatively convenient to use (Though they disappear quickly so you might want to stock up!). They can be used on a hot grill directly and don’t stick to the grill like your go-to paper towel. You can also use it on cast-iron grates for applying the finishing touches as it seasons your iron grates and in turn, makes them less prone to rusting! Also, this is a must-buy for the times when you plan on preparing a light dinner and can’t be bothered to deep clean the grill from A to Z. Quick and Easy!

4. Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish is an eco-friendly formula that can be used on stainless refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, Toasters, and ovens along with your grill. It’s an excellent choice for the surface of your grill and comes with a premium microfibre cloth of 16” x 16” measurement, saving you the hassle of picking out a suitable rag. Its formula is plant-based meaning it is free of bleach and ammonia, and that it cleans and protects simultaneously. You certainly don’t want to miss out on this one!

5. Break-Up Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner

Break-Up Professional Oven and Grill Cleaner is the new favorite in town, being effective on stoves, ovens, and grills alike! It can also be used on glass, stainless steel, undecorated ceramic tiles – basically an all-rounder! This professional grill cleaner has a nozzle that makes it an effective grill cleaner spray, reaching small nooks and crevices that would be otherwise difficult to clean. It also makes sure that your money was well spent as the whole can is used, unlike other products where 30% of the solution remains sticking inside the bottle. It is quite strong so make sure you use gloves and a mask, and you’re all set to go!

6. Citrusafe Grill Cleaning Spray

Don’t want your grill to smell like it’s a chemistry lab desk? Well, this is the product for you then! The Citrusafe Grill Cleaning spray contains D-limonene, which is a gentle yet potent cleaner and is phosphate-free, a natural solution with a nice citrus fragrance being a delightful change from all those heavily dosed chemical products. It also works just as well on cold surfaces, all in all, an environment-friendly product (as you don’t need to waste gas and pollute the air by pre-heating for best results), and is non-flammable too if you still want to pre-heat your grill! Add in its multi-use feature (Can be used on stoves, microwaves, oven, grills) and this might just be the best kitchen/backyard investment you’ve made up to date!

7. Zep Heavy-Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner

The Zep Heavy-duty Oven and Grill Cleaner have a strong degreasing formula, although it is classified as an all-rounder. It has a quick action time – 10 minutes – and is foam-based, making it stick better on vertical surfaces as compared to liquid-based cleaners. The drawback- it gives off a chemical odor, but its work action is quite strong so this might just be the cleaner you needed for those months-old scapes on your grill. (Remember to cover the nearby places before applying to avoid damage.)

8. Carbona 320, 2 In 1 Oven Rack Cleaner

The Carbona 2 in 1 Oven rack and Grill cleaner comes with a large plastic zipper pouch, a grill cleaner formula bottle, and a pair of disposable gloves. It does the spell for you, just leave the grates dipped in the plastic bag filled with the solution overnight, and Hallelujah! A quick rinse and all grime’s off!

According to good housekeeping’s research, this is the best overall grill cleaner as they state it, ‘’ Works overnight for a virtually no-scrub cleaning job’’.

9. CLR Clean & Ready Grill, Best BBQ Grill Degreaser

The CLR is the Professional Strength Degreaser is a certified biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-irritant Bbq grill cleaner. It doesn’t work as well if you have a grill that was last cleaned in the old ages but if you have a relatively new grill and don’t want it to lose its lush and shine then this is the product for you!

10. GRILLART 3-In-1 Electric BBQ Grill Brush

Looking for the best grill cleaner brush? Well, the best varies depending upon the user and their need, but we can assure you that Grilliart’s 3 in 1 Electric BBQ Grill Cleaner Brush is one of the best, if not the best, grill cleaners out there! It is also one of the safest grill brushes, being 18 inches long, keeping your hands at a secure distance from the heat. It works awesome on large surfaces and its bristles can reach far bend corners of your grill just fine. Make sure to follow the instructions given for the most satisfactory results!

Why You Should Clean Your Grill?

Feeling too lazy to clean your grill? Let us motivate you to get the task done will this list of why you should clean your grill!

Best Grill Cleaners
Best Grill Cleaners
  1. Ensuring Proper Hygiene: While you can go 2-3 times more after a light and less messy cookout on your grill, it still won’t be wise to leave it totally of kilter like that. Who knows when is the next time you will use your grill? It might be the next week or the next month or perhaps even a few months later! Letting all that food residue decay there will cause bacteria to thrive on your grill, making it a more tedious task to clean it afterward. And imagine leaving a spot unclean and only noticing it after cooking? A big ‘NO’ right? (Even if the harmful effects are burned-off after a good cook fest, just the visuals are enough to make you regret not cleaning it.) So let’s get this work done!
  1. For The Sake Of Your Grill: Don’t want to repair parts of your grill or replace them every summer? Then clean that poor thing! Leaving grease and gunks on your grill for the whole of winter can be a disaster. Like literally everything else your grill also thrives better when taken care of. It won’t rust as quickly and the pipes won’t get blocked if you ensure that it gets at least a grill brush used on it, to scrap over the stuck carbon residue, after every heavy cookout. And a thorough deep clean every two months will keep it as fit as a Nokia 3310. Cleaning your grill ultimately makes it easier on your pockets and we don’t want to spend money on our grill that we can use to buy meat for grilling, right?
  1. Keeping That Tang: Preparing a steak on your grill? Nice! Want your last week’s burnt bbq sauce as an add-on? We think we will pass. If you don’t clean your grill at least partly after every use then it can affect the essence of what you are going to prepare next. A little charring is acceptable and even gives us the aesthetics for an Instagram-worthy photo, but big, charred gunks sticking to your grilled chicken leg is a big no-no. So don’t ruin your money and your mood just to escape a 10-minute work!
  1. SOS! Save yourself the suffering you’re going to go through by bringing out a greasy, grimy, ‘I do not want my food cooked on that’ grill in front of your family and friends! Okay, so you might be a bit laid back and don’t have sky-high hygienic standards (We don’t either), but some people are a bit picky (and maybe some are not- maybe your grill just has been left in that shed since eternity. Either way!), they don’t want their food to be cooked on a grill that makes the thought of food altogether not that appealing. Imagine the embarrassment you would have to go through when they make a side subtle remark (or maybe a bold on-face one) that everybody and their grandma knows is directed towards your ‘oh so shiny’ grill! Umm, no. We think we will pass on that one. Time to give 10 (well deserved minutes) of our life to that grill!

