Best Outdoor Games for Toddlers in 2021

In the age of the electronic world, finding the best outdoor games for toddlers and encouraging them to participate in physical activities are difficult tasks. Every kid loves to play online games, prefer to use mobile phones and the internet instead of participating in outdoor activities. Well to keep all the kids healthy, even teenagers and older must do some outdoor games. Here we have created a list of the best backyard games for toddlers. These items are selected based on people’s interests and reviews, especially those who are living in the United States and other European countries. I have done this job perfectly that helps you in selecting the best backyard equipment for kids.

Best Outdoor Games for Toddlers
Best Outdoor Games for Toddlers

Here is the Quick Answer for Best Outdoor Games for Toddlers in 2021:

There are hundreds and thousands of toys and backyard accessories for outdoor kids playing  but we shortlisted the best collections for your children;

  • Outdoor Cycle Riding Games
  • Frisbee Games for Toddlers
  • Painting Games for Toddlers
  • Football Games for Toddlers
  • Hula Hoop Challenge 
  • Car Races outdoor games
  • Sandbox Toys outdoor games
  • Bubbles Flying Sports
  • WaterJet outdoor games
  • Musical Chairs outdoor games
  • Sliding on kids Slider Outdoor
  • Sack Race Outdoor games for toddlers
  • Playing with Best Parachute Toy
  • Bow and Arrows Games for Kids
  • Jumping Rope for Outdoor and Indoor
  • Backyard Bowling
  • Geospace Jumparoo Boing
  • Ring Toss Games
  • Trampoline Jumping
  • Fun Air Scoop Ball

As we mentioned above that there are thousands of outdoor games for toddlers but we shortlisted. These games keep your kids busy and they will learn a lot of new lessons from these toys. Below are some tips that will help you in selecting the best backyard games for kids.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Games for Toddlers?

Now here is the question: How to choose the Cheap outdoor backyards games for children. Below are some tips that you must keep in mind before buying the best games for toddlers for playing outdoors.

Let us help you in doing this!

  • Stylish / Good Looking: The toys you are purchasing must be colorful, stylish, and good looking. 
  • Featured: There must be fully featured and have more options in it. Because some kids become bored quickly.
  • Waterproof: Toddlers can’t take care of their toys and do an operation like a doctor so must buy waterproof items.
  • Comfortable: While playing with toys your children must feel comfortable, which simply means that they buy the best quality product. Don’t look to save some bucks. 
  • Multiplayer: Having more than one kid then must buy the item that is easily usable for three to four kids easily. 
  • Educational: Toys must be educationally supported and produce competition among children of learning and becoming on 1st position in every field of life. 
  • Physically Beneficial: The main aim of playing outdoor games is to be physically healthy and fit. So before buying the games for toddlers, keep in mind that it will help children’s health and support physical growth or not. 
  • Light Weight: Traveling, outing, and family trips are part of every family. The equipment must be lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another. 
  • Strong Material: The last thing you must keep in mind before buying the best indoor and outdoor games for toddlers is that the material of the toys has good quality and long-lasting. 

Best Outdoor Games for Toddlers

Here is a detailed updated review of the best toddler games. Choose one, two, or three of them as many you can afford. This list of toys has many features like; waterproof, multiplayer, best quality, colorful, stylish, educational, and even the cheapest collection of backyards for kids. That improves your children’s health, mental level, knowledge, and skills and makes them able to put good impressions on other people. This is not only for your home buying, but it might also be the best gifts ideas for your other family member’s kid. He/she will always remember your memories whenever he/she plays with those toys. So what are you waiting for? Let’s scroll down and select the outdoor games from the list?

Outdoor Cycle Riding Games

Cheap Outdoor Games for Kids
Little Girl with her Tricycle

The first and my favorite game on the list is cycling, as we all know that there are many advantages of cycling. Riding a bicycle or tricycle having three wheels makes leg muscles strong and helps in physical growth. This is one of the best gifts for your children to play in your house lawn and parks. As everything converted to electronics and auto-playing we also have two types of tricycles. One is manual and another is electronics cycles for kids that run on battery and chargeable. 

All the things you will need a tricycle or bicycle and chalk to draw lines on starting points and ending points. So your toddlers will always love to ride cycle and play this outdoor game always.

Playing Outdoor with Frisbee

Best Activities for Preschoolers
Kids are running to catch Frisbee

This is a classic and physical game for your family, teenagers, and toddlers. One person and more than one play frisbees as a team. To play this you just need to visit an outdoor or nearby park. There are many rules that both teams will set before playing it. This game also keeps physically fit and healthy because frisbees keep the children run from one place to another and catch the frisbees. 

All the things you will need are good quality Frisbee, a large space/park, and a partner.

Painting for Toddlers

Best Fun Games for Kids
A little Kid is Playing With Painting Items

In the early ages of kids, painting may be a colorful game but as they grow up it converts to a hobby and becomes a job. They can play with colors indoor and outdoor both ways, but it would be best if they do these activities outdoors. Because there are an open environment and different kinds of cultures and peoples. Children love to draw new things and learn from the outside and color it as they see reality. The best examples for outside painting are painting on stones,  painting on trees, painting on your room walls only and the best practice is painting on paper. 

