Best Mini Trampoline for Dunking to Buy in 2022

Are you a fitness enthusiast and looking for the best rebounders and mini trampoline for dunking? Do you like to work out, do cardio exercises, dunk, and keep your body in its optimal shape? If yes then you might be looking for a trampoline that you can use not only rebound with but it can also be used for numerous other exercises!

But you might also have some concerns and questions. How much is the size of its legs? What about its weight? How much durable it is? Can it be used for other exercises apart from jumping and dunking? How much is its diameter? Is the frame made out of steel or any other material? And what about the stability, if it’s wobbly, imbalanced, or maybe it might just tip over? 

Some people might be interested in using it in narrow spaces and would want a rather portable trampoline to dunk on. Some would rather use it in an office environment where they can do some exercises, as well as try dunking.

Best mini trampoline for dunking
Best mini trampoline for dunking

Foldability is another important criterion for some buyers who would want a trampoline that fits easily in a car and doesn’t have to be forcefully shoved in any vehicle. And what about the tensile strength? how much weight can it handle?

Others might be concerned about whether they will be able to have a proper grip on their ascent and descent? Some buyers are also concerned about the instructions to set the trampoline up, and not be left scratching their heads after the purchase! Some are more concerned about introductory videos and how to exercise properly on the trampoline?

Well, enough beating around the bush! If you’re looking for a trampoline that fits the bill and also all of these pre-requisites, then we’ve got you covered with the ultimate guide for the top 10 best mini trampolines for dunking

What is Dunking?

For those of you who don’t know, dunking is when basketballers throw the ball into the rim of the basket. Mastering this technique isn’t easy and requires quite a lot of skill! 

To dunk like a professional basketballer is a dream for many, but few can actually get to that level! But with a mini trampoline that is specifically designed for that purpose, you can easily train your muscles into getting that awesome dunk!

A dunk targets multiple muscle groups at the same time. Glutes (that are located in your hips) and hamstrings (located in the thighs) help you to propel forward. 

Dunks also target muscles in the lower back and in your core. A strong core keeps the torso and the hips erect, which gives you that extra stability to jump much higher and get that dunk!

Quite often do we find ourselves in a position where we are dunking from just one foot, instead of them both. Training for this kind of dunk can also be accomplished on a mini trampoline in order for you to be able to dunk on either as well as on both legs!

Apart from these ways of getting dunks on a mini trampoline, you can also do that through knee jumps. A knee jump is done by kneeling on the ground with both of the feet pointed and with your weight resting on your heels. Then while swinging your arms you have to reach up, extend your hips, and land on the ground in a manner that your hips are above your heels.

Top 10 Best Mini Trampoline for Dunking

1. Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline | Quiet and Safe Bounce | Supports Up To 250 Pounds

Stamina is a US-based company dedicated to providing you with the best sports equipment that’s out there!

With 4.4/5 stars on Amazon and 7689 ratings, this trampoline is sure to get you trained with ease for dunking in no time! 

Say hello to jumps with stability and bounce until you can bounce no more with Stamina’s 36-Inch folding trampoline. 

Safe and Noiseless: Dunk safely, without any kind of noise at all, and with total support because thirty, yes, thirty, tension bands make sure your dunk practice remains uninterrupted and safe as well! The safety pad ensures that the bands remain covered, to keep your practice session safe and secure!

Spatial: Building and toning muscles and burning calories never were as easy as it is now with the Stamina 36-inch trampoline. A rebounder can be used to achieve those long-lasting results, and also is very beneficial in burning multiple kilocalories at once. And did we mention how it helps your heart in a positive way with exercises that are low-impact? 

Supplementary Aid: The Trampoline comes with three videos included, playable on PC, TV, and phones! One video is an introductory one to help you get started with everything, the rest are based on routines that are high-energy!

Assembly: One more awesome aspect of this trampoline is how easily it can be assembled and disassembled! It comes with detachable legs, six in total, that have rubber tips to ensure that your flooring remains scratch-less!

