Pros and Cons of Trampoline Exercise in 2021

Hey! this is Cuzy Man comes with a new topic that is all about the pros and cons of trampoline exercise. As we all know that the trampolines are a great way for your kids to have fun, exercise, and have fun – all at the same time! They are the best kind of gym equipment you can get for all your family members because they give multiple benefits. 

Before you start buying, there are some pros and cons to consider. For example, rebounding on trampolines is an excellent form of exercise, as they help build up your core muscles and improve your cardiovascular fitness. But if you are looking to buy trampolines for recreation, then you need to know more about some of the pros and cons of trampolines exercises.

Pros and Cons of trampoline exercise
Pros and Cons of trampoline exercise

Pros of the Trampolines Exercise

Everybody love bouncing and jumping but when it comes to exercise trampoline has many advantages of trampoline exercise. Before going toward disadvantages and drawbacks, below we have some Cons of trampoline exercise.

1. Burn Extra Calories to Stay Fit

1st Pros of a trampoline exercise are: A recent study by the Kids Fitness Foundation found that jumping on trampolines can actually burn about 500 extra calories for every individual jumping on one. This means that not only do they burn the calories when they jump, but when they land, jumping can actually release those calories into their bodies as well! 

This is important because it means that instead of using up energy through the day by moving around or even sitting down, you are able to release that energy through the jumping motion which can be very beneficial.

2. Helps You Improve Your Vertical Jump

2nd Benefit of trampoline exercise is: Jumping on trampolines also helps improve your vertical. A number of studies have shown that jumping on a trampoline provides just the right amount of resistance to increase bone density and provide resistance for improved leg strength. 

Additionally, exercising on a trampoline has the added benefit of improving cardiovascular fitness while simultaneously burning calories. These workouts are similar to those you would do for cardiovascular workouts, only you don’t have to go outside. When you exercise like running or jogging outdoors, you are burning a lot more calories in a shorter amount of time.

3. More Effective Because of Your Whole Body Movement

3rd Advantage of trampoline exercise is: Many people wonder how a bouncing ball can help you lose body fat. Because jumping on trampoline forces you to use almost all of your muscles while bouncing, this helps you to burn more calories than if you were just walking or jogging outdoors. 

Additionally, you will find that your lungs will become stronger as you exercise on a trampoline because you are expanding your lung capacity and taking in more oxygen when you are expending energy like running.

4. Exercise with a Variety of Different Kinds of Intensity Levels

4th Pros of Trampoline exercise is: One of the other reasons that jumping on a trampoline exercise can help you increase your workout is that rebounding is required. Rebounds are where you return to the starting point after jumping. Your muscles become sore, but your heart and lungs are not yet used to the exertion. This is why it is important that you exercise with a variety of different kinds of intensity levels. It is much easier to increase your stamina when you are working with a variety of rebounding styles.

There is no doubt that the benefits of trampoline exercise are great. These benefits include everything from better heart health to increased stamina and more. One of the newest benefits that a recent study has discovered involves how rebounding can make you more alert. The best part of all of this is that you do not have to spend a lot of time on a rebounder. You can simply take a short walk around your neighborhood and still get the same benefits.

Best Trampoline for Exercise

SONGMICS 40 Inches Mini Fitness Trampoline

SONGMICS 40 Inches Mini Fitness Trampoline
SONGMICS 40 Inches Mini Fitness Trampoline

I well recommend this SONGMICS rebounder for exercise because it is affordable in price and fully featured and the most suitable trampoline for exercise at home and burn your calories. As compared to others it has an adjustable handrail for support in case you become tired. Easily foldable which means portable and you can carry it on your long or short travel distance. The weight load of this rebounder is around 270 lbs, available in two dark charming colors blue and pink with the combination of black. The total weight of this item is 8KG, made with an alloy steel frame that is best for bouncing and gets advantages to improve your cardio at home.

Pros & Cons

  • Better Bouncing
  • Safe in Jumping
  • Price Affordable
  • Portable
  • Easy To assemble
  • Pretty Color Combination
  • Not good for extra heavy adults.

