10 Best In-Ground Trampolines to Buy in 2022

Have you ever thought of getting the freedom of frolicking enjoyment in your home? The best in-ground trampolines are embedded into the ground and have an unobstructed base. Whether you are quarantined in your home or an older adult who won’t go outside the home, these trampolines that are partially hidden on the floor offer the best source of amusement. 

The benefits of outfitting your yards with such a heath-friendly piece of equipment are multifold. Trampolining is not only a fun or leisure time activity but a part of a daily workout program. The geriatric population who are not able to climb on the trampoline find these in-ground trampolines a convenient option. Similarly, those who have stability issues and balance problems can perform the stability exercises there.

Best in-ground trampolines
Best in-ground trampolines

Here a dangling question often prevails in the minds of parents- are in-ground trampolines safer? Of course Yes. They are safe enough and the majority of them lack the shadow-casting safety nets. As they lack metal frames so you can launch yourself freely in the air without any fear of hitting yourself. Have fun bouncing with these pretty safer units. 

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Here is the Quick Answer for the Best in-Ground Trampolines to Buy in 2022:

Selecting the best in-ground trampoline is not an easier task. In all seriousness finding a task, a bit hard or easy is an objective feeling. Our efforts matter a lot. So, we have put in all our efforts to scrutinize the available products in the market. Furthermore, after thorough research, we have compiled the list of the top 10 best trampolines after considering many factors. Also, we have considered the reviews of users. In the next section of this write-up, you will find the honest product review of each trampoline. Moreover, in the buying guide section, you may know the factors that would help you choose the best and right product for you.

Best In-Ground Trampolines Reviews

1. In-Ground Trampoline Standard


  • Galvanized steel component
  • Weight limit up to 450 pounds 
  • Thick UV resistant pad
  • 15- feet diameter
  • 20X better airflow
  • Excellent quality and durable

Want a longer trampoline for your toddlers to jump? Well, In-Ground Trampoline Standard offers a 15- feet diameter where children can jump easily without any safety risk. It accompanies 96 springs of 8.5 inches. That is why it offers enough jumping bounce and you can enjoy jumping with such high numbers of springs. 

Moreover, rest assured, stability and does not compromise it. Stability also comes from its construction. It incorporates 14 gauge steel tubing and 18 gauge steel walls. In addition to its sturdy construction, the materials used are resistant to corrosion. Also, the longevity is assured by the addition of vinyl materials that make it more durable.

Interestingly, you might feel glad to know that its weight limit is up to 450 pounds. This means that children, as well as adults, can jump freely here. Lastly, it comes with a pretty easy installation procedure. It allows you to install it without any hassle.

Bottom line

A popular, well-built, and reliable in-ground trampoline standard that includes a high-quality frame. Its weight limit and high bouncing springs make it safer and equally suitable for kids and adults. Springs provide soft and deep bounces with each jump. 

2. BERG Oval In-Ground Trampoline


  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Larger jumping surface
  • 17-feet in size
  • Enclosure net
  • The perfect blend of strength and stability
  • The number of springs is 96
  • The weight limit is up to 255 pounds
  • 10-year warranty

BERG Oval Ground trampolines are known for their safety and the net enclosure of this product is incredibly amazing that has added safety to this model. Indeed, this rare oval trampoline gives a perfect balance of balance and bounce. Above all, this trampoline comes in an oval shape and that gives the combined benefits of both round-shaped trampolines and rectangular-shaped trampolines.

Moreover, with this trampoline, you can safely enjoy longer jumps. Because its jumping surface is surrounded by V-shaped twin spring gold springs. The gold springs make their jumping surface capable of bearing high weights. Additionally, it enhances its bouncing performance. AirFlow technique is incorporated in its mat that provides smooth jumps and assures greater airflow through the mat. 

A high-quality and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel frame is used in its construction. The materials used in its construction are heat resistant and can withstand extreme outdoor conditions. PVC padding being thick and smoother makes it more comfortable and durable. The safety pads covered the steel poles of the enclosure net. Thanks to the manufacturers who have valued all the safety factors and included them in its construction. 

Bottom line

Oval trampolines have the mixed features of both rectangular and round trampolines. It has a high performance like rectangular units and greater strength and stability features of round trampolines. Its excellent design and safety enclosure net make it an appealing unit. 

3. BERG In-Ground Champion


  • 110feet in size
  • Less resistance with airflow mat
  • Twinspring gold springs offer greater jumping area
  • Sturdy frame
  • UV-resistant PVC padding

Regardless of how much time you spent jumping on this trampoline, it turns every moment of jumping into a wonderful experience. The material of this trampoline also makes sure that it does not break easily and its overall life is increased to a great extend.