Lifting Capacity: The lifting capacity is 250 pounds or 113.4 kilograms. So that everyone can have a shot at trying dunking exercises and to lose that body fat, replace it with some muscle!Compactness: Another big advantage of this trampoline by Stamina is how compact it is, compared to its competitors. The rebounder is foldable and weighs just 14 pounds or 6.35 kilograms. The mat is made of polypropylene.

  • Is very compact
  • Very light-weight
  • Doesn’t have any optic border

2. MOVTOTOP Mini Trampoline 38/40 Inch

MOVTOTOP Mini Trampoline 38/40 Inch
MOVTOTOP Mini Trampoline 38/40 Inch for Dunking

The 38/40-inch trampoline by MOVTOTOP has 4.5/5 ratings on Amazon and 1,118 ratings in total. So you know it fits the bill nicely!

Compactness: The trampoline is, after folding twice, so compact that you can put it anywhere to be stored! Whether it’s somewhere in the office, or in your car, or even anywhere at your home! It is extremely easy to be assembled and disassembled and requires no other tools whatsoever! Another advantage is the storage bag that allows it to be extremely portable and can be carried anywhere without any issue!

Sturdiness: Its sturdiness is ensured by its six legs that give you the balance you need to do those dunking exercises. Other than that, it has a stable and reliable frame that is made of steel. The fabric is high-density oxford making it ever the more sturdy, safe, and stable for dunking exercises. Comes with springs (32) that have very good elasticity and the legs can support up to 265 pounds (or 120 kilograms).

Exercise Indoors with Efficiency: Dunk exercising with this trampoline is easy as it helps burn multiple calories in one single session, allowing you to keep yourself in shape. A few minutes spent on this trampoline are equal to multiple minutes of walking as it targets all the major muscle groups, keeping them all toned! It can be used by people of all types and ages, from the elderly to your three-year-old, everyone can have fun while staying healthy!

Silent and Anti-Skid: Anti-skid material has been installed on the trampoline to ensure that it doesn’t slide off while you are training for your dunk exercises. It is so noiseless that you can exercise on it while your kid sleeps right beside you!

Refund Available: The seller offers a full refund of your money in the first 90 days if the trampoline does not meet your expectations! 

  • Very durable
  • Compact size!
  • Not built to last

3. Classic Rebounder by Rebound Air

Clacssic Rebounder by Rebound Air
Classic Rebounder by Rebound Air

Rebound Air has been in business since 1977 and is famous for its economical and reliable rebounders and trampolines. Has 4.5/5 ratings on Amazon, having a total of 60 ratings.

The Classic Rebounder by Rebound Air is one of their three rebounders, the others being the standard and the ultimate ones. 

Weight Capability: It has the capability to lift up to 300 pounds (or 136 kilograms) while its own weight is just 34 pounds.

Height and Diameter: Its height is 10 inches and its diameter is 40 inches, which ensures that you have a fairly large surface area to rebound and jump on, as well as to try those dunking exercises! It also ensures that, due to its short height, it can be transported and carried with relative ease!

Frame: The frame seems almost indestructible, being made of metal, and the paint on the frame is glossy enamel which is baked onto the surface of the frame. The frame has been dipped into the paint and not sprayed. This frame can easily support up to 300 lbs. This guarantees the integrity of the structure, even when the frame is folded in half (the legs fold under the frame, are fitted to the frame itself, and are not detachable).

Safety: The hinges of the Classic Rebounder are, apart from being patented, bolted internally as well as rounded in order to prevent the spring cover from being ripped apart which is a common theme with other brands. The rebounder also comes with a much safer spring-to-mat connection which ensures safety for everyone, from the toddler, to the athlete practicing dunking, and even the elderly.

Mat: The Permatron mat which is two-sided has bands that are reinforced on the circumference of the rebounder. This is to ensure that the rebounder serves you for decades to come!

  • Is capable of lifting more weight than its competitors.
  • Tried and trusted.
  • Legs are not detachable.

4. SereneLife Portable & Foldable Trampoline

SereneLife Portable & Foldable Mini Trampoline
SereneLife Portable & Foldable Mini Trampoline

Has 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. Having a total of 1,262 ratings.

SereneLIfe has a variety of products to choose from, from gadgets and electronics to lighting, and of course, sports products! 

