How much weight can a trampoline hold?

Nowadays, the trampoline is a standard play structure in most households, and they are trendy because of the fun they provide. Trampolines are multi-purpose, providing several benefits from playing to fitness to the age group between 18 months to 55 years.

The question is, how much weight a trampoline can hold? It is a never-ending debate, but we have written a well-explained and well-researched article below to answer this question. Every trampoline is unique and has the maximum weight limit to withstand.

To understand and learn which trampoline is best for you, we have mentioned different factors that can affect the weight limit of a trampoline, along with the maximum weight limit for different heights. We hope you get as much information as you can from this article. Happy reading!

What is a trampoline’s weight limit?

The ability of a trampoline to withstand the maximum weight beyond which the trampoline may tear or get damaged is known as the weight limit of a trampoline. Every trampoline has its specific weight limit capacity that depends upon how it is made and what brand launches it.
Every trampoline comes with two kinds of weight limits: the user weight limit and the structural weight limit. A structural weight capacity means how much the trampoline’s ability to bear the weight and how stable it is. At the same time, the user weight limit represents the maximum weight of the user who is using the trampoline.

Both of these weight limits are important, but very few trampolines feature both of these limits. Mostly the user weight limit is mentioned with the trampolines. If you see a trampoline with a maximum user limit of 350lbs. it indicates that a user weighing below 350lbs. can safely use the trampoline.

Factors that affect the trampoline’s weight

Below we have listed some significant factors that can affect a trampoline’s weight.


So to know how much weight a trampoline can hold, the first consideration is the trampoline’s material. The trampoline material should be high-quality galvanized steel, which is rust-proof to withstand any pressure. If the material is of low quality, any amount of weight will break off the trampoline pretty soon.



A trampoline’s frame is another factor that decides how much weight a trampoline can hold. Most trampolines have galvanized steel frames that are made through a long process, and this kind of steel is then ready to bear any weight put on it.

This steel is then 2.5 times denser and heavier in weight than the aluminium alloy frame. Due to its heavyweight, the trampoline stays on the ground ad resists any wrap or bend. The galvanized steel provides a foundation for the trampoline and ensures maximum stability.

Trampoline springs


The main factor behind your perfect jump and bounce is the trampoline springs. They are made up of high-quality galvanized steel that ensures the trampoline stays intact during the jump. High-quality springs support up to 2.5 million bounces, while the standard quality trampoline can let you have around 1 million jumps without any defect.

The length of the spring and the process of making decisions are the deciding factors in the trampoline’s capacity to hold up a certain weight. The standard size of a trampoline spring ranges from 3.5″ (8.9 cm) to 9″ (22.86 cm).

Trampoline mat


Trampoline’s mat is an essential factor in deciding whether a trampoline can hold weight or fall. A trampoline’s mat has all the bodyweight along with the force of the bounce as well.

The material used to make a trampoline’s mat is polypropylene. The fibres of this material are thermally closed and locked together, which turns into a firm layer for the mat’s surface. The polypropylene layer is smooth, flexible, and strong enough to protect the trampoline’s carpet from UV rays.

So if the layers forming the trampoline’s mat are weak and tear-able, the trampoline will not be able to hold weight and will tear up soon.

Trampoline’s weight capacity by the heights of the trampoline

After learning about the main factors behind the weight holding capacity, it is time to know about the different heights of the trampoline and its weight-bearing ability.
Below we have listed some questions. Let’s answer them one by one.

How much weight can a 6ft trampoline hold?

A 6ft trampoline is a good option for a small kid, but you might need to go for a more heightened trampoline for adults or a teenager. A 6ft. Trampoline can support a weight between 40 KG (6 Stone 3 lbs.) and 60 KG (9 Stone 3 lbs.). One good example of a 6ft trampoline can be the Zero gravity Ultima 4 trampoline. This TrampolineTrampoline can withstand a weight of 50 KG (7stone 9Lbs).

How much weight can an 8ft trampoline hold?

As the size of the trampoline increases, the trampoline’s capacity to hold more weight also increases, which means that the weight and the size are directly proportional to each other. An 8ft. trampoline can hold the weight between 50 KG (7 Stone 9 lbs.) and 100 KG (15 Stone 7lbs).
The other aspect of this is that as the size increases, making these more heightened trampolines also varies from height to height. An excellent example of an 8ft. trampoline would be the Plum galvanized steel 8ft. round. This trampoline can hold a weight of around 50KG.

How much weight can a 10 ft. trampoline hold?

Last on the list; we have a10ft. The trampoline can hold a weight between 75 KG (11 Stone 8lbs) and 120 KG (19 Stone). This weight capacity depends on the brand and the quality of the material used in making the trampoline. an excellent example of a 10ft. trampoline can be the zero gravity ultima 4 10 ft. trampoline with a weight holding capacity of up to 100 KG ( 15 stone 7 lbs.)
After discussing the height and weight capacity of ab trampoline, let us now talk a bit about the weight capacity of trampolines for different age groups.

How much weight can a 12ft. trampoline hold?

The maximum weight limit of a 12ft. trampoline is between 250-300 pounds. An excellent example of this trampoline will be Skywalker Trampolines 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline. This trampoline is a good option for teenagers between 15-18.

What is the weight capacity of a trampoline made for toddlers?

A small toddler trampoline is suitable for kids between 18-months to 3 years. These trampolines are smaller in size and specially designed by keeping in mind the safety of the toddlers. These trampolines can withstand a weight between 20 KG (3 Stone 1 lbs.) and 30 KG (4 Stone 7 lbs.). An excellent example of this kind of trampoline can be the plum junior bouncer trampoline that can hold a weight of 25 KG (3 Stone 9lbs).

What is the weight capacity of a trampoline made for mini kids?

The weight holding capacity of a mini kids trampoline is between 30 KG (4 Stone 7 lbs.) and 50 KG (7 Stone 9lbs). These trampolines have increased weight holding capacities and are more heightened. The red FirstE 55” Kids First Trampoline with Safety Net Enclosure can be an excellent example of this kind of trampoline with a weight holding capacity of 45 KG (7 Stone).

Weight limit of a trampoline by the size

Below we have listed the maximum weight limit of a trampoline by its size

Rectangular trampolines

A rectangular trampoline has a maximum weight limit between 300 to 500lbs.

Round shape trampolines

A round shape trampoline has a maximum weight limit between 200 to 350lbs.

Oval shape trampolines

An oval shape trampoline has a maximum weight capacity of 500lbs.


Concluding the article, we have tried our best to provide as much information as possible regarding “how much weight a trampoline can hold“. Along with mentioning different weight capacities, we have also provided our readers with some real examples to know what to buy.

We have clearly explained why each trampoline is specific and different based on brand, process of making, and height. For example, you will not like to have a bad accident by getting a 6ft. trampoline for your 16 years old kid.

So it is better to know about the trampoline, your weight capacity, the brand, the trampoline’s weight capacity, and the material used before getting a trampoline. We hope this article helps you find your perfect pick. Don’t forget to share your trampoline name in below comment box.