BERG has included twin spring gold springs that provide high bounces. These springs are placed at an optimized position that makes the jumping area a safer zone.  Together with the airflow mat, it offers less air resistance. The large diameter of 42 mm and the wall thickness of 2 mm of its frame make it long-lasting. The zinc layer is coated on the frame that making it rust and corrosion-resistant. 

Bottom line

The spring pattern of this trampoline makes its jumping surface more optimized. It is a must-have trampoline for kids who want to enjoy the jumping sessions. 

4. Jump Power In-Ground Trampoline


  • Weight limit is 220 pounds
  • The rectangular shape measuring 10ft. x 7.5ft. 
  • 100% polypropylene jumping surface
  • Rust and corrosion resistant galvanized steel frame
  • High strength and durability

As the name suggests, Jump Power comes with a massive bounce that makes it a perfect choice for athletes. Whether you are a gymnast, upcoming athlete, or jumping enthusiast this highly durable trampoline with an increased jumping surface is a great addition to your exercise equipment. 

Now talking about its construction, polypropylene is used in its manufacturing. Therefore, making it more durable. And the galvanized steel frame measuring 16 Gauge x 1.75 makes it sturdier and meets all international safety standards. Also, the safety pads and net enclosure augment the safety factor.

Bottom line

Jump power trampoline has an easy set-up. The rectangular shape of this model adds strength and more bounce to this unit. With a wide base and sturdy construction, it assures the safety of the unit and also of your kids. 

5. In-Ground Trampoline Upgrade

Best in ground trampoline
In-Ground Trampoline Upgrade


  • Frame consisting of 14-gauge steel tubing
  • 20 times more jumping surface
  • IGT system
  • Weight limit up to 450 pounds

Big enough to accommodate multiple kids and adults. Its jumping surface provides great room for jumping and you can crazily enjoy jumping with the best Upgrade on the ground. The materials used in its construction are durable and high-quality. 14-gauge steel tubing is used in the frame that making it sturdier. The frame is reinforced by 18 gauge steel wall panels. The steel used in its frame and side walls is galvanized and makes it more reliable and resistant to rust and other environmental conditions. 

In terms of bouncing, this trampoline is perfect for giving high bounces that are soft and deep. Thanks to the IGT system. This advanced system includes more spring counts that give consistent bouncing functionality. 

Not only it has a larger jumping surface but also has 20X more airflow. So, it allows greater airflow and gives you the best bouncing experience. A bungee system attaches the paddings and frames reinforced by these paddings. 

Bottom line

Weight up to 450 pounds can be tolerated by this trampoline. It is best for all weather conditions and its air pad mat allows greater airflow. Babies can enjoy jumping in this strong trampoline that is more bouncy. 

6. Avyna Pro-Line In Ground Trampoline 2022

Avyna Pro-Line Trampoline- safer trampoline
Avyna Pro-Line Trampoline- safer trampoline


  • 8.5-inches long
  • Weight limit up to 352 pounds
  • Longer springs provide better bouncing
  • Easy to install 

Besides providing a fun time activity to you and your kids, this beautifully designed trampoline adds beauty to your yard. Jumping is fun yet tiring activity. If it is incorporated into your circuit training program, make sure to get some rest before and after this activity. So to offer the rest, its soft edge sides are great and allow the kids and adults to warm up for the next session.  

Many springs are incorporated in this jumper. The great thing about these springs is that they do not rust and tolerate bad weather. One distinguishing feature of its spring is that they are longer than used in any other trampoline. So, the actual size is 8.5- inches long which has a direct impact on its bouncing ability. thus it gives consistent bounce with every jump.

Its mat ensures safety to this unit and eliminates the risk of injury if the baby falls out of the trampoline. With its higher weight limit, rest assured that anyone up to 352 pounds can jump on this unit. Even the little friends can enjoy jumping in the group. Installation is a pretty easier thing in this case. You can set this unit in your yard without spending much time and also without causing much harm to your yard. 

Bottom line

Likewise, other in-ground trampolines, Avyna Pro-Line is made of galvanized steel material. They assure the safety of the kids jumping here. Also, they provide a soft area where babies can rest when tired from jumping.

7. Skywalker Trampoline with Enclosure Net


  • Patented enclosure system
  • 96 6.5 inches long steel
  • Slam dunk basketball hoop
  • Weight limit up to 200 pounds
  • A perfect closure system for safety

Introduced 17 years before, Skywalker has emerged as the safest trampoline brand that considers the safety of the users as its first priority. Due to this main feature, it is ranked as the best trampoline and included in our list of top 10 trampolines. 

Skywalker trampoline has a small basketball hoop that doubles the fun of jumping. So in addition to jumping, kids enjoy playing basketball on this trampoline. The enclosure net makes sure the safety of the kids playing in the unit. The backboard holds the net and makes it strong. Thus, the extra support added to the frame also tolerates the jumps and keeps it secure.