For an athlete looking for a good rebounder that has all the important features that they may require, SereneLife has it all! Their portable and foldable trampoline has quite a lot to offer!

Safety: SereneLife’s mat is made from polypropylene which ensures bouncing for as long as the user, regardless of age, wishes so! The coil spring has high elasticity that makes every jump worth remembering! The assembly size is 40” x 35-46” (from the ground to the top) for jumping with safety! The frame cover is padded for safety purposes!

Handlebar: The handlebar comes with padding and can be adjusted from a height of 35 inches to 46 inches, so people of all heights can use it with ease! The bar ensures that you have an easy grip so as to control your descent.

Compactness:  As is tradition with mini-rebounders and mini-trampolines that are small, compactness is a key determinant that buyers are concerned about. But need not worry, because SereneLife has you covered with a rebounder that is easy-to-carry and portable! 

Durability: It can lift weight up to 220 pounds (100 kilograms) and still not have even a minuscule tear anywhere on the fabric. So get going with those dunking exercises because this trampoline is built to last!

Assembly: It comes with a dedicated instruction manual so as to give the right guidance on how to set it up when, and wherever needed, in picture form, as well as how to collapse it! Comes with a kit bag-free as well! 

  • Comes with two metallic bars for extra grip
  • Bars are padded as well
  • Rather pricey compared to competitors

5. Stamina Oval Fitness Trampoline

Stamina Oval Fitness Trampoline
Stamina Oval Fitness Trampoline

Another remarkable rebounder from Stamina to give you the desired results you need on your dunking exercise sessions!

It has 4.4/5 stars on Amazon out of 402 ratings in total.

Safety: Elastic bands and safety pads ensure that regardless of who is using the trampoline, it never will pose any harm to the user!

Durability: Can lift up to 250 pounds (114 kilograms) which is more than many of its competitors. So you don’t have to worry about weight. Just hop on and shed that fat off!

Compactness: Like other products of this line offered by Stamina, this one too makes sure that it can be moved and transported anywhere! It’s so compact, you can even take it to your office and try dunking even there!

More Spatial: Wider surface allows for more room to work out on! Even two or three kids can play on it at the same time! The blue lining ensures that you’re always in the center of the trampoline!

Sturdiness: Stamina has ensured in all its rebounders and trampolines that they are as sturdy as possible, so you need not worry about falling off or of the rebounder tipping over because of it becoming unstable.

Noiseless: Noiselessness ensures that no matter where you use this rebounder, not even you, let alone someone else, will be able to hear it!

  • Wide space allows for better control during rebounding.
  • Can lift more weight than its competitors.
  • More legs mean more time to assemble and disassemble.

6. JumpSport 250 In-Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder

JumpSport 250 In Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder
JumpSport 250 In-Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder

JumpSport is an American trampoline and rebounder manufacturer dedicated to giving you quality rebounders and trampolines. It has in total of 778 ratings in total and an average of 4.8/5 stars as well!

Uniqueness in Design: The 250 Home Cardio Rebounder is designed to give you an easy and relaxing bounce for people of all ages, young and the elderly, all alike. It has a built-in 40% reduction in impact compared to other sellers in the market

Centre of the Rebounder: The jumping area is wide and padded giving you a great deal of not just comfort, but it also absorbs the shocks that one might feel at the descent/on the impact. However, the springs and padding ensure a good ascent and landing, perfect for cardio exercises, as well as dunking,

Sturdiness: It is capable of lifting off weights up to 250 pounds (that’s 113 kilograms) and will not collapse, tilt, or flip at weights of 250 lbs and under. Features a large jumping surface and extra-wide padded mat making it great for low impact cardio, core. Using its arched legs it is able to withstand tipping and flipping and also allows for easy storage.

Bungees: EnduroLast elastic cords have been tested for millions of jumps which always gives the users a cushioned and relaxing bounce. Apart from that the FlexBounce system too gives a very comfortable bounce and makes no noise compared to springs made of steel.

Other Benefits: But there is more to it than just those benefits we’ve just mentioned above! It comes with a 60-day free trial of the manufacturer’s videos on various types of workouts and exercises. It also comes with a DVD, and the trampoline is already assembled so that all of your rebounding and jumping wishes can come true the moment you unpack the box!

