How To Keep a Trampoline From Blowing Away?

On this page, you will get the answer to how to prevent the trampoline from blowing away? As we all know that Trampoline is an excellent way of fun and joy for an entire family. Trampoline is quite common now. Every person wants to have this trampoline in his backyard. It helps to engage your kids in a fun activity and uses by an adult to exercise by jumping and burn their calories.

We live in an era of lockdown where our kids have nothing to do in the indoor activity. But if you have a trampoline in your house, then your kids never get bored. A trampoline is an excellent option for both kids and adults to get amused. Its protection is also essential. Because if it gets blown, then getting another one is critical.

So if you have a trampoline in your house, try to keep your trampoline from blowing away. As you know, storms and strong winds are pretty standard and do not come on our invitation. It just comes suddenly, and if you do nothing to secure your trampoline, it will blow away in a second. You know it is challenging to buy as it is costly but a significant need for a house.

how to keep a trampoline from blowing away
how to keep a trampoline from blowing away

And a blowing trampoline can damage things, injured any person, or might damage your trampoline. To avoid all these things, you should follow some ways to secure your trampoline from blowing.

Best Way To Keep Trampoline From Blowing Away

The trampoline quickly blows in the strong wind because of its large surface area. If you think you place your trampoline in a low wind area, there is no storm guarantee. A storm can come for that time. Your trampoline security should be reliable because a blowing trampoline can be stuck in your electric power lines and can be dangerous. 

Use The Anchor Kits

The simple and easy way to keep your trampoline from blowing is using an anchor kit. It holds a giant trampoline during strong winds. By using a different method, you can tie down the anchor kit. You should choose your anchor kit according to the location and type of trampoline.

An anchor kit must be compatible with your trampoline because it is a security need. A good quality anchor kit hooks your trampoline with the ground during strong wind and provides the best security.

An anchor kit comes in different shapes and all use for the security purpose of the trampoline. They comprise galvanized steel. And it does not get loose during everyday use.

Types of Anchor Kit

There are two basic types of anchor kits.

  1. U-shaped trampoline anchors
  2. Augers aka Corkscrew trampoline anchors.

U-Shaped Trampoline Anchors

It is a cheap and reliable option for holding a trampoline with the ground. As the name says, it is U shaped structure and made up of steel. And you can fix them with a hammer around the trampoline poles.

You faced no hassle in installing them and can fix them in stiff clay quickly. It is the best for low wind area and fills a regular need for; all protection.

How to Install U-shaped Wind Stake

  • Place a wind stack over the leg of a trampoline.
  • Start hitting with a hammer until it gets to fix.
  • Always position each stack at the center of the trampoline leg. It provides more stability and balances with each leg distance.
  • If you want to remove a stack, you can use a screwdriver for pulling it out.

Augers aka Corkscrew trampoline anchors

Augers, aka Corkscrew trampoline anchor, is the best option to keep your trampoline from blowing. Because it is shaped to provide excellent fixing than the straight or small one, but it required more time to set up because of its shape. 

It holds the trampoline in an intense wind situation because it provides heavy-duty. It is a little expensive than other stacks.

How To Install Auger-Style Anchors

  • This anchor kit has four steel augers and four adjustable nylon straps.
  • You need to screw the auger into the ground on each side of the trampoline leg.
  • Now attach the straps to keep it in one area.
  • Measure 1-1.5 feet inward from each trampoline leg to place the auger perfectly.
  • on the trampoline frame loop, the straps 
  • Now tie the other end of the strap over the auger, and all done. But make sure there should be no twist in the belt.
  • Feed the other end of the buckle through the strap and tighten it.
  • Fixed over one anchor with one leg provide more protection to your trampoline.

U-Shaped vs Corkscrew/Augers Anchors

Both stacks work well but as per their capacity. U-shaped trampoline anchor is cheap and works best in the moderate windy area. It can resist up to 60 KG. So, if you live in a solid windy climatic area, then a heavy-duty anchor kit is the best option for keeping the trampoline from blowing away. A heavy-duty anchor kit is pricey and can resist up to 150 kg. Your trampoline will be secure in the highest storms.

The Sandbags Method To Secure Trampoline

Sand Bag for trampoline blowing away
Use SandBags to Secure Trampoline

Yes, it is also an effective way. How does it work? Well, as you know, the trampoline has no weight that is the reason it quickly blows in the solid wind. So, placing sandbags on each leg of the trampoline make it heavy. And a heavy object can not blow. But if the pressure of the wind is much stronger than the weight of the bags, then it won’t work.

How to Secure a Trampoline on Concrete?

Sometimes you place your trampoline on the concrete. Concrete is a hard surface, and you can not use an anchor kit on this. So, in that case, you can use sandbags. Sandbags are heavy and protect your trampoline from blowing away.

But if you permanently place your trampoline on concrete, fix its leg with bolts or straps to avoid any loss and keep yourself tension-free.

