Can you Jump on a Trampoline While Pregnant?

Are you someone who loves to jump on a trampoline? But now you are pregnant and confused that can you jump on a trampoline while pregnant? You do not need to worry as our complete guide is about this statement.

Pregnancy is a blissful experience for a woman. For nine months, a woman shares a bond with her baby that she has not seen before. The child is dependent on the mother for all the care and nutrition. Therefore taking care of the baby is crucial, as it is essential for both mother and baby.

Getting oneself in any activity that can cause any problem to the baby and the mother itself is highly discouraged by the doctors. Trampolining is one of the many activities that people are perplexed about especially expecting women.

A trampoline is a good source of keeping one’s body in shape and helping a person stay relaxed, but is it suitable for pregnant women? Is it okay to jump on a trampoline during the early stages of pregnancy? A lot of questions like these are answered below in the guide.

The guide includes step-wise details about different stages of pregnancy and the use of trampoline accordingly. We hope you find this helpful article. Let us read ahead. Happy reading!

Advantages of using trampoline during pregnancy


Below, we have listed some of the benefits of using a trampoline during pregnancy. Let us know more about it.

1. Helps against antenatal depression

Suffering from antenatal depression is very common in pregnant women. So what is antenatal depression? It is a state in which the person experiences prolonged sadness and depression, and it can last for weeks and may extend up to a few months.

Women encounter this state because a woman is highly emotional and sensitive during pregnancy. But how can a trampoline be useful? Jumping on a trampoline can help the woman’s body feel relaxed and at ease.

2. Endorphins hormones

Endorphins hormones are also known as happy hormones, and their release creates a comfortable feeling inside the human body. Jumping on a trampoline can help to release these hormones. Due to this, pregnant women can feel happy and stay in a good mood.

3. Unwanted fat

A woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy, and the significant difference is gaining excessive. Therefore, it is vital to strike a healthy balance between eating healthy and not eating unhealthy food. 

Jumping a trampoline can come in handy when losing excessive fat. The trampoline can help you get rid of unwanted fat if you exercise on it.

4. Pain in back

Jumping on a trampoline helps relieve back and joint pain, and it helps the whole body move and experience shake, so the body feels more relaxed and at ease. If you gain extra weight, pain in the back and joints is more likely to happen.

Here the trampoline helps keep the body in shape and pain-free. 

5. Gestational Hypertension

Gestational Hypertension is yet another major issue faced by pregnant women. It is not recommended to use medicines during this problem which makes it difficult for the women to cope with it.

Jumping on a trampoline is quite effective in this matter as it helps to reduce discomfort. 

Pregnant Women Trampoline Workout Ideas

Below we have mentioned some workout ideas to perform on a trampoline while pregnant. Let us know more about it.

Light Bouncing

If there can be one best workout for pregnant women, then the low bounce is the one. The exercise includes bending the knees as much as the women can, and it helps provide strength to the immune system. 

It enables stimulation in the lymphatic system and helps in blood circulation. One can perform this exercise on a trampoline with ease.

Walking In Place

If we have to choose one workout for pregnant women that is easy to perform, walking in place is the best option, and it is simple, easy, and does not burden women. 

This exercise has a lot of benefits, such as improving coordination, maintaining body movements, and improving blood circulation. It is also helpful against knees and joint pain.

Jogging In Place

Mild jogging is yet another famous and valuable exercise for pregnant women. It enables the body to maintain and improve balance and helps in blood circulation.

Trampoline’s use and Different Stages of Pregnancy


Below we have listed trampoline use according to the various stages of pregnancy. Let us know more about it in the following paragraphs.

1. The first trimester 

Starts with the first trimester of the pregnancy. This trimester is considered the most critical and crucial time of pregnancy. In this trimester, doctors suggest light aerobic exercises.

Unless the mother does not feel any pain or feels good, it is not considered harmful to jump on a trampoline. Therefore, jumping on a trampoline during the first trimester is completely fine.

The only factor that one needs to consider is to use the trampoline casually and adequately. During the first trimester, the mother smothers body does not gain much weight, and the body does not undergo any significant changes.

Therefore, the mother can jump on the trampoline to feel good, with breaks at intervals. At any point, if she does not feel good or feels any pain, she should stop immediately.

2. Second trimester

The second trimester of pregnancy calls for weight gain. During this trimester, a women’s body gains a lot of weight compared to the first trimester. As the body gains weight, it becomes hard to maintain balance on the trampoline. Therefore, during the second trimester, it gets a little riskier to use the trampoline as there are chances that you might fall.

Those who are used to jumping on the trampoline from the first trimester are less likely to feel any discomfort than those who have just started. During the second trimester, things go because you think about them. Also, it is not recommended to take any risk during this stage.

