9+Best Volleyball Nets System Set to Buy in 2022

It is very essential to get involved in sports activities to keep our body healthy and fit. Some people are very passionate about their sports activities and like to play vigorously, so game volleyball is for those people. In 1895, a professor from Massachusetts proposed the name, “volleyball” for this game.

Due to the nature of the game, he said this name for it. This game has proved to be very attractive and attractive for children, and adults. It makes all the muscles of the body active while playing. This can be played anywhere like schools, playgrounds, beaches, backyards, lawn, garden, and so on.

It was introduced in Europe, during the time of World War 1. International volleyball game was started in 1913, in Manila. After World War 2 it got famous in Asia too. This game got so much fame among children, youngsters, teenagers, adults, and army personnel. We are here to provide a list of some best volleyball nets;

Best Volleyball Nets
Best Volleyball Nets

Quick Answer for the Best volleyball nets sets to buy for the backyard:

  • Vermont portable volleyball net set
  • Franklin sports Bluetooth volleyball nets system
  • Park & Sun sports portable indoor/outdoor volleyball net system
  • Champion sports deluxe outdoor game set
  • Franklin sports volleyball net and ball set
  • Patiassy professional volleyball set
  • Games and sports expert volleyball net and ball set
  • Vermont sports volleyball net
  • Gold medal pro power 2 volleyball net
  • Triumph classic volleyball net set

Volleyball Game

Psychomotor coordination is required to play this game successfully. This game requires minimum equipment and contains most activity. Players are not allowed to step beyond the center line and can play within their area. Centerline is decided by its net. Most of the time players hit each other during the delivery of the ball.

The net acts as a protection to avoid the hits, and collisions between players while the play is going on. As in medical terms, the close hits are very dangerous and lead to serious injuries.

The volleyball net is suitable for indoor and backyard purposes attached to the poles that are vertically positioned.The ideal length of the nets is 30 feet minimum and 31 feet maximum, and 6 inches in length. Its structure is woven, and it allows the small objects to pass through it easily, but not the ball. This game is highly suitable for families if they install the volleyball net in their backyards.

What Is the Ideal Height of the volleyball net?

The Height of the Volleyball nets is different for both and male and female. There is no big difference but only little difference of a half-foot;

Height for Men

The height of the volleyball net for men is 7 feet and 11 inches.

Height for Women

The height of the volleyball net for women is 7 feet and 4 inches.

What is the best volleyball net System for the backyard?

The volleyball net is the very main equipment for this game to be used. It separates the area for the competing players and defines a line that they cannot cross while playing. There are some qualities that the best volleyball backyard nets should have. Let us know about some features of the best volleyball nets for the backyard and outdoor that we must see when we are buying it.
Is the net very strong enough that when the ball will accidentally hit, it would not be damaged or get torn? So, it should be firm enough.
The quality of the product should be very good because a good product is always durable and long-lasting. Therefore, invest in good quality volleyball net for the backyard.
• Size:
The size of the volleyball nets varies according to the place where it has to be installed. The official net size is different and the sizes for indoor and outdoor use in homes and backyards are different. So, always see the size and bring the product according to the requirement. Some companies also make it as you order, them to prepare.
• Weight:
8lbs is the average weight of the volleyball net for the backyard. We must see the weight while buying whether it is easy to carry or not?
• Portable:
Almost all the nets for volleyball are portable. But, we should see the buildup of the product in detail to see if it is portable and can be shifted somewhere else if needed.
• Easy to use:
The volleyball net for the backyard should be easy to use. Its accessories must be simple and easy to handle and adjustable. So, we may not need any additional expert help to get it installed in our backyard.
• Colour:
Volleyball nets for the backyard are manufactured in different colors. It’s our choice which color we like for it.
• Weather resistant:
You can also check whether the material used in the net and the whole product is weather friendly or not? As you have to use it in the outdoor place, so, the material should be weather resistant.
In this article, we will,
• List name the 10 best volleyball nets for the backyard.
• Discuss all the 10 best volleyball nets for the backyard in detail.

Vermont Portable Volleyball Net Set

Vermont brand is the best volleyball net whose sports products are very famous. You can timelessly and effortlessly set up a Vermont volleyball net set in your backyard and enjoy the summer and holiday time with your friends and family.

This product has aluminum telescopic volleyball posts of premium quality. The posts are adjustable and can be set according to three different heights. 1st level height is 8ft and suitable for men, 2nd level height is 7ft and 8 inches and suitable for the mixed category, and 3rd level height is 7ft 4 inches and suitable for women. Therefore, it is acceptable for every age group and recommended to use at home and backyard due to its height adjustability quality.

Its boundary tape is very functional to define the boundary line of the backyard.It contains an FIVB regulation net of 28ft and contains a sand anchor kit which makes it possible to use it anywhere else when you want during summer. Excellent stability is guaranteed for this product due to the high quality of stabilizing rods in it.

