The Best Way to Fill Water Balloons in 2021

Knowing the best way to fill water balloons with helium is important for those who participate in air shows. Balloons are a good and cheap way of creating some excitement for an air show. They provide some distraction for those watching the show and give sight for those on the ground to chase. If filled with helium, balloons float freely in the air, adding to their visual effects.

Best Way to Fill Water Balloons
How to Fill Water Balloons

There are a few ways to fill balloons with helium, all of which add a unique flair to any party. When buying helium for balloons, make sure you purchase pure white or a colorless version. Pure white is the safest for your balloons because it won’t stain or discolor them when mixed with any other chemical, and it keeps helium from reacting with any other chemicals in the balloon.

How to Fill Water Balloons

The first best way to fill water balloons, take a small section of the plastic tube that connects balloons to the helium tank. Fit about half a liter of warm water into the tube, leaving a little bit of air in the center. Then, blow gently through the tube, filling the water balloons with helium gas. Stop once you have about half a liter filled. If you want to put more helium in the water, repeat the process.

It is also possible to fill balloons with air by popping them into the balloon bottle along with the helium. The bottles normally contain air, so this is the safest way to do it. If you want to get more balloons or less, you can always replace the bottles with empty balloons or a balloon container in its place. 

When you pop the balloon, only a small amount of air escapes, and this is enough to keep the balloon inflated. You should not, however, use this method if you are blowing very hot balloons, as the escaping gas can cause a fire.

2nd Best Way to Fill Water Balloons

Another best way to fill water balloons is to hold one balloon upside down over a cup of water in a bowl, which should be filled with scented water. With this method, you should notice that the balloon gets fuller quickly.

Another type of balloon inflation device is a bottle-like gadget that looks like a bottle. Hold one in front of the other while blowing into it. It will expand to a proper diameter for your needs, and it provides a secure way to inflate your party balloon. This is probably the best way to inflate a balloon if you are holding it over the heads of your guests. It is also best for large balloons.

When it comes to parties and fun, nothing is more popular or memorable than water balloon fights. Whether you’re hosting the bash at home or joining in on the fun at a local amusement park, filling water balloons with helium is always a great way to heighten the fun. 

Safety Concerns and Precautions to Follow

While there are many ways to win water balloon races, it is important to remember your safety concerns so that you don’t get injured while trying to race. While they are one of the easiest games to play, it’s also important to be aware of what you’re doing. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when you play water balloon football.

High Speeding Balloons

One of the biggest dangers associated with playing water balloon volleyball is the high speeds at which the balloons are traveling. Because of this, players must keep their heads down and remain focused on the ball. If you are ever forced to throw your head up or attempt to bounce the ball while running, your chances of hurting yourself increase greatly.

It is also very important that you never run with the balloons. Playing the game with the wind blowing in your face can cause your eyes to water. This will happen if you’re trying to chase after one of the balloons that have already flown up in the air. It is important to always keep your head down and stay focused on the game.

How to fill a water balloon with no filler?

Here is an easy, fast, and best way to fill water balloons if you have lost the plastic nozzle that comes with the balloons.

Don’t Wear a Helmet

When you are playing water balloon volleyball, you mustn’t wear a helmet. Even if it helps you avoid bumping into the balloons, the impact will be difficult and painful. Remember that when you’re taking a shot you’re not throwing the balloon. The hard part comes when you’re taking the shot after the balloons have already flown up in the air.

There are several things you should do to ensure that the shot goes correctly. For example, you need to make sure that you don’t breathe in the balloon gas. To do this, you should blow very gently through the hole that is cut in the top of the balloon. The less air you take in, the better chance you have of avoiding problems. You can also try to push the balloons against the sides or the bottom of the field if you want to help the ball find its way into the basket.

A Source of Fun and Enjoyment

Water balloons are a very fun and relaxing way to travel and can make an ideal wedding, birthday, or corporate outing balloon. However, because balloons are filled with gas (usually nitrogen or helium), you must know how to fill them safely to prevent serious injuries from occurring. Here are some simple guidelines on how to fill a balloon.

When you rent a balloon the company will usually supply the balloon with the needed gas for the flight. Depending on the balloon rental company, this may be either pure gas (like oxygen) or store-bought oxygen. Pure gas is probably the best choice as it provides the fastest rate of inflation and will keep the balloon inflated for the longest amount of time. However, store-bought oxygen won’t provide as quick inflation and may lower the balloon’s safety factor, which is why you should go with the store-bought version if you are renting a balloon.

