Best Trampoline Under $1000 to Buy in 2022

Are you looking for the best trampoline under $1000 that goes within your budget? But you can’t find one. Well, we may help you to get the best trampoline at reasonable prices. You can get your favorite trampoline for under 1000$ that is made from high-quality materials and handle the weight without any problems.

Well, if you were looking for a similar trampoline. Then you have landed on the right page. The guide includes best-selling and top-rated trampolines that are under 1000 dollars. You can buy these without any worries about breaking or tearing them.

Here is the Quick Answer for Best Trampolines Under $1000 in 2022:

  1. Skywalker 15 Feet Jump N Dunk Round Trampoline
  2. Tatub 16 feet Trampolines
  3. Zupapa 15 feet Blue Trampoline
  4. SONGMICS 15 feet Trampoline
  5. Propel 86 Inch Tall Yellow Trampolines
  6. Skywalker Space Explorer Mini Trampoline
  7. LBLA 55 Inch Mini Trampoline for Kids
Best Trampoline under $1000
Best Trampoline under 1000

Top 7 Best Trampolines Under $1000 Dollars

1. Skywalker 15 Feet Jump N Dunk Round Trampoline

Skywalker 15 Feet Jump N Dunk Round
Skywalker 15 Feet Jump N Dunk Round Trampoline

Skywalker trampolines are closest to people’s hearts. The features that make Skywalker trampolines so much special are their high quality and a very fair price range. You can buy them without running out of budget. 

If you are concerned about safety, let me tell you that the company always keeps safety its top priority. This camel-colored trampoline also has a basketball ring made of soft materials, so you can double the fun by dangling your basketball talent with the Skywalker trampoline.


Size15 foot
MaterialAlloy steel, polyethylene
Jump Surface141 square feet
Additional ColorsYes

Salient Features

Some fantastic features of Skywalker 15 foot trampoline under $1000 are:

  • Basketball hoop 

Have duplex fun with a basketball and a hoop that is made of very soft material. You can amuse yourself with both the trampoline and basketball as well. It is the ideal piece of an appliance for fusing fun with exercise. A correctly installed basketball hoop undoubtedly allows you to have fun.

  • Strong Frame

The frame is made up of galvanized steel that provides a secure foundation for the trampoline. The brand makes sure that the frame meets the standard demand. You can have fun without worrying about safety.

  • Transparent Enclosure

The brand provides a trampoline with an enclosure that contains no gaps for ensuring your protection.  reasThis entirely made the transparent enclosure provides an adequate level of safety.

2. Tatub 16 feet Trampoline

Tatub 16 feet Trampoline
Tatub 16 feet Trampoline under 1000

If you want to give your backyard a new life, then Tatub 16 feet Trampoline will work wonders for you. It is very spacious and bears enough weight that you can jump and bounce on it without hesitating with your kids. 

When it comes to safety, this trampoline is made of a strong frame. In addition to this, the rods of the frame are stuffed with abundant foam. Hence, the trampoline is of excellent quality and durable at the same time.


Size16 feet
Enclosure360 degree
Assembly RequiredYes
Weight capacity400 lbs.
Additional ColorsYes

Salient Features

Some fantastic features of Tatub 16 feet’ best trampolines under 1000 dollars are:

  • Long-lasting frame

Trampoline’s frame is made of hefty gauge steel that is mainly treated back to front. The brand has focused on the frame’s enduring beauty and solidity. This completion has a lifespan assurance. Therefore, you do not have to be concerned about its durability.

  • Polypropylene bouncing Mat

Tatub Trampolines ensure to provide good quality to the trampoline’s jumping mat. For this, strong and durable material is used in making bouncing mats. This material is Polypropylene, and it has superb UV shielding that will avert fading and will be able to withstand exposure to direct sunlight.

  • Strong rust-resistant springs

The springs are made of high-quality steel that is anti-rust, rigid, and crack resistant. Moreover, the springs are super flexible and stay in their place. The design of the trampoline’s rust-resistant springs makes it thrive.

  • Protection Net

The brand provides the trampoline with a protection net. In this way, you get an added layer of safety. Trampoline’s open weave netting permits better visibility and gives an off-balance jumper a way to seize himself from eschewing fall. 

3. Zupapa 15 feet Blue Trampoline Under 1000

Zupapa 15 feet Blue Trampoline under 1000 dollars
Zupapa 15 feet Blue Trampoline under 1000 USD

This trampoline is an exceptional one. Why? Let me tell you. It is the safest trampoline you will ever experience due to the certified security it provides. You do not need to be tense regarding the safety issues at all.