  • Very sturdy because of its arched legs
  • Large surface area
  • Noiseless
  • Doesn’t come with any handlebars

7. Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer with Handle

Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer
Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer

Marcy’s is yet another American company aiming at giving you the best quality of sports machinery to truly enhance your physique, with the trampolines like the Cardio Trainer with Handle, you can practice dunking exercises anywhere, anytime, even all day long!

It has 4.3/5 stars on Amazon and 2,059 ratings in total, which means it has been tried and tested by users throughout the contiguous US. Apart from that it also is an Amazon’s Choice product!

Safety: It is safe for people of all ages! From toddlers to any athlete and hey, even your grandpa who always wanted a good rebounder to try dunking on! They all can enjoy a safe trampoline because this one has it all!

Compactness: It can be carried from place to place without any kind of hassle and can fit in even narrow places, in the gym, at home, or even in your office space!

Uniqueness: A variety of exercises can be done on this trampoline! Inclined push-ups? No problem! Dunking? Got that covered as well! Jumping straight up with just one foot? Easy! It can prove to be a versatile trampoline, no matter who uses it!

Sturdiness: Rubber-tipped legs ensure that the trampoline doesn’t tip or tilt at all, and can lift up to 250 pounds (113 kilograms) with ease!

90-day Return Policy: in case the rebounder doesn’t check all the boxes you had in your mind; you are free to return them within 90-days of the purchase!

  • Handlebar allows for more versatile workouts
  • High lifting capacity
  • Wide surface
  • Bulky
  • Doesn’t deliver in Hawaii, Alaska, US military bases and in American Territories and Possessions

8. 2022 Upgraded Wamkos 40″ Rebounder

Wamkos 40" Rebounder Mini Trampoline for dunking
Wamkos 40″ Rebounder Mini Trampoline for dunking

Wamkos is here to make sure that you always stay in shape with their 40” Rebounder that is designed to ensure you can get the maximum body toned through your dunking exercises!

It has 547 ratings in total and has an average of 4.6/5 stars

Easy Assembly: The trampoline can be assembled anywhere with ease! Whether it is your backyard, or your office, or even your gym! With its compact space, you can assemble and disassemble it with ease! 

Portability: Small size allows for greater mobility. It can be carried anywhere with ease. Setting it up too is also not an issue because of its compactness!

Incredibly Fun: You might have always wanted a trampoline that can give you all the fun out of it, be enjoyable, but also help you tone down that fat. Well with the Wamkos 40” Rebounder, all of that has been taken care of! Now you can practice pushups, dunking, and even more unique exercises with ease!

Lifetime Guarantee: Wamkos also offers a lifetime repair guarantee of all of the parts of the rebounder in case of any mishap. Their 24/7 online customer service is ready to hear any queries that one may have!

Durability: Wamkos has made sure that the rebounder is durable, so you can use it for decades on end, and it would still send you flying in the sky like it’s still brand new! The polypropylene mat is built to last for years upon years! Fun is guaranteed with this trampoline!

  • Lightweight
  • Mobile and portable
  • Susceptible to breaking because of weak legs

9. Stamina 1635 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

Stamina 1635 36-Inch Folding Trampoline
Stamina 1635 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

The third trampoline we’re reviewing so far by Stamina. And yet another Amazon’s Choice product, having 4.4/5 stars and 886 ratings in total.

Like other products by Stamina, this one too has many features that are in common with the others.

Safety: Elastic pads and bands are in place so as to keep you safe from your feet getting caught in the springs

Spatial: Having a large and rather heavy-duty surface is needed if you want the most out of your trampoline and Stamina has kept that in mind while designing this trampoline! Dunking practice sessions are going to be incredibly fun now with the 36-Inch Folding Trampoline!

Sturdiness: As is tradition with products of Stamina, that all of their trampolines and rebounders are built to resist any kind of tipping, wobbling, or collapsing! So get on top and get jumping because this one isn’t going to let you down at all!

Lifting Capacity: Like other products of the same line, this one too can lift up to 250 pounds (113 kilograms). You can even get two of your kids on it at once and this thing will send them mid-air within no time!