All the things you need to do paintings are non-toxic acrylic paint, paper, stone, brush, it might be best if you buy the best outdoor paint kit for kids.

Football for Toddlers

Football games for Toddlers
Little toddler play with football

The most playable and most famous game in the world is football. Every person himself wants to become a player like Messi and Ronaldo. This is among one the best outdoor games for toddlers in the world. Kids ages one year to an old man like sixty or seventy years all like to love football. There are many advantages to playing football in our daily life. The most important things about football are that one person alone can play it indoors and outdoors both ways. The sizes of footballs are different as per ages, the kid’s football is small in size as compared to teenagers. Here you can easily find the best outdoor football for kids.

All the things you need to play football outdoor are;

  • Football
  • Shoes for Playing Football
  • Goal Net

Hula Hoop Challenge Outdoor Games 

Hula Hoop Challenge Outdoor Games for toddlers
Hula Hoop Challenge Outdoor Games for toddlers

This item just looks like a thin cycle tyre but it is one of the favorite outdoor games for girls. Having many varieties, colors, sizes, and qualities as per price and as per children’s ages. Playing with Hula Hooping makes your backbone strong and increases the process of the digestive system. With Hula Hoop children can play indoor, outdoor, in the water, and in the garden. All the things you need to play hula hoop challenges outdoor games are 

  • Hula Hoop For Kids
  • Little Knowledge or Trainer

Car Races Outdoor Games

Car races games for toddlers
A little kid is playing with his car

Here at number six, we have one of the most awaited and children’s best choice toys for playing games. Kids always love to play with cars either big or small, cheap or expensive, we have many varieties in the Races Car categories. Now it depends on your kid’s age and selecting the best car for him/her. I recommend manual cars for little kids and electric cars for eight to ten-year orders. To play car races we’ll need cars and a playing area.

Sandbox Toys Games

Best sandbox toys for children
Sand Toys and Toddlers

Looking for some cheap and best outdoor games for toddlers, here sandbox toys are the best backyard outdoor toys for kids. We have several toys at less price for baby boys and baby girls.

The best items in sandbox toys for the girl are;

  • Barbie Chelsea Doll and Tiki Hut
  • Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set.
  • CREATIVE CEDAR DESIGNS Octagon Wooden Sandbox.

The best items in sandbox toys for boys are;

  • Dump Truck Sandbox Toy with Sand Tools
  • The Big Dig Sandbox Digger
  • Click N Play 18Piece Beach Sand Toy Set

Flying Bubble Wand Games for Kids

Bubble Flying Games for Kids
Cute Girl Baby Catching Flying Bubbles

Can you catch the flying bubble wands? of course NO! making bubbles is not an easy task but kids always try to do and try to catch it. Bubbles and fubbles are almost outdoor games must for toddlers just like a gas balloon and like kite flying. Now making bubbles and fubbles are easier with Bubble Gun Blower for Kids. If you are looking for a bubble flying kit for teenagers then you must buy the Giant Bubble Wands Kit.

Splash Pad & Sprinkler for Kids

Splash Pad and Sprinkler for Kids
Kids are playing in Splash pad sprinkler

Till now we have tasted all the outdoor items like the beach, electronics, physical, and painting. But now we have some outdoor water items that are most suitable for gardens and beaches for kids. Splash pad and sprinkler outdoor games for kids are cheap in price and entertaining equipment for all ages of children. There are many shapes in sprinklers but the most famous item is the splash pad. People have awesome reviews about splash pads and sprinkle items.

Musical Chairs Games for Toddlers

Musical Chairs Games for Toddlers
Musical Chairs Games for Toddlers

Very famous among the teenagers and simple rules for this game line up the one less chair in sequence and play the game. For example, if 5 kids are playing the game then line up one less 4 chairs. Now play the music, as we all know that children love music. All kids must walk around the chairs frequently in line until the music stops. As the music stops, they all must set on the chairs. We all know that one chair is less so one kid must remain standing and he/she will be out of the game. As always In the second round, one chair must be removed, and so on. At the end of the game, the last person would-be declared as the winner.

All the things you will need for this game is a set of musical chairs, musical devices, and players to play. 

Sliding on Kid Slider Games

Looking for something big in your garden lawn for everyday use then you go for a play slider for kids. Play slider is an almost outdoor game for every age of kids and there are many sizes as per age of your child. The famous sliders are plastic made and cheap and people buy this for children playing. If you are planning to travel with family or looking for a vacation package then we also have foldable toddler sliders. 

Sack Race Games for Kids

Best outdoor Games for kids
Kids are playing sack race game

Unlimited fun, entertainment, laughter, and enjoyment with one of the best and wonderful games of Sack Race. Easy to buy and play such races by wearing the bags to your feet and legs. Sack race bags are affordable in price and take less size. Mostly recommend outdoor items for beach vacations because playing on the sand with sacks makes unlimited fun.  