Secondly, Zupapa is the brand that ensures to balance of safety along with fun. The mat of this trampoline is breathtakingly elastic and flexible and you get a fantastic jumping experience.


Size15 feet
Product Weight 207 lbs.
Frame Height2.9 feet

Salient Features

Some fantastic features of the best Zupapa 15 feet Blue Trampoline under $1000 are:

  • Good enclosure

Zupapa’s 15-foot trampoline enclosure is made of durable material that is tested and approved. The bulky materials, padded supports, and safe netting will keep you from falling or getting hurt.

  • Astonishing bounce

The galvanized springs offer great bounce and extra longevity. The durable mat made from the most sufficient material provides a good jumping experience and extra fun.

  • Massive frame

The galvanized steel used in the frame protects against rusting. Moreover, the frame gives an excellent shape to the trampoline and is convenient for outdoor use too.

4. SONGMICS 15 feet Trampoline

SONGMICS 15 feet Trampoline
SONGMICS 15 feet Trampoline

SONGMICS 15 feet trampoline is my personal favorite due to its vast design and high quality. You will love it too after going through its exceptional features. 

It has just everything one desires. Safety is ensured. Mat gives an incredible bouncing experience, and indeed, this trampoline will last for a long time. What else does one need?


Size15 feet
Weight Capacity221 lbs.
Height of frame 37.8 Inch

Salient Features

Some fantastic features of the best SONGMICS 15 feet Trampoline are:

  • Safest trampoline

An outstanding enclosure, zero-gap design, and padded rods make the SONGMICS trampoline stand out. Everyone wants their safety while having fun on a trampoline. And this product fulfills all your quality standards very well.

  • Basketball Hoop

You can have double fun because of a basketball hoop that comes with this trampoline. On one side, jumping gives you excitement, and on the other hand, you will be able to show off your basketball skills too.

5. Propel 86 Inch Tall Yellow Trampoline For Kids

Propel 86 Inch Tall Yellow
Propel 86 Inch Tall Yellow Trampoline

This trampoline has a beautiful color scheme of yellow and black. The enclosure is quite good, and this product is best for kids.

Make sure to assemble it accurately. It is for both indoors and outdoors. You will no doubt see your kids smiling and playing on this Propel Tall enclosure trampoline.


Size7 feet
Weight Capacity150 lbs.

Salient Features

Some fantastic features of the best Propel 86 Inch Tall Yellow Trampoline are:

  • Tall enclosure

Although this trampoline cannot bear much weight, your kids can turn by turn, jump, shoot and dunk in it. The tall net enables your kid to jump and play freely without making you worried about safety.

  • Attractive color scheme

The yellow and black color combination is the best. You, along with your kids, will get stimulated by such colors.

6. Skywalker Space Explorer Different Sizes from 100 To 1000

Skywalker Space Explorer Mini Trampoline
Skywalker Space Explorer Mini Trampoline

Play enables children’s minds to grow. Allow your kids to have a fantastic experience with the Skywalker space explorer mini-trampoline. It is specially designed for kids so that they can have fun anytime they want. The design and the grey color make the trampoline so attractive that kids just love bouncing on it.

The brand makes sure to have reasonable prices so that you can afford the highquality trampoline and give your kids a chance to play and bounce as physical activity is so crucial for kids.


Size60 Inch
Jump Surface14.4 square foot
MaterialPolypropylene mat, Polyethylene enclosure net, PVC frame pad,        Powder-coated steel

Salient Features

No doubt, this product has some excellent features. Parents and kids both stay happy as the product offers a cost-efficient trampoline made with high-quality material. Some Stand out features of the Skywalker Mini trampoline are listed below:

  • Well-Built Frame

Skywalker space explorer mini-trampoline is the ideal initiator for young ones. The brand’s distinctive design contains a thick and robust frame, with no sharp or dangerous edges. Furthermore, handlebars are also present for stability, and you can have fun safely.

  • Light-toned colors

The brand does not underestimate the importance of picking outright colors. This trampoline contains specific calm colors that you and your kids will surely like.

  • Stuffed handles

The padded handlebars increase the firmness and initiate a workout for new prospects. Skywalker trampolines are well-known for the comfort they provide, along with fun. You will feel great about buying this giant quality product at hand.

  • Elastic Bands

This trampoline is basically for kids and toddlers; hence the brand has used elastic bands with smooth, consistent stretch up for the whole-body experience. The great thing about this is you can do all kinds of exercises you’re in common. 

