How to Make a Single Rope Tree Swing Step by Step Guide

You are here on this page to know the best way to make a single rope tree swing. I swing on a single rope tree always. It is great fun for me even now. Whenever I visit a garden or picnic place, I try to find a single rope swing. It gives me great pleasure. I am sure you love it too. That is why I find out how can I make a single rope tree swing in my backyard. In this read, I will tell you a complete step-by-step guide with the critical point on how to make a single rope tree swing?

Making a single rope tree is straightforward. All just you need the supplies, a tree in your backyard, and an hour. So make it and give your kids the best gift to get amused in their backyard and have fun with them.

Let’s started with the thing you required to have a Swing in an Hour;

How to Make a Single Rope Tree Swing
Single Rope Tree Swing and Two Little Girls Playing With It.

Things You Required

  • 1/2 or large diameter rope, first of all, to create a rope swing, you need the supplies. Ensure your all stores are there so you can work with flow and don’t get distracted while making your rope swing.
  • A substantial 36″ 2×8 wooden board like walnut or Oak or red cedar because they provide firm support to your swing.
  • Two same strong types of wood support pieces of 4″2×8
  • Drill Machine
  • Nails or Screws
  • Hammer
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil or Marker
  • Chop or Skill Saw
  • Wood Spade Bit

How to Making A Single Rope Tree Swing Step by Step

Here are some steps which help you make your single rope tree.

Get Ready Your Wooden Board

  • cut the board and make it desire size 36″ of 2×8
  • saw the main wood seat.
  • now measure your supportive two pieces of wood and saw them too
  • Cut and round the edges to make it more comfortable with the help of a type of handsaw or jigsaw. (optional)
  • Sand the wood with sandpaper to make it smooth.
  • Align your supportive 4″ woodblock at both corners of the primary seat.
  • Apply nails on each side to attach the blocks.
  • Add more nails or screws opportunities activities upper side to make it more secure.
  • Drill the holes for the rope.
  • You can also paint your wood board by applying primer first to get a better result.

What Type of Rope do You Need?

Rope type is essential because all the support depends upon the quality of the rope. Usually we recommend the strong kit like tire swing rope kit.

To make a strong rope tree, you will need a 5/8″ twisted rope. And the diameter of the rope should be thick because a thicker rope is more comfortable and supportive compared to a thinner one.

The twisted rope makes a strong loop and less costly, so go for the twisted one.

Steps for preparing a rope

  • Cut the rope into two five-foot strands.
  • Heat the end of the rope until it melts.
  • Now thread one end through the top and make a knot underneath the seat.
  • Repeat it for the second hole.
  • Now attach the climbing carabiner to each side of the seat.

First, select the right sight. 

Make sure you select the site for your swing will be safe and sound. The place where swing land should be clear and has no obstacle to it. Because if a kid jumps off the tree swing may get hurt by the barrier.

So do a proper visit before hanging your swing.

How to find the right tree?

Finding a sturdy tree is an important step. Make sure you select a thick branches tree with a height of at least 15 feet above the ground. The tree should be healthy and can easily bear the swing and weight of a person. Also, check the limb is firm enough and has minimum weak or dead branches.

How to hang a rope swing from a tree?

  • Once you find a healthy branch, then measure your rope from where you hang it.
  • Leave 3 feet for the knotting.
  • Cut two identical strands:
  • now tie a double bowline knot in each rope.

What is a double bowline knot?

  • It is commonly used to hang a rope swing.
  • First, make two small coils near to each other and then layer on top of each other.
  • Open the hole which is underneath the coil and secure the knot into this coil.
  • Now secure the knotted edge over the tree branch.
  • Pass the other end into the hole and tighten it to move the knot at its place.
  • When ropes are fixed at their position, tie additional knots and add a carabiner to the rope end.
Best Way to Hang Single Rope Tree Swing by Double bowline knot
Double bowline knot and Wood Tie Inside

Make sure your swing should be two feet above the ground.

Adjust and Test

Now it is a significant step to check the safety hazard. Before a kid, an adult should sit and swing it because the weight adjusts and fixed the knot and also help to prevent how strong your rope tree swing is. If you have an excess rope, then cut it off and enjoy your rope tree swing.

Tips to make a strong rope tree swing

  • Use a sturdy wood
  • Select the healthy branch tree that is living and vital.
  • The sight should be clean from any obstacle or hard object.
  • A braided or twisted rope is more secure.
  • First, check by an adult to avoid any security hazard.
  • Supervised your child while playing with a single rope tree.


Making any DIY rope swing on a tree is easy. Once you make it, you have endless opportunities to have fun with your kids. Or it also keeps them engaged while you are doing some work.

As we are going through a lockdown era and kids get bored while staying at home all the time. So by doing these types of little fun activities, you can help them get outdoor activity and enjoy this swing. You never regret spending money on making a single rope tree. It will always be a fruitful investment for you and your kids.

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