How to Protect Trampoline from Sun Damage?

Buying a trampoline is a fun process but keeping proper care of it requires extra attention especially in the summers, it is difficult to protect the trampoline from sun damages. Often we see that the color of the material fades away and the net becomes less erect. Do you know its reason? Let us answer you, it is all caused because by extra exposure to the sun’s harsh rays. 

Sun’s rays can affect various parts of the trampoline such as the mat, net, color, springs, and jumping experience. The mat can get super-hot which makes it difficult to jump on it and enjoy the time. The net can also become vulnerable and can be damaged easily. Therefore, it is very crucial to take proper care of the trampoline whether it is in-ground or above the ground trampoline.

Sometimes, it makes it look so old within the first few months of purchase that people return it within the warranty, well to save our trampoline users from this process and hustle we have written this article. Our article includes ways that would help you to protect your trampoline without investing a lot of money.

Protect Trampoline Form Sun
Some Trees and playground Trampoline under the Sun

What are the best ways to Protect Trampoline from Sun?

Whether it is a ground trampoline or an above-the-ground trampoline, both are easily exposed to the sun, but if we compare both of them, then the above-the-ground trampoline is lead because it is much taller and exposed to harmful rays of the sun. 

Below we have some basic ways through which you can protect the trampoline from the sun.

  • Position of the trampoline.
  • Material.
  • Shades.
  • Tent.
  • Wooden roof.
  • Periodic inspection. 
  • Trampoline covers. 

Position of the Trampoline

The best way to protect the trampoline from the harsh sun’s rays is the position of the trampoline in the backyard or the garden. You will need to adjust and position it in such a place where it is least exposed to the rays. 

It is a tough choice because some people like to have a taste of both the main weathers that is summers and winters. You will need to think and make a decision very thoroughly before finalizing a position for the trampoline. 

For an above the ground trampoline, you will need to look for a big space that is not exposed to the rays. For a sunken trampoline, you can easily adjust it under a tree, but be sure that there are no hanging branches as it can dangerous for your kids.

Useful for

  • In-ground trampoline.
  • Above the ground trampoline.


Another hack that you can use to protect your trampoline from the sun is to have a look at the material of the trampoline. If you are intending to use it in summers, you can choose a light color net for it. As light colors absorb little sunlight. In this way, your trampoline would be safe from even the little sun rays that are reaching out to it. 

Useful for

  • In-ground trampoline.
  • Above the ground trampoline.


You can also cover your trampoline by adding shades to certain areas where you can notice that the sun is reaching out. For an above-the-ground trampoline, you might need more shades as compared to a sunken trampoline. The shades will not only help to keep the trampoline cool but also provide an extra layer of protection from the sun. 

Useful for

  • In-ground trampoline.
  • Above the ground trampoline.


In case, you do not find an area to hide your trampoline from the intense rays of the sun, you can make an extra purchase and get a tent. Under the tent, you can easily hide your trampoline and play your favorite games and basketball without getting in direct contact with the sun. Tents play an equally important role in the protection of both in-ground and above-the-ground trampolines.

Useful for

  • In-ground trampoline.
  • Above the ground trampoline.

Wooden roof

To save your trampoline from the sun, you can place it under a wooden roof. A wooden roof will not only protect too from the sun but also rain. 

Periodic inspection

Period inspection of the trampoline is important to keep a track of its durability that whether the harsh rays of the sun are treating your product right or not. This will help to detect any damages right on time that can be treated without further delay. If the damages are not detected on time, it will cause further, irreparable damage to occur. 

Before getting started on the trampoline, just take a few minutes out and inspect carefully around the trampoline. Notice the changes or any wear and wear. Also, address some safety precautions to your kids before your kids start to jump on the trampoline. This is good for both in-ground and the ground trampoline as both can cause serious issues and extra expenses.

Trampoline Protective Covers

Protective covers for trampolines are easily available in the market for all sizes whether the trampoline is 12 ft. or 15 ft. they serve several benefits like protects against snow, wind, sun, and rain. However, there are certain precautions you will need to take before covering the trampoline in the plastic cover.

 Before placing the trampoline inside the cover make sure there is no air trapped inside as it will invite mildew to grow. Make sure you change the cover every week and dry it out before using it. This method is applicable on both sunken and above the ground trampoline but for the latter case it might be difficult as it is difficult to assemble and dissemble. 

Useful for

  • In-ground trampoline.
  • Above the ground trampoline.


Concluding the whole article, trampolines are a great source of fun and exercise. They are expensive and need extra care all year long moving through different weathers and seasons. Therefore, it is important to keep them under some sort of cover or do some other arrangements for them to be protected from the sun’s harsh rays.

You can use a tent or a wooden roof to keep it safe and protected. As the sun’s rays are extremely harsh in summers and can cause serious damage to your product, it can either damage the material or cause a difference in the color and fade it away. Therefore, keeping it protected is very important for its durability and useful life, also it is a good investment to save you from future loss.


  1. Which type of trampoline is more likely to be damaged by the sun, above-the-ground, or in-ground trampoline?

Sun rays can reach both types of trampoline unless it has some kind of blockage. It all depends upon the location of the trampoline. If it is exposed to the sun, it can affect the colors and overall appearance of the trampolines.

  1. What is an ideal space where I can put my trampoline?

An ideal space for your trampoline would be the one that is away from the harsh sun rays and heavy rainfalls. As sun rays can damage its overall look and heavy rainfalls can make it prone to rust.  

  1. What are some of the most common injuries that a child can encounter because of a trampoline?

A trampoline is fun until it makes you go to an emergency ward. In the ground, trampolines are less likely to cause an injury as compared to an above the ground trampoline. Injuries can include wounds, fractures, and head injuries.

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