Pros and Cons Of Trampoline in 2022 (Massive Guide)

Ever thought about what it would be like to defy gravity? Well, as we wait for science to cover that, you might want to check out a pros and cons of trampoline in the meantime.

Trampoline is a device that, as simple as it seems at the first look, is not something you should buy for yourself or your kids without knowing the pros and cons thoroughly. It can be used for gymnastic, recreational, and health-related activities; but will it be more of a use than a hazard? That is something you need to decide for yourself, as it varies depending on your circumstances and how you use it.

The thrill of defying gravity might end in a crash landing or a lifelong love for trampolines and gymnastics! Let us walk you through some pros and cons of a trampoline that will hopefully make it easier for you to decide if it’s worth buying and evaluate the risks!

Pros and Cons of Trampoline
Pros and Cons of Trampoline

What is the Pros and Cons of Trampoline?

Pros of TrampolinesCons of Trampolines
Coordination and ReflexesInjuries
Improved Bone Mass and Skeletal SystemHomeowner’s Insurance Policy
Low Impact ActivityToo pricey
Improved PostureBurns and Rash
Cardio ExerciseRisk of Accidents
Increased Endorphins ProductionTrampoline Brain Damage
Relax and De-stressGetting more than what you bargained for
ExerciseHealth and Safety
Life SkillsStrict Supervision:
Healthy LifestyleEffects on Backyard
Quick answer of the advantages and disadvantages of having a trampoline in table point vise.

Whether you’re buying a trampoline for yourself or your kids, there are pros of a trampoline in both cases. 

Jumping on a trampoline, also known as rebounding, burns the same amount of calories as running a 10-mile run, how cool is that? It’s always better when you enjoy a task while you’re at it.

And in these times, where kids refuse to move away from their position located in front of the Xbox, if a trampoline gets them to go outside and enjoy some fresh air then why not!

 Let’s get into the rest of the Pros and advantages of trampolines in detail:

Pros of a Trampoline

1. Coordination and Reflexes

Every time you jump on a trampoline, you land at a different angle, which forces you to realign and adjust your body so that you don’t fall face flat and land properly. This heightens the body’s coordination and reflexes, making you better at many other sports at the same time.

2. Improved Bone Mass and Skeletal System

It has been proven by research that jumping on a trampoline increases your bone mass and improves your skeletal system in general. Even Astronauts have used trampolines to regain bone and muscle mass after returning!

3. Low Impact Activity

It may seem like jumping up and down would be hard on your joints, but a trampoline absorbs most of the impact, making the shock waves less severe and hence making it a low impact activity for your feet, legs, and joints.

4. Improved Posture

Using the trampoline regularly improves your posture. These skills are useful in gymnastics, diving, and even ballet!

5. Cardio Exercise Advantages

Normal cardio exercises can’t be more fun than using a trampoline which improves the heart rate and breath rate – a major pro of a trampoline. Fun fact: Jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes provides a better cardio workout than a 30-minute run! Cut your legs some slack here

6. Increased Endorphins Production

Trampoline usage boosts endorphins released by the brain. This, in turn, helps to fight anxiety, depression, and stress

7. Relax and De-stress

Jumping on a trampoline or jumping at all might seem like the last thing you want to do after a full day at work, but it actually helps the bouncers to relax and de-stress, regulating their sleep cycles and in turn providing them with much-needed energy for the next day.

8. Pros of Trampoline Exercise

The trampoline engages a wide range of muscles including your thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and back. It also strengthens your core power and is an efficient way of burning calories. For e.g: The latest researches have shown that men burn an average of 12.4 calories per minute on the trampoline, while women burn 9.4 per minute. Here we have a detailed discussion on the pros and cons of trampoline exercise.

9. Life Skills Benefits

Trampoline tricks are not something you can learn overnight, and the time it takes to master those skills will develop the quality of persistence and patience in kids and adults likewise.

10. Healthy Lifestyle Advantages

This is the last benefit in the list of pros and cons of a trampoline. Inactivity and obesity are hazards that are taking root in our society increasingly fast, therefore getting a trampoline is a great way to encourage kids to keep healthy and shoo them away from their devices so that they can go out and get some much-needed fresh air!

The use of a trampoline without proper guidance, safety measures, and adult supervision -specifically in the case of children- may lead to accidents that can cause severe to mild injuries. In the US alone, more than 10,000 trampoline injuries are treated every year, 85% being child injuries and 15% adult ones.

It goes without saying that a lot of cons too need to be considered while deciding if you want to buy a trampoline or not. Here is a list of things you might want to know:

Let’s get into the rest of the Cons of Trampoline:

Cons of a Trampoline

1. Injuries Drawback

Children have fragile bones that are still developing and in the process of fusion. Falling from an off-ground trampoline can cause fractures, sprains, spinal, neck, and head injuries and may even result in life-long injuries or trauma in severe cases.

2. Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Your homeowner’s insurance might not allow trampoline ownership in its policy, or if it does, there are chances it might not cover you in case of injuries. Make sure you talk with your insurance company before buying one so that you know all the risks.

3. Too Pricey

Owning a trampoline is costly. Mini trampolines cost around $50 to $100, and if you want to master tricks and flip a mini trampoline won’t suffice so you’ll have to buy a big one which costs around $500 to $1000 (including enclosures). The price goes on increasing depending upon the quality of the enclosure ( and if it’s in-ground) reaching up to a whopping $1500!

4. Burns and Rash

Rubbing against the rough mesh fabric of the trampoline causes friction which may result in a rash or a burn.

5. Risk of Accidents

The tarp of the trampoline is surrounded by springs that make several small openings. If a bouncer gets too close to the edge, the risk of an arm, leg, or head passing through those openings increases which may result in injuries.

6. Trampoline Brain Damage Cons

Children and adults alike over-estimate themselves and try tricks and flips without mastering them, mostly opting to try them on a whim without proper guidance. This overconfidence is the major cause of the more severe injuries. Make sure you know your way around the trampoline before trying anything!

7. Getting more than what you bargained for

Depending upon the size of your trampoline, a portion of your backyard does not get the desired sunlight it needs. This might result in poor lawn conditions.

8. Trampoline Health and Safety

Another con of a trampoline is that getting a trampoline might result in you supervising your child’s friends and his neighborhood buddies too. Worst case, a child gets injured and his parents sue you.

9. Strict Supervision Cons

It’s fun to jump along with your friends but more than one person jumping at a time increases the risk of injuries as in air or on mat collisions might occur. In fact, three-quarters of all trampoline injuries are a result of multiple people jumping together. The additional vibrations caused by two or more people on a trampoline might disbalance them and cause uncontrolled movement, resulting in them falling over the edge or on the mat.

10. Effects on Backyard

The last negative effect in the list of cons and pros of having a trampoline in your backyard is backyard effects. Constant adult supervision is needed when you buy your kid a trampoline. You can’t afford to leave them unattended. Children under 6 specifically should not even be allowed on trampolines as they are more at risk. This might snag all your free time if you don’t enforce timely rules. 

The Final Words

One more thing to keep in mind while considering the pros and cons of a trampoline is that children should be made aware of safety measures and the risks and dangers that they should avoid because if we start considering all the possible dangers before allowing our kids to do something, they won’t be going farther then their rooms. 

Parents should enforce certain rules so that a child can have fun and avoid safety hazards simultaneously. Such good parenting will provide them with a sense of freedom as they’ll continue to grow and will affect their safety-driven choices even beyond the backyard.

With that being said, we hope that you were able to reach a conclusion! Stay safe and have fun, whichever way it is!

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