How to Put a Net on a Trampoline ? Easily & Effectively [Step by Step Guide]

Jumping on a trampoline can be a lot of fun, but what if you fall off from it? Well, you need something that can provide you with the proper protection so you can enjoy your time. That something is a safety net. Yes, a safety net! It is designed to cover the trampoline and protect the jumpers from falling on the ground.

But how do we assemble it? Well, you do not need to worry as our complete guide is about it. We will help you out to learn the step-by-step process. 

Most users find it very difficult how to put up the net on a trampoline. But the truth is it is not. Yes, if you know how to do it, it is a piece of cake. Our guide is all about it. Let us read ahead!

What is a safety net?

A safety net enclosure is an essential tool you need to have while getting a trampoline. It has the primary purpose of protecting the jumpers, and it reduces the risk of falling on the ground. So in this, it ensures that no matter how high you jump, you land safely on the mat. 


The safety net surrounds the trampoline from all sides and is quite helpful for the safety of little children.  

The safety net is made up of high-quality synthetic material. The material is used to manufacture a lot of sports and exercise gear. The material is durable and makes sure that the net remains sturdy enough to bear extreme stress.

A trampoline features a metal frame, which is dangerous if you contact it during the jump. The net makes sure that you do not get in contact with it.

How to put a net on a trampoline?

Putting a net on a trampoline is a time-consuming task but not a difficult one. The process below is general and can be applied to almost all trampolines. Each trampoline has its functionalities, but this method will tackle practically all trampolines.

Make sure you follow the instructions step by step to get to the results.


Below, we have listed the materials you will need to complete the process.

  • Enclosure net
  • Rope
  • Lower poles
  • Upper poles
  • PVC sleeve
  • Pole caps
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Phillip screwdriver
  • Spring pulling device

Step No 1 

Get all the materials

The first step is to write a checklist of all the things you will do during the process. The process might get stuck if you miss on any of the material. These can include poles, netting, hangers, connectors, etc.

Step No 2 

Reserve an open space

Before installing the setup, you will need to do some homework at your home and look for open space. Please make sure the area is spacious that can let you install it at peace without any trouble. You will need to check around you for a fence or trees to put the net safely.

Step No 3

Attach the poles

The next step is starting step of assembling the net. You will need to gather all the poles, mark them, and then begin attaching them in their respective areas carefully. Stay alert; if one stick gets into the wrong hole, it will start the process again.

Step No 4

Conceal the springs and poles

After successfully attaching the poles, you will need to add some soft covers or pads to cover the springs and rods. It will help to protect the kids from getting injured by them.

Step No 5

Place the net

Here comes the netting part. Now you will have to take out the net, unfold it, and spread it over the trampoline’s surface. Please find out the bottom of the net and then tie it to the trampoline poles. Make sure you connect on the right spots. After this, you will have to place the sleeves of the net over the bars. 

Step No 6

The bungee cord

One tool that you cannot forget is the bungee cord. Yes, a bungee cord. This cord is crucial in protecting the kids and adults against rolling underneath the netting. Take the bungee cord and tightly weave it all around the bottom of the net, and after that, attach it to the trampoline frame. 

Step No 7

Protect the net

The net is now installed, but you will notice that it is not tight. It is because it is still loose, and you will have to tie it to the upper side of the net to secure it. 

Step No 8

Checking everything once again

Now that the net is installed, you will need to recheck everything. Check the knots, connections, and pole locations. It will help you to fill some left-over gaps. 

Step No 9

Practical application

The only step that is left is the testing of the net. You will need to use the trampoline and check if it is okay for daily use. 

Cost of a trampoline net

Getting an affordable trampoline might not cause you a substantial financial burden, but buying extra accessories with it can be a trouble. But you do not have to worry as a trampoline net is not that expensive; it is pretty budget-friendly. 

A good quality trampoline net will cost you below $100. Make sure you get the one with the highest reviews and belongs to a reputable company, as we would not want you to end up in a mess. 

There are a lot of trampolinesnet available in the market, and each one has its price range according to the specifications that it offers. The prices vary according to the size, durability, and brand. But mostly, you will find the trampoline nets ranging from $40-$150, which is not bad!

Types of trampoline Net

There are various types of trampoline Nets. Let us know them one by one.