As a whole, its material and construction prevent injuries. The net does not have any gap to trap the delicate fingers of babies. The galvanized steel frame and springs make it more durable and increase the sturdiness of the unit. 

Bottom line

Perfect for those children who love playing basketball. At a budget-friendly rate, you can get a trampoline and a perfect area for playing games like basketball. A high-quality net surrounds the unit and provides the safety of the enthusiast babies jumping and playing there.

8. Bounce Pro Trampoline for Kids


  • Galvanized rustless steel frame 
  • Padded springs
  • Safety enclosure net
  • The material used in its construction is Ultraviolet rays resistant 
  • U-shaped legs
  • Comes with 2-years of warranty

With the decent bounce and all the basic features that you want in a trampoline, the Bounce Pro trampoline for Kids is a great deal available at a less rate. The galvanized steel frame makes it durable and adds life to this unit. All the materials are UV-light resistant that protects this unit from harmful and damaging sun rays. 

This affordable unit is a great option for those individuals who are on a tight budget. Your babies can enjoy jumping in this trampoline and it makes certain that your baby is safe and there is not any risk of injury. Also, the net enclosure makes it more secure for rough jumps. Additionally, its springs are covered by padding and save the babies from any scratches or injury. 

Bottom line

It is a great choice for those who have limited space in their backyards. At a pocket-friendly rate, it entertains you with a ton of useful features. Moreover, this long-lasting unit values the safety factor.  

9. Plum® In-Ground Square Trampoline


Plum® In-Ground Square Trampoline
  • Dark green cover protects against extreme weathers
  • 11-feet in size
  • Designed for sinking in the ground 
  • 76 high-quality zinc coated springs
  • Suitable for kids above six years of age

Plum in-ground trampoline does not have any legs so it requires a proper installation process. This square-shaped trampoline is a great element that packs your house with fun activities. We love its beautiful design and color combination.

Furthermore, PVC is used in its construction and the cover protects it from extreme weather conditions. Besides, weather protection the jumping mat protects UV rays. So it increases its lifespan and makes it durable. 

Bottom line

The beautiful design and high-quality material of the Plum trampoline make it worth the investment. This 11-feet trampoline is suitable for babies who want to have a fun time in the garden of their home. So, if you are short of space and want a sturdy and well-built trampoline for your babies above 6-years of age, this trampoline makes a perfect decision for you. 

10. Capital In-Ground trampolines Review


Capital In-ground trampoline
Capital In-ground trampoline
  • 14ft x 10ft in size
  • Kit contains pads, retaining walls, and other accessories
  • Offers an easy and DIY installation
  • Licensed manufacturers
  • Beautiful colors are available

Another rectangular trampoline in our list. Like the previous rectangular model, this unit gives more bounces. Though innovative, it includes the padded vent technology that assures that holes allow greater airflow.

It uses high-quality commercial springs that provide greater bounces with each jump. The feature that attracts us the most is that it offers an easy installation process. In less time you can install it by yourself. So it is a major source that gives break from screen time. Mainly it does not require any net. But if you want one, you can get full, half, and quarter nets with this unit. 

Bottom line

If you are looking for a perfect in-ground trampoline for gymnasts, kids, and adults this model having more bounces and a greater jumping area is a great solution.  

In-Ground Trampoline Assembly & Installation Video Guide

Buying Guide for an in-ground Trampolines

Selecting the right product is essential. Firstly, it offers all features that you want. Finally, it values your money.  We have mentioned some factors that you should consider before buying the best in-ground trampolines. 

  1. Size of the trampoline

Before getting a trampoline consider the available space in your ground and then select a unit that fits in that space. So size matters a lot. Also, the bigger the size the higher space it offers to jumpers.

Normally they range from 8 feet to 17 feet in size. For kids 2 to 6 years of age, 5ft to 12ft is the ideal size. On the flip side, larger models that range in size from 14 ft to 15 ft are considered best for families and adults. Besides the correlation of size with the available space and age of the jumpers, the installation cost is also correlated with the size. 

  1. The shape of the trampoline

Round in-ground trampolines are easily available than rectangular ones. And they take up less space and therefore people prefer to buy them. The round shape helps to bounce in the middle of the trampoline and that is why its bounces don’t go worse. Moreover, they are much cheaper and safer than other units. 

If you want a pricier unit that is more bouncy, rectangular trampolines are great in this regard. But one downside of such units is that they are quite hard to find. Consider oval-shaped trampolines as they have characteristics of both round and rectangular trampolines. 