  • Safe enclosure

Skywalker is the brand that keeps safety as its topmost priority. The trampoline accommodates a safety enclosure that outstandingly lessens the risk of falling off or injury. It keeps jumpers from the drop-down or hitting the frame.

7. LBLA 55 Inch Mini Trampoline for Kids

Rbounder Foldable Mini Trampoline for Adults
Rebounder Foldable Mini Trampoline for Adults

LBLA 55-inch Mini Trampoline is the ideal trampoline that you must buy for your child. Its colors are so exciting, and the design is attractive too. This item is not so expensive we also mentioned this in our previous article trampoline under 250

The trampoline is very easy to assemble, and you can use it indoors as well as outdoors. Additionally, it is super safe, so do not worry about any sort of injury. Indeed, it is secure from top to bottom. Give your kids a chance to burn their energy through this excellent trampoline. 


Size55 Inch
Height63 inch/ 1600cm
Weight Capacity110 lbs.
Additional ColorsYes

Salient Features

Some fantastic features of the best LBLA 55 Inch Mini Trampoline for Kids are:

  • Easy Assembly

This trampoline is exceptionally convenient to put together. It comes with all tools required for assembly. It takes about half an hour to get assembled by one person.

  • Product Quality

The main feature of the LBLA mini trampoline is its long-lasting quality. The material of the jumping mat offers great brawn and defiance. Also, the frame of this trampoline is very durable and long-lasting. In short, you will never regret having it.

  • Padded Poles

The LBLA kids trampoline has poles that are padded with good quality material. This provides the trampoline supplementary protection and shielding. It will make the trampoline poles to be defiance to all types of weather circumstances. The elite quality will avert trampoline poles from cracking and any other sort of damage.

Buyer’s Guide -Things to Consider Before Buying the Best trampoline under $1000

Before buying a trampoline, there are several things that you should consider before you buy a trampoline. These things might help you. You should consider these points so that you may not face any kind of problems in the future related to a trampoline. So, stick to this fantastic trampoline guide, and if you have any questions regarding trampolines, don’t forget to mention them to us.

High Build Quality

The first thing that you may consider before you buy a trampoline is that the build quality of the trampoline is intense and high that it may not cause breakage or get torn in a few days. The materials that must be used in the bottom and surface of the trampoline must be made from high-quality materials. 

To check whether the trampoline has materials that can withstand heavyweight and can be used without any problems. You should check the specifications and features of the trampoline. You can check the materials that are used in the trampoline, then put them on Google and can check whether they are high-quality materials or not.

Weight Capacity of the trampoline

To check the weight capacity of the trampoline, you can have a look at the features or specifications part of the trampoline. You can identify and check the weight capacity feature of the trampoline. In case you don’t check the weight capacity of the trampoline. Overweighing it may lead to breaking and cause serious injuries. So, you may have a brief look before using the trampoline.

Safety Pads

Before you buy a trampoline, another essential thing to consider is that the trampoline must-have safety pads installed or should be in the package. These safety pads are placed around the corner. These safety pads are essential and may save in case someone falls on the edge of the trampoline, in addition to the availability of safety pads. You should check whether the safety pads installed are made from soft and high-quality materials. If the safety pads are rough and are hard, then they might cause more damage on falling.


The waterproof feature is one of the essential parts of the trampoline. The trampolines are mostly placed outside, so there is a chance of rain. So, to prevent any damage to the mat of the trampoline. The company must produce a mat that is made from waterproof materials and can stay safe and clean during rain.


Trampolines that are covered with the net have catchers that hold the net in a circular position. The main point to consider here is that the net must be made from high-quality materials that won’t break down or damage easily. These are essential and vital parts of the trampoline. In addition to the quality of the catcher, the catcher must also be waterproof and can stay safe in rain or water spilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that many people ask when they buy a trampoline. We have made a list of these questions so that you may not face any kind of problem when you buy a trampoline. If you have any question that is not answered here, you can comment down below.

Q.1 What is the common weight of most trampolines?

Most of the trampolines weigh an average of 100 Kilograms. That is more than enough for children. This weight is less if adults use this trampoline.

Q.2 Can I lose weight using a trampoline?

Yes, you can lose weight if you use your trampoline regularly. Jumping on a trampoline falls under an exercise because it uses all of your muscles in the exercise.


So, before you buy a trampoline, please read the complete guide on using trampolines. Trampolines should be used by children only so that they may not cause any serious injury or trouble when it breaks because of being overweight. Stay happy with the Best Trampolines under $1000 Dollars.

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