  • Poles with fibreglass.
  • Arched poles.
  • Straight-curved poles.
  • Straight poles.

1. Poles with fibreglass 

Poles with fibreglass nets are specially manufactured for those trampolines that come with a safety net enclosure, straight along with a large ring at the top. This helps to support the net. 

They are available in various sizes and fit according to the trampoline’s diameter, and they match the size of the trampoline. They are made up of one of the three materials, i.e. fibreglass, steel, or rod.

2. Arched poles

These types of nets are made to support trampolines with a safety net enclosure connected at the top of the net. They are similar to the “n” or upside-down” u” shape. The net may come with one of the two tools, either with a buckle strap or a sleeve.

3. Straight-curved poles

These types of nets are made for trampolines with a safety net enclosure whose poles are straight along with a slight inward bend at the top. The stakes have blue caps at the top.

4. Straight poles

These nets are made especially for those trampolines whose safety net enclosure is straight. They come with blue-coloured caps where the bolts are used to connect the nets. 

Buying guide for trampoline nets

You might know by now how to put a net on a trampoline, but what if you do not get a safety net with the trampoline’s package. You will have to know how to buy a safety net. All the necessary details for you are mentioned in the buying guide. Let us read further.

They are as follows.

  • Size of the net.
  • Installation.
  • Material.
  • Budget. 
  • Weight. 
  • UV protection. 

1. Size of the net

The first factor that you need to consider is the size of the net, and the size of the net should be in resonance with the size of the trampoline. Most of the trampolines in the market are available in dimensions of 244 cm, 305 cm, 366 cm, and 427 cm. 

There should be a gap of around 4cm between the net and the trampoline. You will need to make sure that the yield you get is the same size as that of the net.

2. Installation process

The majority of the safety nets have a general process for installation. But make sure you read the trampoline manual before getting into the process, as it will save you a lot of time.

3. Material

Most of the trampoline safety nets are manufactured using good quality soft polyethene. Make sure you get a safety net that offers you quality and durability, as you will not want to spend money again and again.

Polyethylene is a kind of plastic, and it is the main component in the manufacturing of safety nets. It can be molded to get into different shapes.

4. Budget

The next factor that you need to consider is the price of the safety net. Get yourself the one that suits your budget. 

5. Weight

The weight of a trampoline safety net is directly proportional to the longevity and durability of the safety net. More the heavier is the net, the more durable it is.

6. UV protection

You will need to look for a trampoline safety net that offers you protection against the harsh rays of the sun. It should work both ways; one is that it should protect the jumpers from getting under the sun’s rays, and the second is that it should preserve the net itself from getting damaged by the sun. 

The more it possesses UV-protection properties, the more you will have a better and durable net.


Concluding the article, a trampoline is the most common tool used nowadays for various purposes such as exercises, jumping, and spending some quality time. They are getting widespread, and almost every household has them. 

Trampolines can also get you in trouble by making you face some accidents. To protect you from that, we have mentioned nine easy steps to help you to set up a net on a trampoline. Just by learning how to do that, you can prevent the chances of a lot of accidents and mishaps

We hope you found out the helpful guide. One suggestion from our side is to make sure you look at the trampoline manual before starting the setup process, and this will help you save a lot of time. 


Q.1 How to secure a safety net on a trampoline?

Answer: Before buying a trampoline safety net, you will need to ensure that you have the accurate and correct measurements of your trampoline. The next step is to assemble the safety net just like you did for the trampoline. Here comes the most crucial part, which is securing the catch and tightening the bolts.

Make sure you tighten the bolts into the poles and weave the net cord around the trampoline. This will prevent the jumper from getting into accidents. 

Q.2 What is the estimated cost for the trampoline’s safety net?

Answer: Well, you do not need to worry about the cost of a trampoline safety net as they are pretty affordable. Most of them come with a price tag of $45 and $65, and they are best suited for 12-15reet trampolines.

Q.3 Is it possible to lock the trampoline safety net?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to lock the safety net for protection. Find the doorway overlaps and weave a solid steel cable through the net. After that, you can use a padlock to secure the safety net. 

This prevents the entry of anyone trying to get into the trampoline. It also contains the pets from getting into the trampoline.

Q.4 Can a safety network be in a windy area?

Answer: Yes, it does works. All you have to do is tie the net to the ground with the help of some anchors.