Playing with Best Parachute Toy

Small Parachute Toy for Kids
Small Parachute Toy for Kids

Do you love parachute and air jumping than you will love to buy parachute toy for you kids to play outdoors? No need to worry about battery nor assembly. If you have a lot of kids and you are out of budget then you go for this cheap toy and purchase 4pieces of sets for your four kids for just ten to fifteen dollars. And keep your children busy throwing the parachute toy in the air. People have awesome reviews about these toys and children love to like this game especially in outdoor places. 

Play with Best Bow and Arrow

Play with Best Bow and Arrow
Boy is Playing Games with Arrows and Bow

If you want your baby to become a soldier or fighter then there is no best holiday gift item like Bow and Arrow. In old ages wars and real-life, it was used as powerful weapons mostly in jungles. But nowadays it becomes just a toy for kids because other powerful and fast weapons take place of bow and arrow. In this game we have a bow and plenty of arrows, we need to put an arrow and set to our target and hit the target. This could be the best holiday gifts for kids, to play this game you need to buy the best quality bow and arrow. 

Best Jumping Rope Games

Best Jumping Rope Games
Jumping Rope for outdoor playing

Just like the hula hoop challenge, a Jumping rope is a physical fitness game for toddlers playing outdoors. As we all know that there is a rope with two handles, at one time one person can play and three persons can also play with jumping rope. One will catch the first handle and another will catch the second handle and move the rope from 45 degrees to 270 degrees frequently. The third person will stand and jump between these two persons. Very easy and physically helpful game for kids, I will recommend playing this game daily for fat children.

Backyard Bowling for Kids

Backyard Bowling for Kids
Backyard Bowling for Kids

Backyard bowling or lawn bowling game is one of the best outdoor games for kids for their physical and mental training. Children learn a lot of new things, getting experience, and the qualities to make the right decision on behalf of this game. In the playing arena, we have eight to twelve bottle-shaped items that we set in triangle shapes like we set the snooker balls. After that, we throw a large ball toward these skittles. As a result, the ball hit the skittles and some skittles fell, player that fell more skittles is the winner of this game. To play this game we need a ball, ten skittles and large are to throw the ball.

Bungee Boing Foam Bouncing Toy

More than five hundred reviews Bouncing toys games are the best outdoor fitness games for toddlers nowadays. Geospace jumparo deluxe is one of my favorite for jumping in outdoor places. It has five five hundred plus reviews on amazon and more people also buying this toy for their kids. Suitable kid toys between age 3 years to 8 years, footstep pads are ten-inch wide space that provides plenty of space for feet keeping. You just need to buy a bungee boing foam bouncing toy and play games and have fun outdoor. 

Ring Toss Games for Toddlers

In the ring toss games, we have plenty of different items for playing outdoor and indoor games. In this sport event, we have a few rings in our hands and joint stand sticks in various positions. We need to throw those rings into the stand sticks. The player that puts more rings in the right place is the winner of the game. All we need to do a practice like throw frisbees to the right place.

Trampoline Jumping Games

Trampoline Jumping Games
Toddlers are playing games inside the trampoline

For my daughter trampoline jumping is the most favorite game because whenever I went out with my daughter, she always tells me to go for trampoline jumping. I have not a big house and can’t keep it in a small house, therefore, I bring her outdoor for those games. So if you can keep trampoline jumping safe in wide space then there is no best option from this game. There are many pieces of equipment in trampoline for all ages, for small kids you have to go for a foldable safety enclosure indoor and outdoor trampoline jumping set kids. 

Fun Air Scoop Ball Outdoor Playing

The last item in my list of best outdoor games for toddlers is Fun Air Scoop Ball. And this is one of the cheapest games for toddlers to buy from Amazon. In just ten to twenty dollars you can buy the best gift for children. Now that was the end of our topic about the toddler’s games for playing outdoor games. Below is one gift and bonus item for you that is a luxury gift for your toddler on his/her birthday. Not only this you can use it as outdoor sports games for kids.

Bonus Toy

Fisher-Price Imaginext Shark Bite Pirate Ship

Fisher-Price Imaginext Shark Bite Pirate Ship
Fisher-Price Imaginext Shark Bite Pirate Ship

This is one of my favorite and bonus items in all games to play indoor and outdoor with multicolor and seventeen hundred plus successful reviews all around the world. Action and adventure with two pirates man, two swards, four projectiles, a spyglass, treasure, and a cannon ball. I will recommend this especially to gift someone on a birthday or maybe the best gift for summer and winter vacations. 

The Conclusion

At the beginning of my article, I told you that I have created this list of best outdoor games for toddlers using my best research. You need to select the best toy that helps your kids mentally and physically both ways. Don’t look towards some cents because you earn for your kids and their happiness. There is nothing expensive than your children’s smile and their tiny tiny movements, especially when he/she around two years old and talking to you like a parrot. 

We CuzyMan.Com always provides the best toy collections around the world to give the top sports for children to our visitors. Well if you find any information wrong on this page feel free to contact us and tell us to correct the wrong information. Me Shoiab Raza also writes the children’s product reviews on demand. If you want me to write and create a list of specific topics tell me in the below comment box or by contacting us page. In the end, I always say keep a smile and keep others happy because life is very short. Keep good take care of your kids and spend money on these in better ways. 

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