Noiselessness: Another characteristic of this product line is how noiseless these trampolines are! Not even the slightest of noise is produced by them, regardless of weight!

  • Durable
  • Compact
  • LCD monitor keeps track of workout details
  • Legs are prone to be broken

10. MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder for Dunking

MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder USA
Maximus PRO Folding Rebounder USA

If you are looking for a serious rebounder with cables, sandbags, 32 springs, handlebars, and something that fits the bill, then Maximus PRO Folding Rebounder is EXACTLY what you need. Coming in with 1,655 ratings and having 4.5/5 stars one must definitely consider this one when buying a good rebounder!

Lifting Capacity: Unlike other rebounders, this one is specially designed for athletes that might be into, say, dunking! It can lift up to 310 pounds (141 kilograms!) so you know you’re going to shed off that extra fat when you climb up this one!

Handlebars: Bars give you an extra grip with their superior padding, so you can stabilize your descent in a comfortable manner!

Sandbags and More: Sandbags, cables, and a slick carry bag are also included by the manufacturer so as to not just give you an advantage over other athletes, but also keep you always in the game!

The Complete Home Gym Package: This has been designed keeping home-gyms in mind, which is why it is loved not just by gym owners, but by everyone looking to jettison some extra pounds!

Spatial: Comes with a surface of 40-inches which ensures that you get that extra spring compression to send you flying straight into the air! White borders give you a clear sight of where to be, where the real action is taking place!

  • Loaded with helpful tools!
  • Handlebar gives an extra degree of safety
  • Might be expensive for some people

Tips for Buying A Mini Trampoline for Dunk

  1. Check the Surface Size

The size of the surface should be at least 40 inches. This will make sure that you have room to jump around in, as the descent isn’t exactly at the same spot where you left the surface off!

  1. Focus on Your Setup

Setting the trampoline up on rocky and irregular surfaces can cause harm as it is prone to tilting or tipping over. Setting it up on a wet surface will make it slide and skid. So a hard, solid, and regular surface are always necessary!

  1. Durability Matters A Lot!

You want a trampoline that can last you for years to come! But that’s possible only when the legs don’t break, the cover doesn’t rip off, and the springs don’t become stiff!

  1. Consider Safety Features

The padding must be fully covered and sewn properly so as to not be ripped apart by the compressing and expanding springs. The handlebars should also be strong and not come out of their housings just after a few minutes.

  1. Don’t Ignore the Flexibility

If a folding mini-trampoline isn’t flexible, then how will you be able to take it with you from place to place? Or keep it in your car? Flexibility matters a lot and should always be considered!

  1. Compare Multiple Options

Don’t settle for a trampoline that doesn’t have all the features you want! If you’re looking for one that can attach cables and bars then go for it! Instead of buying one that has nothing close to your requirements.

  1. Check the Weight Limit

Weight limit is another crucial aspect to keep in mind when hunting for a good trampoline! If it has a limit of 200 pounds or more, only then you should buy it!

  1. Don’t Forget the Foldability!

Flexibility and foldability go hand in hand. The trampoline has to have foldability so as to be portable. Otherwise, it’d become like a large immovable, stationary trampoline! 

Five Benefits of Mini Trampolines

  • Increases Your Height!
  • Easier on the Joints
  • Fun for Kids!
  • Easy to Personalize
  • Ideal for Longer Sessions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Q1: What should ideally be the length of a rebounder?

A: At least 40-inches.

Q2: Are handlebars necessary?

A: Yes, handlebars ensure better grip on the ascent and especially on the descent.

Q3: What should be the ideal lifting capability of a trampoline?

A: At least 200 pounds.

Q4: Who can use a rebounder?

A: Fitness enthusiasts, athletes, kids, women, and even the elderly.

Q5: Should the legs of the rebounder be rubber-tipped?

A: Yes, they should, so as to prevent scratches on flooring.

Final Thoughts:

The ideal mini trampoline for dunking should have handlebars for control, be padded, have cables for more versatile workouts, be at least 40-inches in diameter, and be able to lift at least 200 pounds of weight. Only then can you properly practice dunking on it with ease!

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