  1. Installation

All in-ground trampolines require an installation process. Usually, the installation process is a bit tough. A trampoline that is difficult to install and takes too much time to install is not desirable. 

Several models of in-ground trampolines are available that are easy to install and save your precious time. 

So considering this factor you can choose a model that makes the installation a hassle-free task for you. 

  1. Bounce

One of the most important and considerable factors is the bouncing performance of the trampoline. We all are much acquainted with the fact that the purpose of the trampoline is to give bounces.

The number of springs is related to the bouncing performance. A trampoline with 80 springs has a higher bouncing ability than a unit that has fewer bounces. So choose a unit that has good bounces and makes the value of your invested money. 

  1. Frame

If you want a durable and long-lasting unit, pay attention to its frame. A durable trampoline has a strong frame mainly a double frame. It is galvanized which protects the trampoline from rust. Its thickness plays an important role in its strength and quality. 

The double frame is quite different from the single frame. It has one top frame and one bottom frame. Both these frames are attached to the steel uprights at different points. Also, the retaining walls prevent the ground to collapse.

  1. Weight

Weight matters a lot while buying a trampoline. Don’t forget to check the weight capacity of the unit before getting the desired trampoline. If you want it for a single kid, a less-weight trampoline is suitable. But for multiple kids who want to play at once, consider a unit that can easily accommodate larger weights.  

With that said, a trampoline with a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds is good. But if you want the best trampoline, 500 pounds to 600 pounds is the maximum weight that can be accommodated by them. 

  1. Springs

An in-ground trampoline that has high-quality springs helps in bouncing and provides a good experience of jumping. Additionally, the coil and strength of the spring play an important role in the bouncing. Moreover, the shape of the spring such as conical-shaped springs provides better performance and prevents stretching. 

Commercial grade springs that are 8-inch long for rectangular and circular trampolines are best and prevent sagging in the long run. 

  1. Vented mats

Another important factor to consider before buying a trampoline is the airflow system. In this regard, the vented jump mats are worth considering. The mats that have small holes usually clog up easily and are more prone to breaking. 

Also, avoid the mats that have raised sections on the pads. The vented pads with large holes are best and ensure proper airflow and good bounce as well. 

  1. Materials and construction

As you are investing your hard-earned money on the trampolines so must consider the material of the unit. A high-quality material adds life to the unit and makes sure that it does not damage easily. Wisely choose a trampoline that has galvanized springs, stainless steel, and PVS padding. Together these materials do not corrode easily and are durable and long-lasting. 

Another benefit of choosing high-quality material is that it can withstand weather conditions. The waterproof mats and the UV protection surfaces are the best to choose. 


Q. What is the best in-ground trampoline?

In-ground trampolines are installed in the ground. The best in-ground units have the following characteristics. 
They provide the best bounces
They are made of high-quality material
Offers easy installation process
Have sturdy construction
Reliable and durable
Long-life span
Assures safety
In addition to all the above characteristics the best trampolines are available at budget-friendly rates and without breaking your bank you can opt for the best unit. 

Q. What is the average digging depth of the in-ground trampolines?

To install the in-ground trampoline you need to dig 3-4 feet deeper. So, dig the soil evenly and make a clear estimation of the hole according to the height of the trampoline. You should not underestimate the quantity of soil that you want to remove for installing it. 

Q. Are in-ground trampolines worth it?

Yes, the in-ground trampolines are worthy to have. Many factors make it worthy.
Firstly they are safer in all aspects
Minimizes the risk of injuries
Contain many hidden parts and a few parts are visible
Less frequent session of maintenance is required
They offer many health benefits to the adults and greater jumping surface to the kids
Once installed in the ground they provide esthetically pleasing surface 

Q. How to set up a ground trampoline?

To set up the in-ground trampoline, you need to follow these basic 4 steps. 
Dig a hole in the ground where you want to install it. The hole should be a few inches wider in diameter than the trampoline. 
Assemble the frame and fix the upper and lower sides of it. You can assemble it by attaching the springs, mats and fixing the wall outside the frame. 
Now to place the trampoline in the frame, lift it into the hole. Then compact the soil and fill in the gap.
Lastly, attach the vented pads and enjoy the trampolining.


Trampolining is a fun activity that most of the kids enjoy. Many of the individuals install the in-ground trampolines at their homes. So these units provide your baby with a sense of freedom and security at the same time. As the name suggests most of the part of these trampolines is hidden in the ground. So only the mat is seen above the ground and that mat offers a jumping surface. Indeed these are the cunning options for smaller gardens and fit with any backyard landscape. Jumping on the trampolines gives you a feel of weightlessness and the best exercise that does not stress your musculoskeletal structures. In short, you get the fun and exercise in the same sentence. Be happy with the Best In-Ground Trampolines.


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