It contains a heavy-duty carrying bag which helps to keep everything in place very timely and easily. The set of volleyball net for the backyard is light weighted and very suitable to shift from one place to another. It is used indoor and outdoor, both wherever you desire. The net is designed very competently that it can be used for so many years.

  • Portable
  • Adjustable
  • User friendly
  • Strong
  • Pricey

Franklin sports Bluetooth volleyball net set:

If you are a fun lover and want to turn your backyard into a party scene then you must invest in buying the Franklin sports Bluetooth volleyball net set as it is a well-respected brand. This product is the latest addition to the brand. You will not find a better product than this net for your backyard play and make your kids and family enjoy the volleyball game at home. This item is extraordinary for your needs of entertainment, let us know about its supreme features,

The net set contains a high power and lightweight Bluetooth set which can be useful for both play and party. It has high-quality speakers installed in it and those speakers are rechargeable for reuse. The Bluetooth can be easily connected with your hand device, and you can play songs and music of your choice on it to get amused.

You can also attach a mic with it to talk like doing commentary on your play and create a tournament environment. It also contains a USB cord, in which you can insert your USB and play the music from it. You can easily attach the speakers to the poles with the help of clips provided in the accessories. 

Its pole system is very easily assembled. 1.25 inches diameter pole made up of PVC, 8 inches in height, and 20 × 1.5 inches net is included in it.

It has a polyester ball with an inflating pump with a needle, poly stakes, and ropes. For easy transportation of the accessories, there is a high-quality carry bag for it.

  • Bluetooth to play music
  • Suitable for backyard
  • Suitable for family use
  • Entertaining
  • Easy to understand the guideline provided
  • Easy setting up
  • A little pricey

Park & Sun sports portable indoor/outdoor volleyball net:

The park and sun sports portable indoor and outdoor volleyball net system is a very convenient net system to carry easily anywhere you want. Its quality is very good, and it is perfect for the use of families in the backyards. It is easy to set up and portable. It can be set up in less time and there is not any requirement for an expert person to be called and get it installed.

Its PVC poles are telescopic and the best combination for the families, and children who love to play volleyball in their backyard. It has a special sports level height that can be used by everyone easily. That is why it is highly recommended for families with young children as well as grown-up children. There are two support bases included in it. You can either fill it with water or sand. It also has additional tension cords and ground stakes that are used to create extra tension in the net to make it more firm and tight while playing.

This 24-foot net set contains all the required accessories which are a requisite for the erecting of the net while play. 

If you want to take a net on a picnic in the summer season and want to use it summer after summer, then you can choose it. This unique item is a great addition to the backyard of your home.

  • Portable
  • Easy setup
  • Portable
  • Easy setup
  • A little expensive for non-professional players.

Champion sports deluxe outdoor game set:

If you are not able to afford the club memberships then you can invest some money to arrange the volleyball set up in your home backyard. It will not be only satisfying for you but also for your kids and grownups live in the house. You can choose the Champion sports deluxe outdoor game set for your backyard play.

It includes a mesh net, ropes, poles, boundary line webbing, and a storage case.

Its aluminum poles are very durable and coated with heavy-duty powder. They can easily tolerate the powerful smashes of the ball while you play. The net is cornered with tape that is made up of a waterproof material from getting wet by water or any weather condition. The size of the net is equal to the average one. It’s about 4 feet mesh net, the diameter of poles is 1.5 inches, which becomes 5.5 feet in height when they are assembled in place. 

The net set is quickly adjustable without botheration. It is portable and can be easily fixed anywhere you want. It is ideal for outdoor use in the backyards and beach. 

The carry bag in it is weather-resistant, and you can easily transport the equipment from one place to another. 

  • Weather resistant
  • Adjustable poles
  • Easy to transport
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Expensive

Franklin sports volleyball net and ball set:

If you want to spend a very enjoyable and active day outside, then you can choose this Franklin sports volleyball net and ball set for your backyard. It is a classic combination of a volleyball net system and a ball. So, you don’t have to invest in buying balls separately. It contains a complete set of accessories that you need to play volleyball with your family in the backyard.

In this kit, there are poles set, net, ropes, stakes, and a ball with an additional pump. The pole system is very convenient to use and setting up in the place. You can assemble it in less time. It contains a steel pole of 1.25 inches in diameter, its height is 5.1 inches and the net is 20 × 2 inches.

The polyester volleyball in the kit can be easily inflated with the help of an inflating pump.

You can create great memories by playing volleyball by using this first-class Franklin sports volleyball net and ball set with your family in your backyard. It is useful for all age groups at your home. It is the need of the day out for having fun.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable price
  • Inflating pump for ball
  • Not so sturdy on very soft grounds

Patiassy professional volleyball set:

Patiassy professional volleyball set is the best match for the needs of backyard play lovers. It is a high-quality product that is reliable to invest in.

Its telescopic poles are adjustable to your height accordingly. This height adjustability makes this net more useful for the families.  Because in a family there are adults and children who are eager to play volleyball during the holidays.

Its net is a regularized size net of 32 inches long and 3 inches in height. The corners are secured with vinyl tape which is waterproof and stitched. 