3. Third trimester

Now we are talking about the most crucial and sensitive stage of pregnancy; yes, you got it right! It is the third trimester. There is zero chance for any risk during this stage, as it can cause many problems for the mother.

During the third trimester, the body of the mother gains maximum weight. The baby’s position inside the belly of the mother is also very crucial at this stage.

Jumping harshly on the trampoline during the last trimester can put a lot of pressure on the baby, and it, in turn, can also affect the baby’s head placement inside the mother smothers belly.

During the third trimester, the mother’s body gains a lot of weight. Due to this weight, the body loses its balance while jumping on the trampoline. Therefore, indulging in light and straightforward aerobic exercises is recommended, unlike harsh jumping on the trampoline.

Exercise that a Pregnant Woman Should Avoid

Below we have listed some exercises that are not recommended for pregnant women on a trampoline. Let us know more about them.

1. High impact exercises

Any high-impact exercise on the trampoline is strictly prohibited as these exercises can cause many issues for pregnant women.

2. Planks/Push-ups

Planks or push-ups involve a lot of energy consumption and might put a pregnant woman in discomfort. Therefore, it is not recommended to try these exercises on a trampoline during pregnancy. 

3. Pressure on the pelvic floor

Those exercises that can put a lot of pressure on a pregnant woman’s pelvic floor are not recommended at all. 

4. Lying on back

It is discouraged by doctors to perform those exercise that involves lying on the back, especially when it is the third trimester.

5. Breath-holding exercises

Some high-end exercises involve holding of breath. Therefore, it is not recommended by doctors to perform such activities, and it can cause suffocation to the expecting mother and, in turn, can affect the baby’s health.

Jumping on a Trampoline and Miscarriage

If a trampoline can cause a miscarriage or not is a subjective question in itself, and it all depends upon the state of the pregnancy. But broadly speaking, jumping on a trampoline is least likely to cause a miscarriage.

The best advice we would give you is to consult with your OB. If they recommend it, you can try jumping on a trampoline; otherwise, you should wait and rest until you give birth.

If you have time till the delivery of the baby, then you should avoid jumping on the trampoline as it may increase the chances of miscarriage.

Jumping on a Trampoline and Inducing Labor Pains

So the question is, can jumping on a trampoline help induce labor pains? The answer is no. Generating labor pains through jumping on a trampoline is the worst idea one can implement. 

As we know that the last trimester of pregnancy is the most crucial stage, it makes the body lose the ligaments. Due to this, the mother’s body becomes more prone to injuries. Therefore, it is better to have rest and stay away from jumping on a trampoline.

It would be best to go for other options that will enable you to induce labor pains without getting yourself in trouble.


So how can a trampoline help a woman after delivering the baby? Let us know more about it in the following paragraphs.

After delivery, a mother smothers body goes through many different changes and complexities such as gaining weight, unwanted fat, weak pelvic floor, weaker bones, etc. A trampoline can be very useful in combatting all of these situations.

A pregnant woman should wait for at least two months after delivering the baby. The wait is crucial for the woman’s body as it goes through many changes, and it can be sensitive and fragile during this time. 

The woman can perform some light and simple aerobic exercises on the trampoline to feel fresh and relaxed during this time. 

One exercise that is recommended for the woman is post-partum exercise. This exercise will enable the woman to get back into shape and regain her health, and it also provides strength to the pelvic floor.

Safety Precautions

Jumping on a trampoline during pregnancy can be helpful, but still, there are certain risks associated with it. So how can we get rid of those risks? The answer is simple, by following the suitable safety precautions, one can minimize the risks and chances of injuries while jumping on a trampoline.

A pregnant woman can jump all by herself and ensure that she does not encounter any injury. But along with this, there should be another person in the proximity to keep an eye on the woman.

Another safety precaution that a pregnant woman can take while jumping on a trampoline is to use a safety net enclosure around the trampoline. It will help the woman provide a protective cushion against injuries and falls. 

The net will not help prevent the woman from falling off. But it will provide a layer of extra protection.

Trampoline size

If you have decided to jump on a trampoline or not, your final decision is yes. Then we will recommend you to play safe by getting yourself a small or in-home model. So why a small trampoline? A small trampoline will enable you to jump low, and it will also be a lot easier to perform the exercises while staying close to the ground.


Concluding the article, dear readers, we hope you have got the correct answer to your question statement, i.e., “can you jump on a trampoline while pregnant.” In this article above, we have provided information on all the essential things regarding jumping on a trampoline during pregnancy.

Make sure that you consult your OB regarding the trampoline. If you love to exercise, and you wish to keep the exercises in your routine, then soft and light exercise is the right option for you.

You can benefit your friends, family, and colleagues by sharing this article with them. We hope you found this article helpful. Happy jumping!

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