Air Balloon’s Support

Another step in how to fill a balloon is to attach the air balloon’s support, also known as the “raft,” to the end of the rope. The next step is to tie the “carabiner” to the support, keeping the two parts connected and secure. You can use the most sturdy rope that you can find and tie it securely to both the balloon and carabiner, depending on your needs. Keep in mind that you will most likely need to tie one part down while you have the other one up because the carabiner needs to open during flight.

Next, you’ll need to start inflation of the balloon. To do this, the person at the balloon rental company will usually tell you to “rotate the burner” so that the air flows clockwise. Next, they will place a float that contains a small amount of helium atop the balloon. Rotate the burner until the air flows clockwise and then release the rope. The next step in how to fill a water balloon is to inflate the “raft” with the help of a hand pump or with a “balloon jar.”

Once the “raft” has filled up with air, you should grab the sides and pump the “raft” forward so that it starts to rise. This part is easy because all you have to do is to hold the bottom end of the balloon and pump until the balloon starts to rise. The last part is to release the rope, which is now tied to the basket with a piece of rope. This is how to fill a water balloon, although there are times when this is not necessary.

Overall, this is a very easy way on how to fill a water balloon. There are only two things that you need to complete the task. The first is an air balloon and the second is some filler, string, and buoyancy material. These can also be obtained from local balloon shops. However, if you want a more convenient way of learning how to fill a balloon, you can search online for videos demonstrating this task.

Always Be Open to Advice

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to injure yourself by using the wrong methods. It’s a good idea to talk to a coach or someone with more knowledge in the sport before starting to play. Even if you don’t think you’re too skilled at the game, there are a lot of safety tips that will help you stay safe. If you follow the right steps, you have a much better chance of having an enjoyable time playing this sport.

Necessary Products for Filling Water Balloons

There are a bunch of necessary tools and products that you would need for water balloons filling. Some of them are to be discussed below.

1. Self-Sealing Water Balloons

Proper Guidelines and the best way to fill water balloons

The self-sealing water balloons are a complete set of three hundred balloons. These balloons can sustain water for more than two hours straight.  We would suggest using an ice chest or a small water bath to use when filling. A rolling ice chest lets you place loads of balloons in strategic spots.

The balloons automatically pop off when they are full. A couple always malfunctions but that’s what happens with every pack that you are going to purchase. It’s no big of a deal.

  • You can blow up the balloons at a quick rate as compared to others
  • Can be filled easily
  • Far quicker than the individual ones
  • The rubber bands do not hold tightly

2. Water Bottles for Filling Balloons

Water Bottles for Filling Balloons
Water Bottles for Filling Balloons

Water Bottles For Filling Balloons is a great game of chance for people on a tight budget and for people who want to have fun as well. There are several different options for filling balloons. You could purchase the traditional syringe filled balloon refill kit, but these can get expensive and can become stained from the latex and rubber mix. 

You also have the option of purchasing individual items that you may not think to use regularly, but which you will need for a specific occasion.

Baby Bottle Filler Kit

A popular choice that people often make is to buy a baby bottle filler kit. These come in various styles, colors, and strengths depending on your needs. There are small, travel size bottles that will provide enough foam for one or two balloons. There are larger bottles that are specifically designed for two balloons. The biggest difference is the strength of each bottle which will depend on the number of balloons you are planning to fill at once.

If you choose to fill balloons using water bottles there are several factors you will need to keep in mind. If the occasion is warm and sunny you will probably want to choose a stronger filler than if it is cold and dreary. Stronger fillers will also provide a higher volume of foam. You also want to take into consideration the material your water bottles are made of as well as the bottleneck. Water bottles can be quite heavy and this can lead to them tipping over if the filler is not strong enough.

Age and Weight Factor

If you choose to use a baby bottle filler then you should take into consideration the age and weight of the baby. The stronger the filler, the lesser amount of foam that needs to be produced. It is also important to consider the age and weight of the person who will be filling the balloons. Most people find it easier to handhold balloons rather than use their fingers to lift them.

You can easily find water bottles to use as fillers for balloons. You will find that most stores carry these products and you may even be able to find them at your local drugstore. The cost of most types of water bottles can be quite high. If you are looking for a cheaper option then you may want to consider using plastic water bottles. These are generally less expensive and are often reusable.

Many other options are available when it comes to filling balloons. One of the most popular options is to use imitation blimps. There are many novelties online shops that carry these and they are popular for several reasons. One reason is that they do not require any type of storage device so they can be easily stored. They also offer some added fun to the party by being colorful.

Final Words

Whether you want to fill water balloons manually yourself or with some automated tool you want to use. Either way, it is a great means of fun. The study has shown that the greater the fun of any sort greater the chance of survival of a relationship. We hope you have found this article helpful. If you may please share this helpful article with your friends and families who may need a little information about the best way to fill water balloons. Happy playing with balloon game.

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