The winch system in it helps to keep the net taut and straight. It acts as a lock system in it. It also contains adjustable plastic tensioners that add firmness and stability to the poles while play.

There is a quick setup PE boundary line included in the set. It helps to make boundaries in your backyard and garden and make your play look professional. 

There is a carry bag in the set. It allows all the equipment to get settled in it and transport anywhere without bothering.

  • Portable
  • Adjustable height
  • Strong tensioners
  • Expensive

Games and sports expert volleyball net and ball set:


If you are fond of spending an activity and sports time with your family and friends in your backyard, then you will find no better combination of volleyball net and ball set for your interest than GSE games and sports expert volleyball net and ball set.

It contains three poles made up of steel that are strong enough to behold the net in place tightly and sturdily. Metal stakes and boundary tape is included in the kit too. There is a heavy-duty and long-lasting nylon bag that is easy to carry and handle. You can easily keep all the equipment in it to make your shifting and assembling process hassle-free. The ball included in the set is made of very high-quality nylon, and also contains an inflating pump that makes it easier for the users to inflate the ball without any difficulty.

The set accommodates heavy-duty powdered steel poles and adjustable with help of plastic buckles. When you place the boundary tape around the playing area, it will create a professional look to your play and makes it appealing for your friends and neighbors too. This is suitable for every ability level and all age groups and highly recommended for indoor and outdoor use, especially in your backyards.

  • Professional look
  • Adjustable height
  • A little pricey

Vermont sports volleyball net:

Vermont sports brand volleyball net is a worth buying product for your backyard if you want a good play with your friends and family members in your free time. Its unique feature is that it is weather-friendly and the material used in its manufacturing is long-lasting to keep its endurance. It would be stable in all weather conditions whether it’s summer, rainy, or snowy. Its net is crafted with a twisted twine which makes it perform well in all weather when exposed. Its net is very appropriate to use for competitive use. It is not destructed by the smash hit of the volleyball. 

The robust functionality of the volleyball net is the key to a classic play outdoor with your family and friends giving a professional and tournament look to your enjoyable play. 

As it is not heavily weighted, its weight is just 2.5 kg, which is effortlessly carried anywhere you want.

Therefore, it is approved to invest in the Vermont sports volleyball net for your backyards and having an entertaining play on holidays with your family.

  • Weather friendly
  • Competitive net
  • Lightweight product
  • Cable is not included to reinforce the tape

Gold medal pro power 2 volleyball net:

Gold medal pro power 2 volleyball net is unavoidable for your backyard because it is made up of a polyethylene material that is durable and approved for outdoor usage. It is demanded mostly by the people who want to invest in their children’s activity and play in the backyard of the home. Let us know about its prime features,

Its measurement is 32 feet by 3 feet and 3 inches. It is the same as a regular-sized net of volleyball. It can be easily set up and adjustable in the backyard. 

Polyethylene material is thick up to 2.5 millimeters and has a vinyl liner attached to its top and bottom. Its 1/8 inch thick steel cables are designed for its double-ratchet systems.

There are synthetic leather covers added to its sides to protect them from getting damaged by the smashes of the ball.

  • Suitable for backyard
  • Reliable
  • Unique
  • Can be used by kids too
  • Not for professional uses

Triumph classic volleyball net set:

We have the last item in our list of top and best volleyball nets are Triumph classic volleyball net set is an incredible product to install in your backyard for a healthy activity and play with your beloved ones. Children also enjoy the play when the whole family is involved in it. 

This product contains three silver gunmetal powdered steel poles of 1.5 inches each. Its net size is regularized and can be used by every age group easily. The net corners are secured with tape to keep the net from damaging.

It contains a boundary line with anchors and steel eye-bolts which make it easier to use. 

It contains a transporting bag, which is very useful in carrying the material anywhere without inconvenience, and it will not hurt your shoulder when carrying because it has a shoulder pad added to the strap of the bag for your comfort.

  • Durable
  • Regular size net
  • Indestructible
  • Tape is thin

Recommendations/ Conclusion:

From all the above knowledge of the 10 best volleyball nets for backyard, we have come to know that all are very remarkable, unique, and express in their features. But there are some brands who have secured their names in the market more successfully than others, and those are Vermont, Franklin, Champion, and Patiassy. Their volleyball nets are very definite and notable. Like, Franklin’s volleyball net including the Bluetooth system is the best combination of play and entertainment that is the requirement of every customer who wants to buy sports items.

Vermont’s volleyball net is also exceptional and durable to use for every kind of weather condition and it is long-lasting too. If you are looking for a complete combination of the net, ball, ropes, and storage bag then you must go for the Vermont brand that is the best volleyball nets system set.

When we look at the features of the Champion volleyball net set, it is also an example of individuality. This brand has marked its name in the market and manufacturing top-notch quality sports items for years. These products are a bit costly but all of them are under $500. So it seems not getting out of the budget.

The above-provided list would be surely a great addition to your know-how if you want to buy the Best volleyball nets for your backyard.

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