Hope that was enough to motivate you! If not, don’t say we didn’t warn ya! (Yes, we just quoted blank space- sue us.) Moving on-

How To Best Clean The Grill After Use?

Summer is fast approaching, and it is time to pull out the grill from the pandora box so that you can make sure it is ready to land burger after burger for you, and your family, in the sweltering evenings of the summer. Ensuring it’s ready includes a cleaning step, too, even if you purged it before packing away for the winter. That is because throughout winter it’s not difficult for tiny spiders to find their way inside and make a house within your grill, more often than not, also laying eggs in tiny nooks and crannies. Moreover, if you didn’t do a deep thorough cleaning, the carbon deposits from your last summer shenanigans would still be there, harboring a lot of bacteria and mold. It would also make the surface uneven causing several parts of the grill to not heat up to the optimum temperature, and can cause the gas burner tubes to give out before their due time. So it is better to pull on those gloves and give your grill a well-deserved sauna bath, it will only take 5 to 10 minutes for a casual go-through and 30 minutes to an hour top for a deep thorough clean! 

Here are all the things that you will need for your cleaning quest:

  • A grill cleaner brush (Must have).
  •  A Grill cleaner formula of your choice (or you can use homemade grill cleaners made of products like vinegar, baking soda, lemons, onions or steam as an alternative).
  • Putty knife or grill scraper.
  • Sponges, rags, or cloth. (Make sure it’s not too coarse depending upon the surface you’re using it on.)
  • Gloves. (Optional, but we recommend them. It’s better to protect your skin from the chemicals and heat while cleaning, and it’s easier to remove gloves and discard or wash them.)
  • A bucket of – preferably hot – water.

Steps To Clean Your Grill:

Time needed: 5 minutes

Follow these steps for a better result!

  1. Step 1

    Heat the grill and close the lid. Let the gas run for at least half an hour so that all the charred bits of food burn and fall off. 

  2. Step 2

    Take a long, wired grill brush and use it to remove leftover carbon deposits thoroughly. Turn off the gas and let it cool. Make sure to remove the stray bristles of your brush when it cools down.

  3. Step 3

    Now disassemble the parts that can be separated like the grill grates, warming racks, and grease trays, etc., and use your grill cleaner on them. (Each grill cleaner has its instructions depending upon its type, some have nozzles – they just need to be sprayed on. Others need to be poured over your equipment and left overnight etc. Make sure to follow the instructions well.

  4. Step 4

    Removing the grates and the bars leaves the belly of your grill aka the firebox exposed. Scrap off whatever residue and charred bits that are stuck using a putty knife or grill scraper. Then put in your grill cleaner formula and follow the instructions given on it. Alternatively, you can use soap water or a homemade grill cleaner. Here’s a link to make one.

  5. Step 5

    After thoroughly cleaning up the inside move on to the exterior of the grill. Use one of the All-purpose cleaners or a Citrus-based one from our list above for best results. Make sure whatever sponge/rag/microfibre cloth you are using is not too coarse like a steel or metal sponge so that it does not scratch the fine surface of your grill.

  6. Step 6

    After cleaning it meticulously you can use a stainless steel cleaner (vinegar work wonders too) for the final touch. 

  7. Step 7

    Reassemble your grill properly and start it up. Make it run for at least 10 to 20 minutes so that all the chemical residue and smell can burn off. 

  8. Step 8

    And you’re done! Phew, writing it down made it seem like a chore, but it is a relatively easy process and does not take much time. Don’t shy away from cleaning your grill partly every time after use so that the grime and grease do not build an Eiffel Tower out of themselves.

Tips On Cleaning The Grill Best Way:

Here are some pro-tips you’ll like to keep in mind.

  • Clean your grill after every use. We can not stress this enough. Not only will this make it easier for you to go through the deep cleaning every two months but it will also ensure the longevity of your grill and drool-worthy tang of your food without any unwanted add ons.
  • Consider investing in a grill cover. Dust and small insects (like baby cockroaches) always find their way inside cabinets and the storeroom. It is better if your grill is covered to ensure good hygiene standards. Imagine dusting it each time and accidentally grilling a cockroach!
  • Season your iron grates. Iron is prone to rusting very quickly. This can reduce your grill’s life, and can be harmful to you if ingested. (Small amounts will not have any drastic effect tho.) To avoid this, use the Non-stick disposable grill wipes in the list mentioned above or simply apply vegetable oil to a paper towel and smooth it over the grate. Also, avoid washing the grill grates by keeping them submerged in water for longer periods.
  • In the case of a charcoal grill, make sure to remove the ashes after every outdoor cooking session. This will help to maintain your grill so that it serves its time, and it is always good to clean up your mess so that the next time you pull out your grill, you don’t have to dread cleaning it first.

With this, we hope you now have enough insight on everything related to grill cleaning and know the best grill cleaners out there! Happy summer and happy grilling!

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