How to Secure Your Trampoline During a Hurricane?

  • Now weather forecast allows you to know bout the weather. And if you think it is the time of hurricane due to the weather changing. Then go first to secure your trampoline. Because a blowing trampoline is also dangerous for your home or neighbor’s home, so follow these steps to keep the trampoline from blowing away.
  • Net can cause big trouble if blow. First, detach your trampoline’s net and keep it indoors until the weather becomes normal. Otherwise, your net will get destroy and also damage other things.
  • Now remove the jumping mat and keep it inside.
  • Check each leg anchor. If it gets loose, fix it.
  • Check your trampoline. If you feel it is not tightly fixed and needed more support, install more anchor kits to avoid blowing.
  • You can also add extra protection by putting sandbags on each leg of the trampoline as the hurricane strength is unpredictable. 

By following these steps, you can be free from the worry and anxiety of your trampoline blowing.

Tips To Prevent Trampoline From Blowing Away

  • Disassemble your trampoline if you have any news about the weather, the hurricane, or strong winds. It is very hectic, but a better option to avoid any loss and danger.
  • As you know, a blowing trampoline can harm property and neighbor’s property too.
  • Detach the net or lower the net after use. Because a safety net easily carries by the wind. But do not bring the pole down because it’s challenging to set it again.
  • Always tie your trampoline by using a solid quality anchor kit because excellent investment lasts longer. It also suitable for the safety of your kids while jumping, so do not compromise on it.
  • You can also keep your trampoline indoors if you have enough space. It is also an excellent option to keep yourself hassle-free.
  • Use sandbags to increase weight, but it is not a reliable option because it is not suitable for the storm.

How Much Wind Will Lift a Trampoline?

According to a report, a trampoline can be lifted and blow at the 40mph speed of the wind. But it also depends on the location of the trampoline. If trees and barriers surround a trampoline, it is difficult for the wind to blow it away.

Some times high fence and walls also act as a barrier and protect your trampoline from blowing away.

Emergency Ways To Move Your Trampoline Without Dismantling

Dismantling a trampoline is a time-consuming task. And sometimes you are in a hurry to move it without wasting your time.

And if you are not successful in assembling it again, then you will face difficulty.

To avoid this hassle, here are two ways to move your trampoline.

But remember, these tricks work on the mini-trampoline. If your trampoline is giant, you need more people to move it, and it will be not easy.

1. Trampoline wheels

Moving a trampoline is a difficult task for a single person. So, to make this easy, you can add wheels to your trampoline. You are thinking from where you get the wheels?

So, you can buy trampoline wheels on any online shopping site. By adding wheels to your trampoline, you can quickly move it and place it in a safe area where it can not blow in the air. 

Disadvantages of Wheels

  • Before buying wheels, you should check that the wheel appropriate for your trampoline. Every trampoline has a different size
  • remember to take off the wheels before kids or anyone jumping or enjoying the trampoline. Otherwise, it may be perilous and can cause an accident. If your trampoline moves while jumping due to wheels.
  • Wheels are expensive.

Advantages of Wheels

  • Adding wheels to your trampoline will be a great help for you to move it from your desire area without any effort.
  • There are a variety of sizes available to fit in the trampoline.
  • You can quickly fix wheels on your trampoline.
  • You can clean your yard by moving your trampoline to another site with the help of wheels.
  • Your trampoline quickly moves with a bit of push with the help of wheels. So you never get tired.

2. Sliding The Trampoline

Suppose you do not want to buy expensive wheels. Then you can also slide your trampoline by applying WD40. WD40 is a petroleum-based lubricant use to lubricate the metal. You need to apply WD40 under each leg of a trampoline. It helps you to slide your trampoline easily to a safe area.

Disadvantage Of Sliding

  • It will slightly damage your yard or lawn, but it will recover soon. 
  • After applying WD40, you still need a helper to move your trampoline.
  • You can get hurt while applying, so do it carefully.

Advantages Of Sliding

  • It is a cheaper method.
  • you don’t need to install or remove anything,


Keeping your trampoline from blowing is not tricky. You just need to adopt some techniques and precautions. Living in a high wind area creat problem in keeping the trampoline, but anchoring it with the best anchor kit help to secure it. Another way to securing a trampoline is by using sandbags, but it is effective for low wind areas.

Hurricanes and strong winds are always a threat to the trampoline. The best thing is to keep it indoors during these climate situations. If a trampoline blows, it can cause damage, and it will also get damaged. So to avoid an accident and value your expense, follow the ways mentioned above to secure your trampoline.

After all, it is a significant way of joy for kids and adults. A trampoline is an expensive thing. If one gets damaged, you never want to spend money gain on it. Secure your trampoline in every possible way and get free from depression and anxiety. Be prepared for any emergency and work smartly to keep your trampoline from blowing away.

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