Cons of a Trampoline

Kids love bouncing on a trampoline, which is why manufacturers make them so small. This keeps children from injuring themselves as they play and bouncing. Many athletes use trampolines to bulk up after coming back from college or training. How cool is this?

On the plus side, bouncing on a trampoline can increase your coordination, help in muscle development, increase your flexibility, aid in fat loss, increase your metabolism, and improve your balance without putting too much stress on your bones and joints. But, there are some cons as well. 

1. Injury Causing Factor

1st Cons of Trampoline exercise is: Trampolining can cause injuries to knees, ankles, toes, elbows, and feet. These injuries are caused by jumping without taking into account the angle of the body’s structure when jumping off of the trampoline. For example, bouncing off of a round object without taking the angle of the body into account can lead to a twisting injury.

2. No Surety for How Long the Trampoline Will Last

2nd drawback of Trampoline exercise is: So how can a bouncing trampoline help burn calories? That is the kind of question that no one can answer for sure let alone the risk factor. A recent study reported that a bouncing exercise routine can burn approximately 2021 calories per hour. That’s well worth the time and effort for many fitness enthusiasts. 

The bouncing doesn’t actually push the air out of the lungs, but it does help increase the metabolic rate as it helps increase the number of calories being burned. For those not watching their numbers, these results can be very encouraging.

3. Trampoline without Safety Net

3rd Cons of Trampoline exercise is: Sometimes people feel overconfident and within the moment, whatever that moment be including exercise on a trampoline, they forget about safety and cause damage to their emotional and physical well being. Such might be the case with trampoline without a safety net. You need to avoid such stances.

The Final Words

If you do decide to bounce, one of the best things about rebounding is that it doesn’t require any type of special equipment. No special pads or springs are needed to make the trampoline rebound. All one needs is two feet, some confidence, a good set of jumping mechanics, and a good surface to land on. 

If all three of those things are in order, then jumping on a trampoline will provide an excellent workout. It also provides a great cardiovascular workout while using only one foot.

However, for those who want more than just cardio benefits from bouncing, there is a good reason to consider a hands-on trampoline. A hand-on trampoline allows users to exercise their arms, chest, and legs while jumping. While jumping the air out of the lungs helps increase overall stamina and strength, the same can be said for exercising with your entire body as well. 

For those wanting to build muscle mass and endurance, a hand-on trampoline can be one of the best choices for exercising because it works many muscles at once.

Exercise is the number one reason that people purchase a trampoline. Most trampolines are easy to set up and come with a lot of accessories to help keep you from wasting money on accessories that you don’t need. Jumping on a mini trampoline is a fun way to improve cardiovascular health and stamina while building muscle mass. 

Some of the best exercises like running and bouncing on a trampoline will build long lean muscles that will reduce cellulite and tone the body. Cellulite is the dimpled skin that shows up all over the body of overweight and obese women, particularly in the buttocks, thighs, and stomach areas. Jumping on a trampoline can do wonders for eliminating cellulite, and it’s a great way to enjoy an hour or so of exercise in the privacy of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trampolines (FAQs)

How is the Trampoline Exercise compared to other Exercising?

So far so good. Trampoline is a unique way not just for exercising but for fun intentions as well.

Is it Better to Jump on a Trampoline or Just Run by Your Own?

Both of the exercising ways have their own pros and cons but trampoline’s way is not just the right kind of way but fun too.

How long Should You Train or Exercise On a Trampoline?

The answer to this question lies in yourself. You have to answer this question by yourself because everyone has different stamina and different ways of exercising. Yet if you want us to answer this, thirty minutes of exercising should do it for you.

What is the Right Age for Trampolining?

There was this governing body in the Olympics known as the international Trampoline federation short for ITF, they were active from 1964 to 1998. According to IFT, the Human body learns the best, when exposed to any learning, from the age of 9 to 14.

Is Jumping on Trampoline a Health Hazard

No one calls jumping on the trampoline a health hazard as long as factors

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